‘Have A Nice Day!’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Picho? Did Enrique Find La Bomba?


Directed by Yibran Asuad, “Have A Nice Day!” or “¿Encontró lo que buscaba?” is a Spanish film with comedic undertones. An original screenplay, the film is a simple, bittersweet story about an old man trying to reunite with his loved one. The film mainly focuses on two characters, Enrique and Picho, and their unrequited love stories. It also draws parallels with society and criticizes the malpractices prevalent in the work culture while also providing poetic justice by not really giving Enrique a chance to apologize for his egoistic move toward Irma. It is a recommended watch, as the film does demonstrate the various relationships in life and provides a lesson on when to let go of those bonds.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Have A Nice Day!’ Plotline: What Is The Film About?

“Have A Nice Day!” revolves around the bittersweet stories of unrequited loves. Enrique, a retired host of a hit radio show, had been invited to the tribute organized for the show, Universo Musical. Enrique finds himself hard-pressed for cash as he snags this opportunity to make up with his lady love, La Bomba, Irma Pimentel. He had abandoned his love and left her behind due to her reaching the heights of stardom faster than he did. His egoistic move had led him to lead a wasteful life away from Irma while she gathered accolades. Enrique takes up a job as a grocery bagger at the local superstore to make up for his past mistakes and fund his trip to Mexico City. Here, he meets Picho and Amanda and becomes fast friends with them. He drags Picho to and fro with him after getting to know him and also advises him on how to win Amanda’s heart. He does get enough cash to go through with his trip, as he invites both Amanda and Picho to tag along for the ride.

Was Enrique A Bad Influence On Picho?

Enrique met Picho in the supermarket, where Picho taught him the ropes of properly bagging groceries. However, Enrique had been on a mission to collect more and more cash in a short period of time and thus had used the card of being the favorite host of the manager of the store to secure a counter for himself before he was offered a promotion. He had snubbed Picho and pocketed all of the tips. This led to Picho harboring a grudge against him, and it also did not help that Amanda liked Enrique as well. Picho ultimately caught him shoplifting and then selling those items at a higher price for profit. As Picho confronted him, a robber had coincidentally stolen a purse, and Enrique maneuvered the situation to suit his needs. He used it to earn himself a promotion as the security guard and also to be known as a hero and a role model for the younger generations to look up to.

Enrique had observed the love Picho had for Amanda and had decided to use that unrequited love to earn himself more cash to fund the trip to Mexico City. He manipulated Picho into agreeing to help him sell the cardboard boxes stored at the back of the superstore for half the money Enrique would sell them for and lessons on how to win Amanda’s heart. Enrique and Picho snuck into a warehouse of the superstore every night to haul cardboard boxes into his car and sell them then. After a few days, Enrique used the truck of his friend to make it easier for them to haul more boxes. As Enrique spent more time with Picho, he developed a soft spot for the kid and also gifted him his leather jacket. He helped Picho develop a more mature style and also become mysterious enough to attract Amanda’s attention. He also introduced Picho to liquor and his band of friends, whom Picho loved to hang out with. However, Picho’s love was not meant to be, as Amanda had fallen for another guy and would only ever see Picho as her best friend. Picho had drunk away his heartache at the Superstore Christmas party after he had witnessed her getting closer to the other guy, Filete. Enrique took him home drunk and witnessed the abuse he had to go through. The next day began with Picho refusing to work with Enrique, as he had thought of selling the unused metal rods and sheets while returning his jacket too. Picho also thought of moving on from his crush and had stopped talking to Enrique for a while.

‘Have A Nice Day!’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Picho? Is Enrique Dead?

Unsuccessful in changing Picho’s mind about their nightly task, Enrique roped in his friend to help him out. His friend, Güero, hesitantly double-checked with him about whether it was right for them to do this. Enrique assured him there would be no trouble; however, Güero was not keen on causing trouble. This led to Enrique provoking Güero to walk out on him, and he was left loading the metal scrap all by himself. He had gathered enough money, and so to make up for his behavior, he invited both Amanda and Picho to tag along on a journey to meet his lady love as he vowed to right all of his misdeeds and finally begin to work his way through his regrets from the past. He wanted nothing more than to be reunited with La Bomba, yet again at the party. He used his save-up money to revamp his Mustang while he coaxed Picho into driving by using his wounded leg as an excuse. Picho agreed after he heard Amanda would come along as well. They drove down to Mexico City, where Enrique handed Amanda and Picho the freedom to explore and fall in love with the city. He himself went to the party, but he also left two invitations behind for them if they so decided to go to the party.

At the party, Enrique knew it was a tribute; however, he was shocked to learn that it was a tribute to the late La Bomba. Amanda and Picho had arrived just at the moment when Enrique lost control of his emotions and was overcome with grief and guilt as he had missed the last chance to be united with the only love of his life. He expressed his grief and also his indignance at the younger generation, which claims to listen to rock and roll yet has no clue about the legends. Picho and Amanda carry a distraught Enrique out of the club as they sit in front of the Statue of Diana. This statue held the loving memories Enrique had of La Bomba. He spoke of her love for dance and her wild streak as she had taken off her bra to cover the statue to the listening ears of Picho and Amanda. They concluded among themselves that the best way to end the evening would be to dance along to the music to help Erique relive his memories and end the night on a positive note. This helped Enrique pass on peacefully, smiling and remembering his memories as La Bomba as she gracefully danced to the music while coaxing his soul to dance away unabashedly as well.

In the epilogue, Picho returned to his town of Rioverde, as he had given up chasing Amanda, respecting her feelings for Filete, and had decided to move on. He also kept the jacket as well as the Mustang that Enrique had left for him because he owed it to Picho for using up Picho’s savings as well as his own to revamp the car. Picho used the car to fund his schooling while he still hung out with Enrique’s friends at Güero’s vintage saloon.

“Have A Nice Day!” is a 2023 Drama Comedy film directed by Yibran Asuad.

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