‘Hawkeye’ Episode 3: Recap/Ending, Explained – Arrival of Echo, Kingpin & Swordsman


Marvel’s Hawkeye Episode 3 gives us the beginning of the companionship between Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. It also shows us Echo’s past and how it connects to our duo. Let’s explore what all happened in Episode 3.

Maya Lopez’s Past

The episode begins with a glimpse into the childhood of Maya Lopez, AKA Echo. One of the antagonists, if the not antagonist, Maya Lopez, was born deaf. Brought up by her father, she trained since she was a kid. But it’s not her father but her uncle that means a lot to us and the Hawkeye storyline. We get a glimpse of her uncle during the scene where little Maya’s father is talking to her after a martial arts class. And clearly, he is someone her father deeply respects and probably all other gang members.

For those who do not know, her uncle is none other than the infamous Kingpin. We already got his mention from Maya towards the beginning of episode 3. In episode 2, we get to see him, or rather a part of him, for the first time. We don’t see his face, which is only natural. The typical build-up leading to the arrival of a notorious Marvel villain.

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Hawkeye’s Future

Later on, in episode 3, during the scene where Clint and Kate are taking a walk in the park, he tells her about the Tracksuit Mafia. And that Maya isn’t the boss and someone is above her, “someone you don’t wanna mess with.” This person is Kingpin. How can we say this? At the end of this episode, Kate hacks into the Bishop security to find out more about the Tracksuit Mafia. Here, the name Sloan Limited pops up.

In the comics, Sloan Limited belongs to Walker Sloan, the CEO of Alchemax. Ring a bell? In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we came across Alchemax that was funded by Kingpin. See the connection? Well, it’s one of the references that match with the details offered by the episode. And the fact that Clint says that he is someone Kate wouldn’t want to mess with proves that he is familiar with Kingpin very well. This is another link that connects this universe to that of Daredevil’s (Netflix). Is this then a sign of the imminent arrival of Daredevil in the MCU? We hope so.

Clint and Kate Communicate

There is a scene in episode 3 where Kate helps an almost-deaf Barton what his son saying from the other end of the phone. Here, we get to see the emotional link that connects the arc of these two characters. On the one hand, we have Kate, who misses her father a lot. On the other hand, there’s Clint, who misses his children. And this whole give-and-take serves to establish how both of them play the role of a father and a child; Clint, who, like a father, guides Kate, and Kate, who, like a daughter, helps Clint. From here onwards, their bonding gets stronger.

The Pym Possibility

After the fantastic car-chase scene, Clint fires an arrow that has the words PYM engraved on it. This is proof that he is still in contact with Scott Lang and thus probably with his other fellow Avengers. The question is whether we will see him in Hawkeye or not. Be that as it may, this is just another easter egg for all of us Marvel fans to keep a count of. 

A Tribute to the Traditional Hawkeye

During the scene where Kate and Clint are in a coffee shop, Kate tells him that he needs to have a more recognizable costume. The drawing she makes for him is that of the traditional Hawkeye costume from the comics. She even mentions the color purple. However, what’s more, interesting is what comes later. When Barton tells her that he will never wear it, Kate gives him another suit as an option. This one is all black with a mask and a hood. For those who didn’t get it, she is talking about the Ronin suit. This means that she knows that Clint Barton is the Ronin. 

‘Hawkeye’ Episode 3 Ending – Hawkeye Meets Swordsman

Towards the very end of episode 3 of Hawkeye, Clint hears footsteps inside Kate’s home. And this is when the hero of our series meets his match. Clint Barton meets Jack Duquesne. Hawkeye meets Swordsman. Thus, a rivalry that is one of the most popular in Marvel history takes the first step towards its fruition. However, we should remember that the character of Jack Duquesne is sometimes good and sometimes bad in the comics. So, whether he will help Clint Barton in the show or not is something we have to wait and watch.

Hawkeye is a 2021 Action Drama series based on the Marvel Comic Books Characters. It is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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