‘Hawkeye Episode 4’ Recap/Ending – Is Black Widow Hunting Clint?


Hawkeye Episode 4 takes Clint Barton and Kate Bishop on their first joint mission. Clint has to face his past while Kate has to accept reality. It begins with Hawkeye and Kate having dinner with her parents, Eleanor and Jack. But it’s not what happens during the dinner, but after it that’s significant.

While seeing Clint off, Eleanor tells him that she has lost people before, and in no way can she lose anyone else in her family. That she tells Clint all this makes the scenario so much ironic to us. And he must be thinking the same too. Who can tell how much pain he went through when Nat died in front of him. The pain he underwent when he didn’t know what happened to his family that just disappeared in front of him. For 5 years, he was on a spree across the world, looking for answers and killing those who couldn’t answer him. The death of so many people necessarily brings regret, one that seems unreasonable as none of them had anything to do with his family’s disappearance. However, we tell ourselves that they deserved it as whatever they were doing was wrong. But does this justify his actions?

Later on, at his apartment, he tells Kate that his mistakes are tied to him and his family. And rightfully so. In a rage, we often do things that we later on repent. During such times, in trying to convince ourselves that an outburst of emotion is only natural, we overlook what could have been achieved only if we controlled that outburst. But to no avail. The deed is done. We have to live with it. So does Clint. 

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The Ronin Lives

After sending Kate to recover his arrows, Clint stalks Kazi. He wants Kazi to send a message to Maya Lopez. Her want for revenge for her father’s death at the hands of the Ronin will get her killed. “I don’t want anybody else to die.” With these words, Clint establishes that Ronin is still alive in him. He has just put a lid on that part of him and hid it away inside him. The fact that he doesn’t want anybody else to die might just mean that he can be the reason for another person’s death. This is no less than a warning and should be treated as such. After all, we all have heard of Ronin and his actions.

A New Black Widow Yelena Belova Appears

After Kate is able to recover the trick arrows for Clint, both of them get going for their first joint mission. This is to retrieve a vintage Rolex watch that belonged to a friend of Clint’s. Although that friend is no longer in business, that watch can lead the friend’s enemies to him or her. But before Clit can make a move, Kate is on the move. She reaches the apartment but only to face Maya Lopez, who had set the trap using the watch itself.

Meanwhile, Clint Barton also finds himself face to face with a masked assassin. And as fate would have it, the assassin is none other than our beloved Black Widow, Yelena Belova. We saw her last when she was hired by Valentina Fontaine to track down Clint Barton in the post-credits scene of Black Widow. And so here she is.

But Yelena is not tracking Clint down as a part of her job. There’s more to it, and we know it. She holds him responsible for Nat’s death. We didn’t have a confrontation between them in Hawkeye Episode 4 other than a rather succinct fight. Hopefully, there will be more words exchanged between them in Hawkeye Episode 5. And that will be worth listening to.

A New Black Widow Yelena Belova Appears
Credits: Disney

‘Hawkeye’ Episode 4 Ending

There’s a moment when Yelena pushes Kate off the roof but leaves her hanging by a wire. But for Clint, who doesn’t know about the wire, Kate has been pushed off the rooftop. He rushes towards the edge only to see her hanging. This exact moment reminds both him and us of the moment when he and Nat were hanging from the top of Vormir. There is no way he can “let go” of another person, whom he finds family in, again. He cannot afford any more pain. He thus lets her off the wire and tells her that it’s over. They aren’t partners. Despite Kate’s repeatedly insisting, Clint remains unmoved. And we cannot really go against him on this. Clint never wanted Kate to get involved from the very beginning. And just when he had started to believe that he was better with Kate by his side, Kate almost lost her life. So, Clint makes the call. 

We know that Kate will return to help Clint. But what remains to be seen is how Clint will react to it. Moreover, there is a Black Widow assassin looking for him, and now for Kate, too perhaps.

A Big Surprise Awaits

Just after Clint Barton leaves after dinner at Bishop’s home, Eleanor tries to contact someone on the phone. Being unreachable, she tells the person to call back. Who is this person? Is it Kingpin? Or it is Valentina Fontaine? Both are possible. After all, she is the owner of Bishop Security, and security is something influential people always favor.

Hawkeye is a 2021 Action Drama series streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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