‘Heartbreak High’ Season 3 Theories: What Can We Expect After THAT Ending?


Heartbreak High season 2 came to a banging end with a lot of drama and a blazing hot fire. I mean, quite literally, the school was burned down thanks to Voss’ misogynistic symbol of masculinity, or whatever he wants to call it. I suppose for a lot of people, the second season was a little too over the top and, for others, a bit too limp, but it works for me because I’m already deeply invested in some of these characters, and there’s a need for me to see them succeed in whatever they want to do. Personally, I feel like that in itself is a good sign of goodwill, but who am I to say? The second season of the show brings in a couple of new characters, which does make it a little bit overcrowded, but hey, the more, the merrier, no? Rowan, Voss, and Zoe each have their own purpose in the season, and I suppose it all works out in the end. Amerie went through a lot in season 2, and I think it’s time she took the back seat for a bit. To be fair, the show is called Heartbreak High, so there’s a chance we’re going to see much more heartbreak if there’s another season. There’s no official announcement of a third season just yet; however, I think the show has garnered enough attention for Netflix to reboot it. So, in case we’re right and we have to wait another year for something exciting to come our way, let’s try and figure out how that may look. Here’s what may happen if there’s a third season of Heartbreak High.

Spoiler Alert

Will Hartley be okay? 

For now, I think Hartley will be back from the dead because, if I’m right, the kids just have another year of school to finish, and it’s better if they do it together because they’d be split up after that anyway. Plus, Jojo plans on making SLTs more inclusive, so we’d have to see that come together, but maybe in a new set-up, in a new scenario. Woodsy may have said she doesn’t know what comes next at the end of the second season, but of course, the uncertainty is simply to keep us coming back for another season. Hopefully, though, it’ll be less crowded than season 2. I wonder if they will get a new building? Will it be state-sponsored? Will the school be closed permanently? If so, where will Woodsy and Jojo go? How will the kids find them? Ah, all very terrifying questions, especially because the show’s so clearly established that the kids work so well with these two figures. 

Will Voss return? 

Personally, I feel like this chapter’s closed. However, the character is a very impulsive one and one that needs a lot of attention, so there’s a chance the “phoenix” will return to the school, but maybe this time an improved man. Maybe he’ll get a redemption arc. Or maybe he just won’t come back. Either way, Timothy Voss is history on Heartbreak High. Alternatively, we could see Spider try to help Voss view the world differently after he got slapped by the man. Maybe he’ll give him a metaphorical slap while he’s still in prison. 

What about Malakai and Amerie? 

Can things get any worse for these two? Firstly, I hate what the show did with Malakai in the second season because why is the poor guy getting pushed around like a volleyball between two lovers? Anyway, at the end of season 2, Malakai left for Switzerland and left a letter for Amerie in her locker. Unfortunately, with the fire and all, she’ll never get to see the contents of the letter, and I really hope that doesn’t mean more misunderstandings between these two lovebirds because it’ll definitely be getting on my nerves then. Amerie and Malakai are quite perfect together, but circumstances push them away more often than not. Anyway, I hope we get to see Malakai return and that he’ll be more sure of himself. Maybe he and Amerie are just not meant to be. 

What about Spider? 

We’ve already got a redemption arc for Spider, but will he manage to maintain it? I guess if Missy’s around with him, then there’s a chance he will actually become a better person; however, he can’t be dependent on their relationship because that’ll mess things up for him further. Most importantly, he needs some time away from his mother. I do think Voss’ slap really woke him up, so Spider will definitely be working towards improving himself and being less of a prick to whoever. 

Will Quinni get to be captain? 

At the end of the second season, Quinni asked Sasha to be her vice-captain because they made a great team together. Though I really don’t appreciate Sasha’s character, I suppose she did the right thing at the end of the season, so we can expect her to find a redemption arc in the third season. I guess the show will focus a little bit more on some of the other characters, like Sasha, and maybe she’ll let go of her performative ways to find a true purpose by being vice-captain with Quinni, who really cares for the school. Additionally, the dynamic between Quinni and her friends has completely changed since she decided to do things for herself. I suppose now we’ll get to see her find a balance between the two, as she promises Darren. 

Speaking of whom, Darren and Cash have come a long way, but there are still a lot of roadblocks they’ll have to pass for their relationship to get stable. Since they’re such a fan favorite, I guess we’ll get to see them together right through to the end, whenever that’s the case. 

Finally, with Harper, we might get to see her get closer to Woodsy. She’s also got a new mate in Ant, and maybe she’ll be willing to give him a chance for real after her near-death experience. I guess the whole thing kind of brought her clarity about who she needs to be for herself and for the people she loves. Though Amerie and Harper were back together in season 2 as besties, it almost felt a little bit forced because they felt a sense of responsibility for each other. Now that that facade is gone, they’re probably going to become a little bit more normal, and things will be in order automatically. I, for one, hope we get to see Heartbreak High season 3, where they improve on some of the unlikeable parts of the second season and give us something even better.

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