‘Heartstopper’ Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


People who have read Volume 4 of the Heartstopper graphic novels or any of the Nick and Charlie novels know what is going to happen in the highly likely Season 3 of Heartstopper. It has yet to be announced but Netflix has to come up with the third season if it doesn’t want to commit a crime against good content. In the meantime, we will try to understand what will happen in Season 3 without revealing too many spoilers from the book and also while building on the independent narrative of the series.

Let us start with the most obvious one: Charlie’s mental health struggle and his eating disorder. A good chunk of Season 3 of Heartstopper is undoubtedly going to address that, and keeping in mind the series’ lighthearted yet realistic tone, we may get a proper look at what it means to deal with mental health issues as a teenager. Charlie is wonderful as the sensitive boy, but it is Nick who is going to step into the shoes of the protective boyfriend who is trying to be there for Charlie during his trying times. Spoiler alert: Nick is going to get another dog, a pug, in Heartstopper Season 3, if the books are anything to go by.

The second thing that we are likely to see is Nick and Charlie saying “I Love You” to each other. In the book, it happens on the day Nick talks to Charlie about his eating disorder, but since the order was changed in the series, we may see some more back and forth and a few missed opportunities in the upcoming season. Just like Season 2, Season 3 of Heartstopper would have to create a new storyline to fill up eight episodes. Regardless, the actual confession scene in the books is pretty iconic, and it would be a shame to change it.

While we are still addressing Nick and Charlie, we may see them have their first fight in the new season. Volume 4 of the books just alludes to it, but the series may dedicate a proper scene to it. Considering that Charlie’s mental health journey will not be an overnight thing, we might also see our beloved characters get some makeovers. So far, it was only Tao in Season 2 who changed his look, but it would be interesting to see how Nick and Charlie could look different. Additionally, we saw Tori make quite a few significant appearances in the season, and since she is one of the people who gets a makeover in Volume 4, Season 3 may include some of her story that was covered in “Solitaire” by Alice Oseman. Let us remember that Volume 5 of the Heartstopper graphic novels is going to be released a few months after Season 2 of the series, so some parts of that story will also be borrowed.

In the meantime, there will be some changes for Elle and Tao. The latter has always been a bit insecure about being ignored by his friends once they get their girlfriends and boyfriends. Now that his girlfriend, whom he is finally with after some months of pining, is going to go away, he will have some serious growing up to do and not make everything about himself.

As for Elle herself, she heard something interesting about the place that she wants to go: that here, her transness wouldn’t be at the center of her identity or be central to the way people interact with her. It would just be something completely natural. We want to see what that could mean for this show, where every character is primarily LGBTQ+.

This also brings us to Tara and Darcy, and if we are thinking right, there might be a scene where Darcy stands up to her family and comes out to them. After all, the series is trying to build on the story in the novels, and we believe that Alice Oseman would want to address Darcy’s story better as a way to represent the people in her situation. While talking about coming out, maybe it is now Isaac’s turn to come out to his friends regarding his identity. Just like with Nick and Charlie, there is no obligation or deadline to do it, but the series is not going to avoid addressing it.

In terms of other aspects that we are curious about, we found that we want to know more about Harry. He has been a “rugby lad” who has acted as a thoughtless bully for the most part. But in Season 2, he tried to be a better person, yet with a false sense of bravado, and that made him look very insincere. We want to see and understand what makes him tick and if there is really any forgiveness or redemption for him. We also want to see Imogen end up with someone nice. She is a good girl who hasn’t had any romantic luck, but she deserves a lot more, which can start with her getting the kind of relationship she clearly craves.

Something else we would like to see addressed is Nick’s own past. His father, Stephane, has been very absent from his life, and though neither the book nor the series takes too much time to address it, it must have had an impact on the boy. We also heard something about David trying to bully Nick in their childhood. Considering that Season 3 of Heartstopper will likely have mental health at the forefront of the narrative, we may also get a closer look at what makes the bullies behave the way they do, be it David or Harry. David’s deliberate attempt at trying to “embarrass” Nick in front of Stephane indicates that he wants his attention. It is behavior not unlike what we have seen Harry exhibit with Charlie and Tao in Season 1. Harry looks like he is trying a lot harder for redemption than David is, and we fully expect to get his backstory. David may very well get a talking-to for his homophobic behavior. Maybe he and Tori will get into a fistfight. We want to see what Tori means when she says that she will end someone.

Overall, just like Seasons 1 and 2, Heartstopper Season 3 promises to be a thrilling yet sensitive journey of teenagers trying to navigate love, and we cannot wait to see the surprises the story will have in store for us.

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Divya Malladi
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