‘Hell Hath No Fury’ Ending, Explained – Did Marie Dujardin Survive?


Hell Hath No Fury, directed by Jesse V. Johnson, is a war drama set in France in 1941. At the center of the plot is a Nazi SS general, Von Bruckner, who attempts to hide the precious gold he looted during the war. After Hitler’s defeat and the SS retreat from France, Bruckner’s mistress, Marie, informs US Allied soldiers about the buried gold. The narrative, thereon, follows the hunt for the shiny bricks.

The phrase “Hell Has No Fury like a scorned woman” refers to Marie (Nina Bergman), who takes revenge on the French Resistance for betraying her, the Nazis who mistreated her, and the American soldiers who threatened her. Through her character, director Jesse V. Johnson tries to symbolize that war and its soldiers are never human to women no matter which side you are on.

Plot Summary

In 1941, Marie Dujardin was a French Resistance spy who became a mistress of an SS general, Bruckner (Daniel Bernhardt). He came to France to fight Hitler’s war and fell in love with Marie. Bruckner decided to spend a peaceful future with Marie after the war. He had stolen some gold from the Jews and melted it into gold bricks to secure his future. Marie convinced Bruckner to hide the treasure in her family’s cemetery (Dujardin) for safety’s sake.

Marie and the Resistance fighters had planned an ambush to seize the gold and kill Bruckner. However, the Resistance questioned Marie’s loyalty and ambushed Bruckner’s car on the Aubagna route. Bruckner mercilessly killed the Resistance fighters and left for the cemetery with Marie. At night, Marie had to finish the job herself. She shot Bruckner in the face and hid his body, along with the gold, inside her parents’ grave, Michael and Helene Dujardin. In the absence of Bruckner, the SS arrested Marie and threw her into Ravensbruck Prison.

Three years later, on August 26th, 1944, after the defeat of the Nazi army, the Resistance fighters took Marie out of prison and shaved her hair. They decided to punish her when US Major Maitland (Louis Mandylor) intervened. In exchange for her rescue, Marie promised Maitland that she would reveal the location of Bruckner’s treasure. Maitland saved Marie’s life and, with his small crew, arrived at the cemetery to dig for the treasure.

A Treasure Hunt

Marie explained to Maitland that this buried gold belonged to the Jews killed in Hitler’s war. However, like others, Maitland was not bothered about the history of the treasure. He just wanted to take the gold and leave France to live a comfortable life in America.

Marie’s lover and a Resistance fighter, Clement, attacked US soldiers to rescue Marie at the cemetery. Clement killed PFC Vic and Chris and hid in one of the burrows. A helpless Marie finally revealed the location of the gold to Maitland. When Maitland’s officer, Jerry, opened the grave, the gold was there, but Bruckner’s body was missing. Marie couldn’t believe it, but it seemed that somehow Bruckner had survived the attack.

Marie believed she had shot Bruckner in the head. However, the bullet hit Bruckner’s face, and somehow he survived Marie’s betrayal. At one point, Marie told Maitland that it was very dark in the cemetery when she buried it. She probably would have missed the shot.

Inside a Nazi camp, Bruckner discussed a secret escape route with an SS officer to leave France and reach Spain. However, he said that he had one place to visit before leaving.

Jerry got information that an SS battalion was headed towards the cemetery. Maitland surmised that Bruckner was coming to the graveyard to get the gold. He made a truce with Clement and Marie and promised to share the gold with them if they would help him and Jerry attack the SS group.

‘Hell Hath No Fury’ Ending Explained

In the final battle, Jerry and Clement lost their lives. However, Maitland and Marie cornered Bruckner. At that point, Maitland informed Bruckner that he had requested an air bombing, and if they didn’t hear from him in four minutes, the US air force would bomb the whole cemetery. Bruckner was compelled to lower his weapon, and Maitland made a deal with him to share the gold.

While Maitland kept sharing gold with the dead and the living, Marie unleashed her fury and killed Maitland. She had enough of the deals that men made in the war. A furious Marie then shot Bruckner, who shot Marie in the shoulders. The two lovers embraced each other for one last time, but Marie used the opportunity to stab Bruckner.

The US aircraft dropped the bomb on the cemetery, and Marie used Bruckner’s body to protect herself from the explosion. She survived the attack and hid the gold in the same grave that belonged to her parents, Michel and Helene Dujardin.

Marie believed that the gold didn’t belong to her or anyone else. It was a cursed treasure, looted from innocent people, and was marked with blood. She left the cemetery without it.

Marie moved to Paris in 1947 and married an architect. She lived a modest life after the war and died in 1997. She never returned to the cemetery in her lifetime.

Hell Hath No Fury is a 2021 Action thriller film directed by Jesse V. Johnson from a screenplay written by Katharine Lee McEwan. It stars Nina Bergman in the lead role.

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