‘He’s All That’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Padgett Become the Prom Queen?


Our generation craves attention and validation. We pamper ourselves that we add value to the universe. Our popularity is vital for others. But usually, the harsh reality is, “we are selfish and we do everything for ourselves.” Mark Waters’s teenage drama, “He’s All That,” entertains these philosophical gospels without being in a mood to bravely explore them. And why should it? It’s a remake of the 1999 film “She’s All That “and is destined to follow a teenage rom-com formula.

Both the films mentioned earlier are modern-day adaptations of George Bernard Shaw’s play, Pygmalion. The original text centers on the theme of a “challenge” to “makeover” someone’s personality so that they are suitable to enter an affluent class society. Well, “He’s All That” runs alike. Only the rich are substituted with popular social media influencers who weigh the worth of an individual from their followers.

Plot Summary

Padgett Sawyer is a social media “makeover” influencer who believes her makeup tutorials add value to people’s lives. Following the myth, she routinely clicks pictures and videos to help her followers. In college, Padgett is dating the famous singer/dancer Jordan Van Draanen. Their relationship flourishes until Jordan cheats on Padgett with a fellow dancer. The brawl between Jordan and Padgett is recorded live on Padgett’s profile by her bestie, Alden. The viral video makes Padgett a meme subject that robs her of her perfect image and sponsorships.

To take revenge on Jordan, Padgett accepts Alden’s challenge. She bets to makeover another boy from the college and makes him the college prom king. For her sinister revenge, she picks up the school’s least popular and cynical guy, Cameron Kweller, who hides everything under his beanie. Padgett approaches Cameron and persuades him to attend Alden’s birthday party with her but under one condition. Padgett gets to makeover Cameron’s from top to toe.

As the new couple arrives at Alden’s party, everyone is spellbound to see Cameron Kweller in a totally hot avatar. But Alden isn’t prepared to lose a bet, and she has her attacks ready to dethrone Padgett.

‘He’s All That’ Ending Explained

Alden ambitiously aspired to become the prom queen. To fulfill her desires, she made a pact with Padgett’s nemesis, Jordan Van Draanen. For her first strike of vengeance, Alden conspired against Padgett and turned everyone against her, even Cameron. Alden revealed to Cameron about Padgett’s bet and how she used him as a means to gain popularity and get back her sponsorships.

As the truth came out, Cameron cut off all ties with Padgett and didn’t even attend the Cali High School Prom Night. In Cameron’s absence, Jordan won the title of Prom King, though no one really wished for it. Luckily, Padgett was awarded the title of Prom Queen. Still, she declined as she had attained nirvana after her scuffle with Cameron. Alden thought it was her chance to seize the crown. Still, unfortunately, Principal Bosch gave it to deserving runner-up Goth Girl Celeste Straczynski.

In the end, after bits and pieces of persuasion, Cameron arrived outside the prom venue on horseback to meet Padgett (cheesy but rom-com). Cameron revealed that he heard Padgett’s speech and was really moved by it. The two reconciled their relationship, and it was a happy ever after. Padgett went on a vacation in Paris with Cameron. They tattooed their arms with “loser” as Padgett lost the bet to Alden. Padgett still clicked pictures and was active on Instagram. Still, she eventually got a photographer, Cameron, to click better monochrome photographs in all the hustle. (toodles).

The only thing good about the end was Principal Bosch’s comic timing, his dance steps, and his budding chemistry with Padgett’s mother, Anna Sawyer.

He’s All That is a 2021 Teenage Rom-Com Film directed by Mark Waters. It is streaming on Netflix.

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