‘Hidden Murder Island’ Ending, Explained: Is It Based On A True Story? What Happened With Maddie?


Directed by Damian Romay, “Hidden Murder Island” tells the story of a girl named Fey Connolly, whose life changed after her best friend died, and she found herself incapable of dealing with grief. She slowly realized that the truth was not as simple as it seemed and that there were some dark secrets that she was unaware of. Fey was shaken after her friend, Maddie, committed suicide, and she just couldn’t remember what had happened on that day. Fey believed that Maddie didn’t commit suicide but that somebody had killed her, and though she didn’t have any evidence to prove it, she knew that her intuition couldn’t be wrong and that there was some foul play involved. Fey wanted to run away from Moriah Island, but her father, Frank Connolly, didn’t think that it was a very good idea. He was against Fey going to New York for further studies because he wanted her to be his successor, look after the empire, and take over their family real estate business after him. Every day, Fey tried to remember the details of that fateful day, but no matter what she did, she just kept going further away from reality. Nobody believed her when she said that her best friend had not taken her own life because all the evidence pointed in that direction.

Spoilers Alert

A native hunter named Curt had saved Fey, and he was being hailed as a local hero and an example of how the close-knit community of the island looked after each other. The Connolly family had been there on the island since the very beginning, and not only were they enjoying a special status, but everybody had a lot of respect for that name. It was on the news when Fey had gone missing, and the entire island had gotten to know how she was rescued after she was lying unconscious in the wild without food or water for two days. After the incident, Frank started calling Curt every day for dinner, as he wanted to show his gratitude towards him for saving his daughter’s life. Fey didn’t like him coming over every day, but because she, too, felt indebted to him, she didn’t explicitly express her feelings. Fey used to have these seizures, and the doctor had told Frank that she was most likely suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The doctor was a good friend of Frank’s, and that is why he had advised him to take Fey to a good psychiatrist, but for some weird reason, Frank was not willing to do so. Every time the doctor advised him that, Frank always said that Fey was a Connolly, and she didn’t need a therapist to cure her.

Did The Red-Sand Beach Exist In Reality?

A lot of times in “Hidden Murder Island,” we saw that Fey had these weird dreams where she was sitting with Maddie on a beach that had red sand. She didn’t remember if any such place existed on the island or if she had ever been there with Maddie. People told her that it was just her mind playing tricks on her, but not even for a moment did she believe them. She knew what she was seeing in her dreams was not just a figment of her troubled mind. Fey had made a friend from the fine arts department named Ali, and they both wanted to solve the mystery behind Maddie’s death. Ali and Fey had decided to break into the historical society and see if they could find maps or information related to the red sand beach. But before they could collect any intel, they were caught by Sheriff Joe, who also happened to be Maddie’s father. Frank was very angry after he heard what Fey had done. Frank cared about the legacy his family name enjoyed on the island, and he didn’t want his family members to do anything that could tarnish their reputation. He told Fey that she had to stop meeting Ali, and he also confiscated her mobile. But even after the strict measures taken by Frank, Fey didn’t give up, and once again, together with Ali, she went to find the red-sand beach. Surprisingly, the dreams that Fey got were telling the truth, as the red sand beach actually existed. Fey had a seizure at the beach, and she woke up to find her parents and doctor sitting next to her in her bedroom. She told them that she had found the beach, but her parents told her to give up on her futile search and stop being so paranoid. Ali told Fey that it was surprising that everybody denied the beach existed, even when it was real. Ali believed that somebody was lying about something, and they didn’t want the truth to come to light.

What Had Happened Between Frank And Beth In The Past?

Beth had an extramarital affair, and she left the island in search of a better life. But after the Maddie incident happened and Fey got affected by it, she realized that she would have to come back to the island to look after her baby girl. Beth never wanted to abandon Fey, and she always knew that one day, when she would be able to create a proper setup for her, she would take Fey with her. Frank and Beth had been trying to mend their relationship ever since she returned. But no matter how hard they tried, their sensibilities didn’t match, and there were a lot of conflicts between them that were still unresolved. Beth and Fey told Frank upfront that they didn’t want Curt to be coming every day to their home, and though Frank didn’t agree that it was right to do so, he agreed to it. Beth was in the office when, one day, a woman came looking for Frank and told Beth that he owed her some money. It was at that moment, on “Hidden Murder Island,” that Beth started entertaining the thought that her husband was cheating on her. To make matters worse, Beth found out that Frank had gone out with her and that the women had come to drop him back at their place. That’s when Frank told Beth that it was not how it looked, and he did not have an affair with that woman. Frank told her that she was a loan shark from whom he had borrowed a huge amount of money, and she wanted it back. Frank and Beth, even after so many debacles, believed that things would get better eventually, but it was just a matter of time before the ugly truth came to light and the secret of the red sand beach got revealed.

‘Hidden Murder Island’ Ending Explained: What Had Happened With Maddie?

Fey had a button in her possession that she believed belonged to the same jacket that Maddie was wearing on the day she died. But Maddie’s father, Sheriff Joe, told her that the buttons of the jacket were intact, and that’s when it struck him that probably the insane theories that Fey had were not false and it could belong to the person who was involved in the murder. Towards the end of “Hidden Murder Island,” Ali stopped responding to Fey’s messages, and she was nowhere to be found. Fey went into the woods to check if Ali had gone to the red sand beach, but she unexpectedly found Curt standing there. She realized that Curt knew about the place, and for some reason, he had lied to her. Curt started charging toward Fey, and in that petrified state of mind, Fey remembered everything that had happened on that day when she lost her best friend forever. She remembered that Curt was the one who had killed Maddie, and after that, he had hit her on the head and, two days later, created a fake narrative according to which he had saved her life. Curt had sexually abused Fey when she was unconscious. 

Curt choked her, and he had no intention of letting her go when Ali arrived at the scene and hit Curt as hard as she could. Both the girls escaped from the scene, but the drama was still far from over. Later that night, in “Hidden Murder Island,” Curt breaks into Connelly’s house in the night, holding a gun and asking Beth to open the door as he wants to talk to Fey. Curt had been obsessing over Fey for a very long time. He wanted her to like him back, but Fey had told him that she didn’t like him the way he did. Curt had a meltdown, and he told Beth and Fey what had happened on that day. 

Maddie and Fey were not just friends; they were partners, and Frank didn’t approve of their relationship. He still had very orthodox ideologies, and he felt that his reputation would be tarnished if people learned about her daughter’s relationship. That is why he hired Curt to kill Maddie and make it look like she had committed suicide. That woman who came asking for Frank in his office was, in reality, Curt’s mother, and she had been blackmailing Frank to pay her money. Curt had violated Fey when she was unconscious for those two days, and when Frank came to know about it, he couldn’t control his anger. He shot Curt and then went after his wife and daughter, who were trying to escape from the island. Beth and Fey knew that the island closed after 10 p.m. and that nobody could leave or enter the place after that. So, Beth attached the boat to her car and took Fey to the beach, asking her to immediately leave the island in a boat. Just as Fey left in the boat, Frank arrived at the scene and started beating his own wife and howling at what she had done. Fey couldn’t see her mother in such a miserable state, so she came back and hit her father from behind. Sheriff Joe also arrived at the right moment and took Frank into custody. Beth and Fey took a sigh of relief, and they hoped that they could overcome the trauma that life had given them and start from scratch all over again.

Is It Based On A True Story?

“Hidden Murder Island” does not draw its inspiration from any one specific event but from the many real crimes that keep happening in our society. Damian Romay and Richard Lister have picked up elements from such real-life cases and weaved their own narrative around them. There have been many cases in the past where campers and backpackers have been attacked and also subjected to sexual abuse. These camping places are secluded spots where a lot of people don’t come, and predators often use this to their advantage.

Fey had come to know that she had been admitted to New York University when she found a torn piece of her offer letter. After what had happened with Fey, we don’t think that she would even spend a second more on the island and would want to move to New York permanently for her studies. Fey felt claustrophobic on the island, and she knew that she would never be able to get over her loss until she stayed there. Everything on Moriah Island reminded her of Maddie and the tragic ending she had. Beth was quite supportive of her daughter, and unlike her husband, she wanted her to explore her options, see the world, and not just be stuck in one place. As far as Frank is concerned, we think that it wouldn’t be so easy to put him behind bars. Frank had money and a lot of influential connections, so he would find a way to make up a story and escape from the clutches of law. If the man had the power to get the daughter of the sheriff killed and create a fake narrative where the murderer was turned into a hero by the news channels, then he could do anything. We hope that Beth and Fey are able to break their shackles and live life on their own terms and without any sort of fear.

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