‘Hierarchy’ Post-Credits Scene, Explained: Did Kang-ha Kill Jae-i’s Brother Jae-hyeok?


You know, catching up with a post or end credit scene on Netflix is like watching sand slip through your fingers. I mean, the streaming platform itself doesn’t want you to watch that small clip hiding in the end. But thank God, a peer told me about this tiny post-credit scene in Hierarchy, which I know I had missed like most of you. So, what’s it all about? [Spoiler Alert] In the clip, we saw Yoon He-ra stumble upon the body of a fellow student soaked in blood in the classroom. By the way, the blood looks extremely tacky. I really took it for water paint or something for a minute. 

Nevertheless, the face of the presumably “dead” person isn’t clearly visible, which, sorry to say, was exactly the reason I wanted to write this “thin” article. So moving forward, as soon as He-ra screamed at the top of her lungs, a group of students, including the star kid, Kim Ri-an, arrived in the classroom to witness the horrifying sight. And right in the next shot, we saw his rival Kang-ha taking out his phone to either read a text or send a text to someone. In the next shot, Ri-an received a text from an anonymous number that said he looked shaken up, and yes, he did. Anyone would get affected by the sight of a dead body, right? So, first things first. Even though the Netflix K-drama tried to give the impression that it was Kang-ha who texted Ri-an, I don’t buy that. My reason is that the show had earlier tried the exact same technique to divert our attention from the identity of the real hacker. And speaking of the hacker, I guess the presumably dead person is either the ex-principal’s son, Nam Ju-won, or Jeong Jae-i’s half-brother, Jae-hyeok. I would have taken a gamble on Jae-hyeok’s death because he was the most annoying and exasperating individual throughout season 1, but Ju-won was also missing from the group of students that arrived in the class in the end, which made me feel that it could be either one of them.

So why would someone try to kill Ju-won? By the end of season 1, almost everyone in Jooshin High School knew that it was Ju-won who had leaked their video and gotten them into trouble. Additionally, Ju-won had told Jae-i that he had stored other videos of her that he could release on the internet because he despised her for being everyone’s favorite. Now, it could be possible that Jae-i’s well-wisher, maybe Kang-ha or Ri-an tried to get these videos from Ju-won but ended up hurting him? Personally, I don’t think Kang-ha would do any such thing. But if he did go the mile, he probably left the body in the class and tried to frame Ri-an for the act to get back at him. However, I truly believe that it was some other student who ended up hurting Ju-won because he had leaked their videos–someone who wanted to take revenge on him for messing up their cushy lives.

Now, coming to Jae-i’s half-brother, Jae-hyeok, after Ri-an bashed him up in the boys locker room, everyone in the school found out that it was him who had recorded Jae-i in a compromising condition just to taint her image so that her father would ultimately abandon his eldest sister and make him the sole heir of the entire property. In simple words, Jae-hyeok hated Jae-i more than anything else in the world and wanted to get rid of her in any way possible. Well, he did accomplish his mission, though, as Jae-i herself left the city and went to her mother’s humble abode to lead a new life there. Now, both Ri-an and Kang-ha blamed Jae-hyeok for Jae-i’s absence. So, it could be possible that her angry lover, Ri-an, might have lost his cool and ended up beating Jae-hyeok for what he did to his sister. Or maybe someone, who surely hates Ri-an, killed or harmed Jae-hyeok because they knew that Ri-an had raised his hand on him once, and he would most likely become the prime suspect if any tragedy fell upon Jae-hyeok. And you already know the cutthroat rivalry between the Jooshin group and Jaeyul group, right? I mean, the intensity of their hatred could better be understood from the fact that Ri-an’s mother, Chairwoman An, circulated her own son’s video so that he would leave Jae-i and find a more worthy partner for himself. Jae-i’s father, on the other hand, shared a similar feeling, which makes me believe that if the dead person is his “only” son, then he would not leave a stone unturned to take revenge on Ri-an for killing his son. And yes, this turn of events would be really interesting, as Hierarchy season 2 will further explore the rivalry between these two houses.

If you ask me, I kinda want the dead body to be of Jae-hyeok because, in such a case, Jae-i’s father would be forced to call back her last remaining heir to take the throne. Yes, that’s some poetic justice out there. That man literally shamed Jae-i for the entire runtime of the series; now, if she were his only child alive, he would have no other option but to accept Jae-i as she is. It also marks the possibility that Jae-i might be able to bring her mother back to the house and get her the respect that she really deserves.

Well, these are all the theories and speculations my tiny brain could come up with, but if you have anything to share with us, feel free to smash that comment box, and yes, I do reply to all the comments because I am still trying to be a human in a world overcome with AI coldness.

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Shikhar Agrawal
Shikhar Agrawal
I am an Onstage Dramatist and a Screenwriter. I have been working in the Indian Film Industry for the past 12 years, writing dialogues for various films and television shows.

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