‘Hierarchy’ Season 2 Predictions: Who Died In Post-Credit Scene?


Netflix has made one massive change in the K-drama industry. Up until a few years ago, it was unheard of for a K-drama to have more than one season. However, with the influx of Western media patterns (not only in terms of multiple seasons but in the content the industry produces too), there’s been many popular shows with multiple seasons. Even Squid Game returns this December after a long wait. However, what’s odd is that the high-school drama Hierarchy is meant to be a limited series, so why then does it have a post-credit scene, and why does it set us up for another season? So, though there’s no announcement for a second season as of now, here’s my meager attempt at breaking down all the hints the showmakers attempt to give us about another season. Personally, I’ll be happy if the show is one-and-done because it’s really got nothing going for it except for a fantastic cast who all deserve better than this. But, with that said, let’s break down some theories and ideas of what may be in Hierarchy season 2.

Spoiler Alert

What Does the Post-Credit Scene Imply? 

Hierarchy ends with Jae-Yi moving in with her mother and leaving the world of the rich behind. This could mean that Kang-Ha still has a chance with her (gag), but it also means that she’s completely absolved of all her crimes because she’s now a part of the “poor kids” club. Though it certainly doesn’t look like her father has completely abandoned her because she is still driving off in fancy cars, I’m really not sure what happened there. The show doesn’t even give us an answer for what happens between her father and her; how did he suddenly decide it was fair for her to go live with her mom when she feared he’d end up killing her for getting pregnant and ruining his family name? Plus, she was meant to marry the other pathetic “chaebol,” who managed to undress her with his eyes within seconds of meeting her (ew), even after he got arrested, so what happened there? How did she get a free pass out of New York? I guess we’ll find out if there’s a second season. Or maybe we won’t, because that’s how the showrunners have taken care of the first season. 

The post-credit scene begins with a frolicking He-Ra entering the classroom (no, my first problem with this show is what a student could possibly learn in such a dimly lit classroom; I’d be sleeping all the time!) and finding a boy’s corpse. The boy is in uniform, but we don’t really get to see his full face to be able to recognize it. On the other hand, we see a smiling Kang-Ha walking down the corridor while the rest of the class arrives in the room to check what the commotion is. In the crowd, we see the full main cast of the show, specifically all the boys except for (reasonably) the ex-principal’s son and Jae-Yi’s brother. Now, technically, Jae-Yi’s brother is a year younger, so he shouldn’t be in the picture at all; however, one can’t imagine who else the dead kid in uniform could be. I suppose we could say it’s another scholarship kid because what’s another poor kid as collateral damage? What’s worse is that Kang-Ha has a smug expression on his face as he looks at his phone, while in the room, Ri-An gets a message that reads something like “You look shook.” Does this mean Kang-Ha has something to do with the dead boy? In that case, the whole point of the show is completely lost. Or is he just staging this whole thing to make Ri-An pay for his sins? What about Jae-Yi, then? He’s in love with her, so she didn’t do anything wrong? (tsk tsk). 

On the other hand, there’s also a new principal in the school, i.e., another person for Ri-An’s mother to use to get information on the students and mess with their heads. Or maybe she’s actually going to be a rebel and fix these spoiled rich brats. What I don’t understand is: does the show try to imply that the “hierarchy” is messed with? Or is it permanent, because within the first season, all the rich get is a little punishment, and that’s it, while it’s Kang-Ha who really suffers since he’s lost his brother, and there was no point of revenge because it was a random teacher who ended up killing In-Han? I’m stumped for words because, at this point, nothing about Hierarchy makes any sense, but hey, all I can hope for is a more comprehensible second season if that does end up happening. 

Final Words

Hierarchy tells the story of the upper echelon of Korea’s elite that go to the most prestigious school in the country. It’s your classic bullying story where a kid gets messed with and ends up dead, only for his fraternal twin brother to join the same school for revenge. Now, up until here, the story makes full sense and also sounds quite interesting; however, Hierarchy completely misses the mark and decides to take a love dive rather than stick to the mysteries of the murder and the hardship of the scholarship students of such schools. So, when Kang-Ha conveniently falls in love with his worst enemy, the show completely loses the plot. What’s interesting is that if Jae-Yi had simply told Ri-An to stop bullying In-Han, none of this would’ve ever happened. Also, she befriended him despite knowing that her boyfriend and his lap dogs would hurt the poor kid just for being around her. What I hate the most is that the show also forces me to blame the girl when it’s the boys who actually do the physical harm. Or I’m sorry, the girls, because in the end, it’s the teacher who killed In-Han by accident, but for selfish reasons. It’s obviously the rich kid that manages to get the upper hand on the not-so-rich adult.

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