‘High Desert’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Bob Give Peggy The Money He Owes Tammy?


It is always hard to feel sad for characters who take no accountability for themselves, but if we must continue to watch them on screen, we would prefer that they come with some comedy in them, like Peggy from High Desert. It saves us the pressure of taking them seriously. On that note, here is a recap of High Desert Episode 2.

Spoiler Alert

How Does Peggy Find The Thief?

No matter how much everyone loves Peggy, she is certifiably good at only one job of hers, the PI one, since she always seems to be late for the dance rehearsals of her waitress job but goes out on a limb for her investigator one.

At the end of High Desert Episode 1, Peggy is accused by her boss of stealing money from his safe. It doesn’t take much for Peggy to prove herself innocent. The code to her boss’ safe and that of the alarm are the same, which is his mother’s birthday. Anyone could have guessed that, so there is no reason to specifically suspect Peggy. Also, her boss believed that she used to come into his office for coffee, but she was not the only one. Finally, whoever stole the money took only $3000 and left behind $1500, which Peggy declared she would never do. However, Peggy soon discovers the real thief. It was Tammy, the girl with the 2-carat diamond ring. Peggy understood when she found out that Tammy’s boyfriend, the one who was supposed to pay for her breast augmentation surgery, broke up with her, yet she has bigger breasts than before. Tammy had to get the money from somewhere, and Peggy understood that she must have stolen it. When she confronts her, Tammy accepts it, saying that she did it to get back with Bob. We have a suspicion that it must have been an abusive relationship. Tammy says something about “his fingers on her face,” and we felt like that was an edited and romanticized clue for domestic violence. Either way, Peggy has cut a deal with her boss that she will get him the money in return for a security contract, but after hearing Tammy’s side of things, Peggy decides not to expose her and just goes to visit Bob.

Bob poses as a spiritual guru who tries to sell fake art to his clients under the garb of his teachings. But Peggy, who seems to have some kind of education in art, catches on to him. She approaches him for the Picasso painting, saying that she knows some people who might be interested in buying it, but quickly gets to the point where she wants him to pay up Tammy’s $3000. We don’t get the logic, though. Peggy leaves him with her phone number and goes on to steal some of his pills from his bathroom for her own use. Two swindlers have really come together here. While Peggy is leaving, she finds that a gangster is threatening Bob for having sold him a fake painting. We believe Bob really had it coming, and it is entirely possible that the Picasso that Peggy is after is also a fake, and whoever Bob works for has the original, which hasn’t been seen in over a decade. Peggy interrupts that scene of violence with the excuse of congratulating the caterer, but the peace doesn’t last long.

Does Bob Give Peggy The Money He Owes Tammy?

In the recap of High Desert episode 1, we feel like we spoke too soon when we said that Peggy did not really seem to be mourning her mother’s death because we were proved wrong in episode 2. Peggy’s grief is turning up with her memories of her mother Roslyn, and her, having fun at the casino. In fact, she misses her enough that Peggy believes she saw her mother at the bus stop. Knowing it is not possible, she asks everyone around her whether she herself is alive.

We also suspect that Peggy’s impatience with the PI course and her unwillingness to spend hours learning it have something to do with her grief. Fifty hours, the amount of time required to complete the course, is not that much, considering that neither of Peggy’s jobs is as demanding. But Peggy refuses to do it, and Carol offers to step in her place so that she can help herself and Peggy with it. But the point remains that the course is not just a formality but has some real learning value, which Peggy is extremely averse to. That evening, after meeting Bob, Peggy makes her way to a casino and wants to gamble, though she doesn’t have the money for it. That is when Carol tells her that money is easy to come by, and we don’t understand why a supposed well-wisher of Peggy was encouraging her to gamble. But on the other hand, did we misunderstand Carol, or did Peggy not hear the rest of her words? Either way, Peggy goes inside, does some gambling, and has loads of fun. At the end of Episode 2 of High Desert, when Peggy comes out of the casino, she gets a call from Bob, but it is an accidental dial. He is being roughed up by the goon and his daughter, and they end up slicing off his nipple. When they see that Peggy on the phone might have heard everything, we don’t doubt that they will target her next. Currently, Bob is in no position to give her any money, but Peggy and Bruce might end up getting involved with whatever illegal thing Bob is a part of, and that could lead them to the big bucks. Meanwhile, drunk and high, Peggy crashes her car by running it backward.

Final Thoughts

High Desert Episode 2 was strictly alright and felt a little more collected than episode 1. But it remains that we still don’t like Peggy. However, we have started becoming hopeful since the entire plot is not centered around her irresponsibility as we expected it to be. Therefore, it feels like this is something we will be able to sit through.

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