‘Hijack’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? Did Sam Nelson Plan The Hijack?


Apple’s Hijack came to an end with Sam Nelson making sure that the plane landed safely, but still, there were a lot of things about him and his past that made us question his motives and intentions. Moreover, one of the terrorists, John Bailey, was still out there, and the foreign minister’s team was oblivious to a lot of things that had happened. They didn’t have any information on the man named Devlin, who was managing everything from the outside, and they were answerable to the entire nation as to why they felt compelled to release two of the most wanted criminals. There hasn’t been any official announcement of Hijack Season 2, but let’s try to speculate where the narrative would lead us if there is one, and if there were any more key players who were pulling the reins from behind the curtains.

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What Will John Bailey And Devlin Do Next?

John Bailey and the guy named Devlin, who had given the information about the Hijack to the journalist named Felix Staton, were still out there. This mysterious man named Devlin had appeared out of nowhere, and he was in constant touch with the terrorists, Edgar Janssen and John Bailey. Devlin was facilitating the bear raid, and he was the one who handed over the folder to the home secretary in which the demands were mentioned.

We understand that the Hijack was conducted to bring down the share prices of Kingdom Airlines and Macmillan Doyle Insurance Company, but what wasn’t told was why these companies were targeted specifically. We don’t think that it was a random choice, and it could be possible that both the terrorist and Devlin had to do something with these two companies. There were a couple of important things that came out of the brief conversation that John and Edgar had. The terrorists were in huge debt, and there were bigger fishes who probably had more power as compared to these two and were demanding their money back. John probably was less involved in the scheme of things, and that is why he had no idea how much the debt was.

Edgar had become greedy, and he wanted to completely seize the opportunity and make as much money as he could so that after paying the debts, he would also have enough to just sit and enjoy the rest of his life. A helicopter was going to take both of them to an unspecified location, and that is why John wanted to wrap things up quickly and leave the scene before the counterterrorism forces arrived. But Edgar saw the share prices dipping and the bear raid showing its effect, and it was too tempting for him to put a stop to it. Edgar wanted the plane to crash so that he could reap the maximum benefit, but John was clearly against it.

As a matter of fact, we don’t think that it would take the intelligence agencies long to connect the dots and find out more about Devlin and in what capacity it was involved in the entire thing. By the looks of it, it did seem like he knew everything and was an equal partner who was handling things from the outside. It is quite possible that with John Bailey, even Devlin would go into hiding before the law enforcement authorities got to him. These terrorists had their contacts in Dubai also, which is why they were able to threaten the airport ground staff to let the people carrying weapons board the Kingdom Airlines flight. It would be interesting to see where they go after this, considering they knew that it would be a bad decision to stay in the United Kingdom as now the law enforcement authorities would try their level best to hunt them down. We think that there are many more players involved in this conspiracy whose faces haven’t been revealed up until now, and in the upcoming season, if there is one, we would get to know more about them. 

Was Sam Nelson Involved In The Hijack?

Sam Nelson was portrayed as an enigmatic negotiator who facilitated mergers of big conglomerates, but there was still an air of mystery around the guy from the start till the end. Even Daniel, at the beginning of Hijack, asks Marsha what her ex-husband does for a living, and the way she answers, it does seem like he might, at times, indulge in stuff that cannot exactly be called legitimate. He was a master of his game, and he had this profound confidence in his ability as if he owned the game entirely.

There were certain things about Sam Nelson that made us very suspicious about his intentions and made us entertain the possibility that it could be possible that he was involved in the Hijack and was one of the members put on the plane by the terrorist. It is to be noted that it was Sam Nelson who asked the lady on the ground staff to allow Alec to board the flight. It turned out that it was Alec who had brought a weapon on the plane, which was later used by Amanda to kill Robin Allen. There was a lot of secrecy regarding what Sam did, and it is possible that it was his plan to conduct a bear raid to bring the share prices down and earn money. Now, one argument that could be put forth against the assumption that Sam was involved is that the cleaners also went to Sam’s house, and they took his son Kai into their custody.

We saw that Daniel arrived at the right moment and saved Kai. But what if it was just a ploy so that Sam could later take its defense and prove his innocence? The cleaners never killed Kai even after they found out that he had informed the police about them, whereas we saw that in Dubai, they killed Neela and her entire family the moment they entered the house when they could have avoided it since Neela was already too scared to say anything to the authorities.

Daniel did tell Zahra Gahfoor that Sam couldn’t be involved as it was his son who was under house arrest, and maybe that was what Sam wanted the world to believe. We understand that all these theories are rather far-fetched, but then again, the aura of Sam Nelson, his confident moves, and everything else about him made us feel that he had the potential to do something like this. We would have to wait to see if the creators decide to come up with another season of Hijack and unravel the mysteries that exist in Sam Nelson’s past and give us a better idea of what kind of work he did and if he had any role to play in the scheme of things.

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