‘Hijack’ Ending, Explained: Was Bear Trading The Main Objective Of The Hijackers?


The first season of the Apple TV+ original, Hijack, came to an end, and after the tensions continued to soar high throughout the first six episodes, we finally got to know the motive behind the hijacking. Sam Nelson took the initiative, and he tackled the situation at hand and used his negotiating skills to get leverage on the hijackers. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Sam became the difference between life and death for the passengers, and he was able to do much more than what the entire counterterrorism wing was able to achieve. Sam was always a step ahead since the very beginning, and he had faith in himself, which didn’t let him lose his nerves even in the most pressurizing situations. So, let’s find out what happened in Hijack season finale and if Sam Nelson was able to save the lives of all the passengers aboard.

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Was Bear Trading The Main Objective Of The Terrorists?

The amount of stress that each and every British official was feeling could be ascertained by looking at their petrified faces while they sat together and tried to decipher how they could deal with the problem at hand. Neil Walsh, the home secretary, had started entertaining the possibility that they would have to shoot down the plane, but the foreign minister, Louise, was totally against it. She was not ready to let her people die, even though she didn’t know what the probable cause of action would be if the hijackers decided to crash the plane. Alice Sinclair told them that the plane had once again changed course and was probably going to crash or land in central London.

Neil Walsh told Louise that he would take the fall for it if anything went wrong, but she had to agree that they would have to shoot the plane because, for him, the picture was very clear, and it was the lives of 216 passengers against the hundreds of people staying in central London. Neil Walsh knew that he would have to bear the consequences of letting two of the most wanted criminals go free but if the citizens were also killed, then matters would get worse. Neil was actually not wrong here, as it was a huge gamble, but Louise just couldn’t overlook what her conscience was telling her. For a moment, it felt like Louise would give in, but at the very last moment, she had a change of heart, and she decided that no matter what anybody said, she would not give up hope and would fight till the very last moment, even if it put her entire career in jeopardy. Louise told the Prime Minister that they were trying to negotiate with the hijackers and were not going to shoot them down.

Meanwhile, we got to know what the terrorists, Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown, were up to. Neil Walsh and Louise were informed by the intelligence agency officials that the intention of the terrorists was not exactly to hijack the plane, but they were trying to achieve something very different. The terrorists were trying to deploy an unscrupulous strategy, which in the financial world was known as a bear raid. They had hijacked the plane so that the share prices of Kingdom Airlines started dipping, and they knew that once they had reached their lowest, they would buy shares and earn huge amounts of money in a quick time.

The plan was that once the terrorists made the trade, they would send the message to the pilot, Amanda, and tell her to safely land the plane. But Edgar Janssen had different plans, and he wanted to really stretch the limit and wait for the time when the share prices were at their lowest. He knew the lower the share prices went, the greater the profit they were going to make. John Bailey was against this, and he told Edgar he was taking unnecessary risks by being greedy. Edgar’s plan was to get the plane crashed and earn maximum revenue, and he was way too stubborn to give in and listen to John Bailey. That’s when John Bailey decided that it was best for them to kill Edgar and end the hassle. John told his henchman to shoot Edgar, and in a split second, Edgar Janssen was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. We don’t know where John went after that or why he only targeted Kingdom Airlines, and probably these questions would be dealt with in Hijack season 2 if there is one.

How Did Daniel Save Kai?

Daniel, in the 6th episode of the Hijack, realized that these terrorists and hijackers were very dangerous people and were capable of taking extreme measures to make sure that their plan was a success. After Edgar and John tricked him and went their way, he once again gave a call to Zahra Gahfoor and told her to follow their instructions because they were quite capable of crashing the plane. Daniel called Marsha and intuitively asked her if anything suspicious had happened to her in the past couple of days. Marsha suddenly remembered that she had gotten a call from a delivery man who was asking her about Sam’s address. Daniel knew that something was not right, and he got even more paranoid when he realized that Kai, Marsha’s son, was in Sam’s house at that moment.

Daniel called Kai, and at that time, the men who were working for the terrorists had put a gun to his head. Kai, in the previous episode of the Hijack, had been able to inform the police that two men had broken into his father’s house and that his life was in danger. When the police came, the hired guns were able to tackle the situation and make the officer believe that nothing was wrong there. One of them had caught Kai, and the poor boy was petrified and didn’t know what to do. When Kai was on a call with Daniel, he realized that he had to give him some signal through which he would realize that he was not safe. He told Daniel that he would come back home on his bike, and instantly, Daniel realized that the boy was trying to tell him that he was not safe since he didn’t own a bike.

Daniel reached Sam’s house with his entire cavalry and took the two hired guns into custody. Daniel had gotten a call from Zahra before he arrested the cleaners, and she told him that she had doubts about the involvement of Sam Nelson in the hijacking, but Daniel assured her that Sam was innocent since his family was also being targeted. As much as we would like to see Sam Nelson as the hero who saved the lives of those passengers, Zahra’s suspicion could not be discarded as of now because there was a lot of ambiguity about what Sam did in real life, and probably the veil would be lifted if there was a season 2.

Was Sam Able To Get The Plane To Land?

Sam knew that he had to get inside the cockpit and convince Amanda not to do anything stupid and land the plane. Sam Nelson was an excellent negotiator, and it was fascinating to see him influence people and almost make them do what he wanted. He did very obvious things, but they turned out to be quite effective. Sam started writing messages on a piece of paper and putting them in front of the camera screen so that Amanda could read them and change her mind. Through Amanda’s phone, he got to know that she had a daughter, and she was doing it because the terrorists had threatened to kill her if she didn’t act according to their orders. Sam got to know that there was another man on board named Alec who was told by the terrorists to bring a weapon on the plane, and he was the one who had also helped them in some manner with the entire deal.

Alec said that it was only about money, and as soon as the bear raid was successful, they were supposed to send a message to Amanda to make a safe landing. Sam was in contact with Alice Sinclair from the air traffic control center, and she had assured him that she wouldn’t let the authorities shoot down the plane and that she would make sure that they made a safe landing. Sam managed to convince Amanda to open the cockpit and let him enter. As soon as Sam was inside, he asked Alice for directions, and together they figured out where they could make a landing. The plane was out of fuel, and there were a lot of other technical issues that made Sam realize that the odds were not in their favor. There was tension in the air, but Sam and Amanda kept their nerves in check, and were able to pull off an impossible task and land the plane safely. The passengers took a huge sigh of relief, and the nightmare was finally over.

How Did Sam Make It Out Alive?

Tears of joy could be seen rolling from everyone’s eyes because they knew that they had actually escaped death. Sam forgot a parcel in the cabin, and he went back to take it, which was probably the worst thing he could do. Stuart, the hijacker, had been waiting for him with a loaded gun in his hand. Stuart had resigned himself to his fate, and he knew that he would have to bear the consequences of his actions. His brother had died, and after going through so much, he had lost the will to live. Stuart chased Sam with the intent of putting a bullet in him, but he couldn’t.

The shrewd negotiator was able to get the better of Stuart, and during Hijack‘s ending, the commandos came in and took charge of the situation. Sam Nelson was alive, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that had he not been there, a lot of things would have gone differently, and the passengers wouldn’t have lived to see another day. There are still a lot of things that we do not know about Sam, and we wouldn’t be surprised if, in the second season of Hijack (assuming the makers decide to make one), we get to know something that completely changes the dynamics of the situation.

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