‘Hijack’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Were The Demands Of The Hijackers?


The Apple TV+ original, Hijack, has been able to maintain the suspense, and till now, we do not know if Sam Nelson and the British authorities would be able to save the day or not. Sam Nelson was trying his best to come up with some plan that would save all the passengers, but the odds were not in his favor, and he was running out of options. But still, Sam didn’t lose hope, and in the fifth episode, he once again used his manipulative tactics and came up with another plan. So let’s find out if Sam’s plan materializes and what the British counterterrorism organization finds out about the hijackers.

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What Were The Demands Of The Hijackers?

In the previous episode of Hijack, we saw that an unknown person had handed over a folder to the Home Minister on which the word “demand” was written. The home minister had no clue what was happening on the flight KA29, and he called the foreign secretary, Lousie, to ask what she knew about the issue. The home minister went straight to the counterterrorism department, where the foreign secretary was having a meeting with Zahra and others. The masterminds on whose orders the hijacking was being carried out demanded the release of two convicts, Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown, who were currently serving their sentence in some prisons in the U.K. The perpetrators threatened that if the English government did not fulfill their demands, then all the 216 passengers on the flight would be killed. The home minister made it very clear that unless and until he knew that the perpetrators were actually killing the people, he was not going to adhere to their demands.

Meanwhile, in Dubai, Neela’s neighbors got suspicious, and they informed the police that something was not right in their neighborhood. Neela was the same woman who had been coerced by the perpetrators to let their men board the British flight with weapons. Later, when she went to her house, she was killed by the two men disguised as cleaners. The police came, and the woman living in the neighboring house told them everything she knew. She had seen the cleaners leaving, and her intuition told her that something was definitely not right. The police went inside and found out that Neela’s entire family had been murdered, and soon, the news got out and was covered by the various local media houses. One of the people in Zahra Gahfoor’s department saw it online and informed everybody about it. The home minister got the evidence he needed, and now he knew that the masterminds of the hijacking were capable of killing the passengers on board.

Why Didn’t Sam Nelson Let The Flight Land In Hungary?

Daniel O’Farrell had found out the address of Lewis and Stuart’s mother by tracking the call that had been made from the flight. He started his interrogation, hoping that she would give him some details about the hijackers, but Elaine Atterton blatantly told Daniel that she wouldn’t be able to help his cause. Elaine was petrified of the people who were behind the hijacking, as time and again, she told Daniel that she was not doing this willingly. Elaine told Daniel that her husband, Peter, had been killed by these people because Lewis, her son, had not followed their orders. One thing that came out of this entire scene was that the hijackers were as petrified as the passengers. Stuart Atterton and his team were told what they were supposed to do and what would happen if they failed to follow the orders and acted smart. The kind of stress the hijackers were under was quite evident by looking at them, and that is why Sam Nelson was able to take advantage of the situation and play with their minds.

Elaine told Daniel that these people would come after her and probably after him too. Elaine went inside the room to bring tissues and took the opportunity to escape from the house. Elaine frantically ran to the highway and was probably run over by a vehicle, while Daniel and his colleague stood there as mere onlookers. This act by Elaine made us realize how dangerous these people were. Even before they said anything, Elaine got so paranoid that she gave up her life.

Meanwhile, on the flight, Sam Nelson devised another plan after he realized that Anna Korvacs belonged to Hungary and the plane was soon going over its airspace. Sam Nelson was an observant man, and because he was such an exceptional negotiator, he held his cards till the very last moment and never let the other party know what was going on inside his mind. He saw the flag of Hungary on Anna Kovacs’ badge, and he drew it on a paper and asked his fellow passengers which country it belonged to. Once he got to know about it, he got up and told Stuart that they needed to land the plane in Hungary as Lewis desperately needed medical assistance. Sam had figured out that Lewis and Stuart were brothers, and he knew that Stuart would do anything to save him.

The doctor had told Stuart that Lewis’ condition was stable, but Sam told him that he was lying because he didn’t want to reveal the actual state of things. Stuart knew how manipulative Sam was, so he told him that he would ask the doctor himself. Sam and Stuart were having this conversation near the business class, and the doctor had no clue about it. In reality, Lewis’ condition was actually stable, but Sam wanted the plane to land at Gyor-Per airport so that the local forces could intervene. Sam knew that there was a phone in the compartment where the doctor was standing and where Lewis lay on the floor. Sam told Deevia Khan, the air hostess, to immediately call and tell him that he had to say “less than one hour” to whatever Stuart was going to ask him.

The time was so short that Deevia was not able to give any kind of context to the doctor, and Sam knew that his plan would backfire if the doctor told the truth. But luckily, the doctor understood the signal and told Stuart that Lewis had less than an hour. Sam had already told Anna Kovacs to talk to Hungarian air traffic control in her native language so that the hijacker wouldn’t understand what she said. Teddy, Jamie, and Jaden were against the flight landing, and they vehemently asked Stuart not to do so. But Stuart was adamant, and he was not ready to listen to anybody because the life of his brother was at stake.

Towards the end of the Hijack, Sam got to know about something that changed his mind, and he asked Anna Kovacs not to land in Hungary. Terry took Sam aside and told him that the people who were pulling the reins were extremely dangerous, and they could hurt the families of not only the hijackers but of Sam Nelson’s as well. Terry told Sam that they had given his passport details to their bosses, as they were told to do so in case anyone tried to act smart. Terry told the same story that earlier Elaine had told Daniel about how Lewis had refused to carry out their orders and the bosses had decided to kill his father. Terry said that he was the one who was asked to kill Lewis’ father, and that is why he knew what they were capable of doing.

Sam Nelson wanted to save the lives of the passengers, but he was not ready to put his family at risk. Even Lewis, in that state, murmured that they should not land, and Sam realized that if a man who was on the verge of dying was saying that he didn’t want to be cured, then the people who were running the show were actually quite capable of destroying anybody’s life. Lewis died in the end, and Sam told Stuart that he had taken out that pen himself, though we have doubts about it. Sam said that Lewis gave his life so that Stuart didn’t feel the need to land, but we believe that it is possible that Sam himself took out that pen so that he could convince Stuart.

The two men who had asked for Sam’s address from Marsha in the previous episode of Hijack reached Sam’s house. Sam’s son was in his house at that time, and because he saw them taking out their guns, he hid inside the bedroom. We will get to know in the next episode if they were able to find Sam’s son or not, but it made one thing clear: the masterminds had a hold on the system and they had resources and contacts which is why they were able to execute such an elaborate plan. We will have to wait for the upcoming episode to know what exactly happened and if Sam Nelson is able to save the day or not.

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