‘Hijack’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Was The Woman With The Hijackers?


In the sixth episode of Hijack, the British authorities realized that they had no other option other than agreeing to the demands made by the hijackers and releasing Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown from prison. The strategy was that they were going to slowly try to buy as much time as they could so that they had a better understanding of what was happening. Meanwhile, Sam Nelson kept on using his skills and influencing Stuart, but neither Sam nor the five hijackers knew what was going to happen next and were just depending on their instincts.

Spoilers Alert

How Did The News Of The Hijacking Get Into The Media?

A man named Devlin gave a call to Felix Staton, a journalist, and asked him to meet him immediately if he wanted a big scoop. Devlin told Felix that the shares of Kingdom Airlines and Macmillan Doyle Insurance Company were going to collapse very soon as flight KA29 was hijacked. We believe that Devlin was surely going to benefit from this entire deal, and he told Felix that the market should get to know about it in the next 30 minutes or he should be ready to face the consequences. We don’t know if Devlin was working for Edgar or not, but after Felix left, he did give a call to some unknown person and told him that the work had been done.

Maybe just getting Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown out of prison was not the only thing that these people wanted to do, and there was a bigger picture that, until now, nobody had been able to see. Devlin knew about what Felix had done in the past. Felix had been involved in a scam involving insider trading, and up until then, nobody knew about it. Devlin threatened Felix that if the news wasn’t out immediately, it wouldn’t take him long to bring his corrupt practices to light. Felix tweeted about the hijacking of a Kingdom Airlines flight, and soon people got to know about it. Neil and Louise, back at the counterterrorism headquarters, didn’t know how it had happened, and they realized that if they did not act quickly now, the hijackers might get the better of them.

Was Zahra Able To Catch Edward?

Neil might have said earlier that they would comply with the demands of the hijackers, but in reality, he had no intention of doing that. There was an additional tracker planted inside the car that was driven by Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown, apart from the one installed on their phones. Edgar dropped the phone midway when he realized that he was being followed by Daniel. He stopped his car, came to Daniel, and told him that if he got to know that his movements were being tracked or that he was being followed by police officers, he would order his men to start killing the passengers on board. Edgar encountered a roadblock, and he lost his temper. He called Edgar and told him that if he didn’t get it removed, then people would die, and he would have only himself to blame for it.

Daniel tried convincing Zahra and others, but they wanted to go ahead with their plan. Edgar turned his car around and took an off-road that went through a farm and connected to the adjoining highway. Zahra and others were able to ascertain that both convicts were going to the nearest airport, where a chartered flight was waiting for them. Now they didn’t want Edgar and John Bailey to escape before the hijacked flight landed in London. That’s why they were trying to block their way and make sure that they were somehow stuck on land. Edgar’s car reached the airport, and the commandos present there surrounded them on all sides. But to their horror, Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown were not in the car, and they had somehow managed to get down midway and change vehicles. Edgar had taken that off-road intentionally, as there was already a car parked there for him and his companion. They took that car, and now, nobody knew where they were or what they were up to.

Was The Woman With The Hijackers?

In dangerous situations like the one that happened on Flight KA29, we often feel that the perpetrators have everything under control and that we are the ones who are having the panic attacks. But time and again, Sam Nelson proved that if one acted smartly in these situations, they could get the better of the criminals. At the end of the day, even the hijackers were human beings, and they also felt like relying on somebody who they could trust. Sam Nelson had already won their trust, and now he was in a position to tell them how to go about things. Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown had been released from prison, and they had explicitly told the police officers not to follow them.

Zahra Gahfoor had asked Daniel and Erica to keep track of their movements, as she somehow undermined their authority and what they were capable of doing. Edgar contacted Stuart on the flight and asked him to kill one passenger and send in the image so that he could show the police officers that he meant business. Stuart didn’t want to kill anyone, and Sam knew about it, so he took his chances, got up, and told Stuart that he didn’t have to because he had a way out. The hijackers had already killed a woman earlier, and Sam managed to convince Stuart to send her picture, as Edgar had no way of knowing that she had not been killed right now.

Stuart did that, but Sam knew that at any moment, another demand of such sort would be made, and the hijackers would be compelled to shoot and kill another person. Sam realized that there was no other way, and they would have to wage an all-out attack on the hijackers and take the plane under their control. Sam circulated an empty bottle after marking a tagline written on it that said, “Get ready to shake things up.” When Edgar encountered a roadblock, he asked Daniel to immediately get it removed if he didn’t want another passenger to die.

Zahra’s plan was that she would somehow stop Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown from reaching their destination until the time Flight KA29 landed in London. But Edgar was in a hurry, and he took an off-route while telling Daniel that now the blood of another innocent passenger was on his hands. Edgar once again messaged Stuart to do the needful, and an observant Sam realized that the time had come. Stuart pointed a gun at Sam, but Deevia Khan, the air hostess, came at the right moment and convinced Stuart not to kill him, as he had tried to save his brother’s life. Stuart started shouting frantically, and he told them that one of the passengers would volunteer to be shot. Stuart didn’t know what he was doing, and it was as if he had gotten an anxiety attack. Sam and other passengers took down the hijackers one by one. Sam confronted Stuart and asked him to give him his gun, as he knew that it was the only gun with actual bullets on the plane. But Sam was extremely wrong, as, like Zahra, he had also underestimated what Edgar was capable of.

Apart from the five hijackers that everybody knew about, there were at least two more people on the plane who were with Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown. Seeing the situation get out of hand, a woman named Amanda got up from her seat and went directly to the restroom. She took the gun that was kept there, came out, and dashed towards the cockpit. Without even batting an eye, she shot Robin Allen point blank and locked the door of the cockpit behind her. Sam realized that a bigger problem was at hand, as even the hijackers didn’t know who these people were. They had about an hour before they landed, and Sam knew that if he didn’t do anything about it, none of them would be saved. As we move towards the end of season 1, we would get to know if Sam Nelson is able to save the day or Edgar proves to be a better schemer at the end of the day. 

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