‘History Of Evil’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Is Ron Dead?


History of Evil is a blend of dystopia and horror, and the result is quite boring. The film started with an interesting idea, albeit extremely obvious, and moved on to become a typical horror film with ghosts and all. In 2045, the United States came under authoritarian rule after extreme corruption and a civil war. The neo-fascist state came to be known as the North American Federation. State-sanctioned militias were responsible for spreading terror all across the country in the name of religion. A group of common people, known as ‘the resistance,’ opposed the extremist vision, and Alegre Dyer was a prominent member of the revolutionary group. She was taken in as a political prisoner, but she managed to escape from the detention center, making it the breaking news of the day. A woman working at the detention center with similar beliefs helped Dyer escape, and the militia was alerted to track her down.

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Where did Alegre and her family take refuge?

Alegre was reunited with her husband, Ron, and her daughter, Daria. Their plan was to arrive at a safe place with the help of the Resistance. Trudy, a member of the revolutionary group, assisted the family during the challenging phase. Ron took the wheels, while Alegre and Daria hid at the back of the coroner’s van. Everything was too confusing for little Daria, and she protested against having to act dead at the security checkpoints. It had been a long time since Daria had seen her mother, and she initially did not feel an emotional connection to Alegre. The mother and daughter were handed ankle bands to make their story all the more convincing. Before arriving at the security checkpoint, Alegre and Daria slipped into the black bags and tried to be as still as they could. They were relieved when their tags matched the information Ron and Trudy provided to the security officials, and they were allowed to pass the checkpoint. They got out of the van and walked the rest of the distance on foot to arrive at a colonial-era house.

The abandoned house had a tree in the front yard with black ribbons tied to it. The house was abandoned due to countless terrifying stories, making it the perfect place to hide. A haunted house is the perfect setting for another spooky tale, and it all begins when Daria mentions seeing a boy standing behind her mother. While fixing the water pipes, Ron came across a tin box. It consisted of a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood, more black ribbons, and old pictures of KKK ceremonies that took place at the property. The belongings confirmed that the house was formerly owned by an extremist. If his soul was still trapped in the house, he would be less than pleased to have people like Alegre staying there.

Who did Ron meet at the colonial-era house?

At night, Ron was transported to the past. On the television, an old advertisement played, and Ron all of a sudden heard strange noises. He was surprised to see the entrance door open, and when he closed it, someone tried to forcefully enter, but there was no one on the other side. Ron was horrified to see a semi-naked man walk up to him and apply a black liquid from his lips to Ron’s. That night, Alegre’s dog, Benny, went missing, and Trudy searched for him in the front yard. She failed to find him but was shocked to see his collar lying on the ground. That night, drones flying over the area captured movement, and a day later, the local militia arrived to search the place. 

Alegre stayed in contact with the Resistance through radio communication, and she was informed that they were taking longer than previously estimated to reach out to her. Ron wanted to risk everything and find a way to escape, but Alegre thought it was a terrible idea, especially now that they had Daria with them. 

The house started to have an impact on Ron, and every night, he climbed down to the basement to have a drink with the strange old man he had met the first night. The man introduced himself as Cain and handed Ron a piece of bread to slide through the door of the room in the hallway. Ron found out that Cain kept his wife, Darlene, in chains because she tried to turn his son, Stephen, against him. They did not agree with his extremist point of view, and as a result, he chose to keep them in captivity. Cain believed that the man of the house must punish their wife and children if they ever dare to stop him from doing what is necessary for the community. Cain warned Ron not to allow Alegre to make him less of a man. The interaction stuck with Ron, and every time Alegre refuted his opinion, he became all the more convinced that Cain was right.

What happened to Ron?

Living in isolation in a haunted abandoned house had mentally impacted Ron. He had seen the ghost of Ron’s wife tied up in chains and shackles, and almost every night he met Cain, which further worsened his condition. Cain’s spirit took complete control of Ron’s mind to destroy Alegre and Trudy, and he was somewhat successful in doing so. It is also likely that Ron’s mental condition resulted in him hallucinating; the answer depends on the level of spook one might want to believe. We can assume that Ron must have always felt overshadowed by Alegre’s contributions and achievements. He believed that when it came to making decisions for their family, as a man, it was his duty to make the last call. He realized it was time to ensure he was in complete control, not Alegre.

Gradually, in History of Evil, Ron’s behavior towards his wife completely changed. He tried to turn Daria against Alegre and continued to make his wife feel terrible for risking their lives by bringing them along with her. Alegre was afraid of Ron after their interaction in the kitchen. She locked her room and kept Daria close to her. Ron felt invincible when he watched the burning crucifix in the front yard, a symbol of terror. Ron behaved frantically and was determined to cause harm to Alegre. The next morning, he destroyed the radio device. Alegre tried to hold on to the broken pieces, and Ron choked her from behind with the rope he was carrying. Trudy came to Alegre’s rescue, but Ron took hold of her gun. He threatened to kill Alegre and Trudy, while they begged him to stop. Daria could not recognize her father; he was not the man she knew. She was scared of him, but she gathered her courage to let him know that he was loved. For a second, Ron, the father, came to his senses, and he realized that he must die to protect his family. Ron shot himself dead, and at a young age, Daria had to bear witness to it. The drone captured movement in the front yard and the local militia was alerted to it.

Who killed the members of the militia?

During History of Evil‘s ending, the local militia arrived, and upon seeing Ron’s body lying in the front yard, it became obvious to them that fugitives were hiding at the old house. They scanned through the place, unaware of the supernatural threats that were waiting for them. Stephen and his mother were brutally tortured and killed by Cain. They never had the opportunity to fight back. With Alegre in the house and the extremist militia stepping into their property, their spirits sought revenge. While one member was choked to death with chains, another died as a result of asphyxiation. Trudy shot the leader of the gang, and he shot her back before falling to the ground. Alegre and Daria, with Trudy’s help, finally stepped out of their hiding spot and took over the militia’s jeep. The situation was rough, and the chances for Alegre to make it out alive were slim. But she wanted to make her presence count, even if it was meant to be her last day on earth.

Using the radio device of the militia, Alegre addressed all those who could hear her voice. She spoke against the fear tactics used by the state to keep common people in control. She warned those in power that the Resistance would not give up. Alegre, Trudy, and Daria left the property in the militia jeep. They will be lucky if they can make contact with the Resistance, but the chances of them not making it till the very end are quite high, given that they have exposed themselves by using the radio and killing the local militia members. In their war against extremism, the colonial-era house was an indescribable occurrence where an unexpected tragedy unfolded.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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