Hit Man (2024): Is Jasper Based On A Real Person? Is He Dead Or Alive?


Whenever you think about a hitman, there is a very specific image that is created in your mind, and we saw that Gary was the complete opposite of it. He was working for the DA’s office, but he was a very shy and timid guy. If one saw Gary teaching in his philosophy class, they would say that he couldn’t even lift a finger, and that’s why nobody could imagine that he could be convincing as a hitman. Gary’s colleagues, especially Jasper, believed that the man didn’t have it in him, as he didn’t seem ruthless, he didn’t have a confident demeanor, and most of all, he lacked the conviction that was the basic requirement for the job. But what Jasper didn’t know was that Gary was an exceptional actor, and he could blend in the role so well that nobody could ever imagine that he was not the person he was portraying to be. Though Hit Man film takes its inspiration from real events, Jasper’s character is purely fictional, and there is no mention of any such person in the Skip Hollandsworth article. So, let’s try to analyze why Jasper was so envious of Gary, how he tried to create obstacles in his way, and what happened to him in the end. 

Gary was told that he would have to step in as the fake hitman and help the department get convictions against people who wanted to take the law into their own hands. Gary went to Jasper to ask for advice, and the latter literally laughed in disbelief when he got to know who was taking his place. The department wanted to protect Jasper because, more than once, he got involved in petty issues, and he was accused of being violent with civilians. Jasper had no choice, and he had to take a step back, as he knew that being in the limelight could prove detrimental for his career. Jasper knew that Gary wouldn’t be able to do his job properly, and the department wouldn’t have any option but to bring him back, but things didn’t turn out in that manner.

Everybody was shocked when Gary replaced Jasper in the field, as they realized that he was an exceptional performer and that he could make a person believe that he was actually good at what he did. Gary’s conviction rate was quite high, and that’s why the DA office decided to keep him full-time. Jasper was livid, and he just couldn’t accept the fact that someone like Gary, whom he looked down upon, could take his position and, moreover, perform better than him. Jasper was on the lookout for something that he could use against Gary, and that opportunity came when the latter met Madison Figueroa Masters. Gary felt sympathetic towards Madison, and he decided that he would give her the right advice so that she was not put behind bars. It became very clear from the conversation that Gary wanted to save Madison, and Jasper was quick to point out to the superiors that the man had gone “ultra vires” and didn’t do his duty properly. The department didn’t pay any attention to Jasper’s words, though the man was quite persistent, and he made sure that he pinpointed Gary’s fault at every instance. Things took a grave turn when Gary went to meet a man who was looking for someone to kill his wife.

Once Gary reached the cafe, he realized that it was none other than Madison’s husband. The man recognized Gary, and he ran off from the cafe, and the latter hid that fact from his team. Gary told Jasper and others that he didn’t know the man and that he just got cold feet at the last moment and left the scene. Later, Gary was even sent to Madison’s house, as the team wanted him to make her confess to her crimes. As soon as Gary entered Madison’s house, he told her that their conversation was being recorded and that his team members were nearby, listening to everything. Throughout the conversation, Gary led the way and made sure that Madison didn’t say anything that would incriminate her. Madison also played along, and both of them put up a great show. Gary’s colleagues got convinced that Madison was innocent, but Jasper knew that there was something that was not right. Jasper’s intuition told him that Gary was deceiving them and that he was having an affair with Madison. So Jasper decided to visit Madison’s house once again, as he anticipated that Gary would come there later in the day.

In Hit Man, we got to know that Jasper was absolutely right, and he caught Gary red-handed. Jasper made a plain and simple offer: He told Madison to give him the insurance money that she was going to get after the death of her husband. Gary and Madison were in a fix, and that’s when the latter decided to take the law into their own hands and do something that Jasper didn’t expect them to. Madison gave Jasper an adulterated drink, and soon the latter started feeling nauseous. He was speaking about how he wanted to take things forward when he fell to the ground and lost consciousness. Madison didn’t know what to do after that, but Gary had already planned everything in his mind. He knew the kind of reputation Jasper had, and that’s why he told Madison that it would be best for everybody if they killed him. Even the department had a hard time dealing with Jasper, and they, too, to some extent, wanted to get rid of him. So Gary took a plastic bag, and he wrapped it around Jasper’s face. The man couldn’t breathe, and ultimately, he passed away. It is shown in the film that the authorities never got to know who was behind Jasper’s murder, and in the end Gary started a family with Madison and together they lived their lives in peace. 

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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