Ho Jae In ‘Gyeongseong Creature’: How Is Ho Jae Connected To Tae Sang?


First things first, Gyeongseong Creature Season 1 didn’t reveal much about Tae Sang’s history. He had a family, but his mother was arrested and executed by the Japanese when he was just a little boy. The only reason for that could have been because she was a part of the independence movement, along with Mrs. Nawol. That means that Tae Sang came from a family of independence fighters. This is important because of something that Tae Sang says later in the series. When Lady Maeda told him that Mrs. Nawol and the others had betrayed him by telling his secrets to the Japanese, Tae Sang did not hold them guilty. He recognized that they had no choice in the face of the ruthless torture they were facing. Tae Sang also tells Mrs. Nawol that he knew about her and his mother ever since he first met her outside the jail when he was a child. He knew even then that Mrs. Nawol must have given up his mother’s name and that she must now be dead because of her. Yet, even as a child, Tae Sang did not react and simply offered to take Mrs. Nawol home because, even then, he did not hold her responsible. This is a level of emotional maturity that we cannot expect from a child unless it was taught to him by someone, specifically his mother.

Tae Sang’s mother was risking her life every day, and that meant that she had to prepare her son for the eventuality that she wouldn’t return home one day. She also needed to teach him some quick lessons to survive in the world and learn to identify the right people to ask for help. She must have taught him not to judge people who give up when subjected to torture and to understand them as people independent of their ‘betrayal.’

In the post-credits scene of Gyeongseong Creature Part 2, we saw Tae Sang being referred to as Ho Jae. This was in the preset day because the video we saw right before that showed a lot of the current events, including the events of the Covid pandemic. A few possibilities come to mind as to why this could have been, and all of them are connected to Tae Sang’s family. It is noteworthy that Ho Jae was shown to have a scar on the back of his neck. 

The easiest possibility is that Ho Jae is Tae Sang. We saw Chae Ok ingesting the Najin at the end of the series. It is hard to say what its effects could have been. Perhaps she was healed, or maybe she turned into a zombie-like Myeong Ja. Now, Tae Sang isn’t the type to simply give up on Chae Ok. Korea got independence in 1945 so the post credits scene is 78 years after the ending of the series. Tae Sang and Chae Ok had taken a vow to always be with each other. Assuming that the Najin doesn’t just heal wounds temporarily but gives everlasting life, Chae Ok must have become immortal. That means that Tae Sang also takes the Najin to be with her in immortality. In such a case, Ho Jae must be his disguise, one of many that he has taken to move through life. A final possibility is that Ho Jae is Tae Sang’s descendant. Chae Ok survived because of the Najin, and she and Tae Sang got married. Since the post-credits scene was in the future, maybe Ho Jae is their grandson or great-grandson, and he takes after Tae Sang. As for the scar on his neck, we saw that Myeong Ja’s baby was not fully human because she had ingested the Najin previously. That means that if Chae Ok was indeed pregnant, her children may also not be fully human and the bloodline that follows will have some powers. The scar on Ho Jae’s neck could be a sign of that. 

Ho Jae, being Tae Sang’s descendant, is our favorite possibility because that fits seamlessly with where the second season of Gyeongseong Creature seems to be going. Myeong Ja’s child is a monster that is trapped and being studied. Lady Maeda is likely to join the research for her own revenge. This all hints at a long-term plan, and who better than the new generation to fight the leftover evils of the previous generation? Ho Jae would find out who his ancestors were (if he did not know already) and fight the monster. In the final scene, there is a high likelihood that Tae Sang and Chae Ok will never reunite. That could be why Tae Sang was looking around so hopelessly. He could sense Chae Ok’s presence but could not be sure that she was alive. Previously, Chae Ok had suggested that they separate because she did not want to burden him with her problems. Maybe once the Najin healed or changed Chae Ok, she proceeded with the separation. She could have been pregnant and it is possible that her child also gained some powers from the Najin, just like his mother. This would be a great plot for Gyeongseong Creature season 2.

We would be seeing Ho Jae use his own powers to fight whatever evil the scientist and Lady Maeda have created. Perhaps, the two villains learn to isolate the healing properties of the Najin and use it to prolong their own life, so they are still present 78 years after Korea got independence. Otherwise, maybe their research is being carried out by people they have left behind, specifically, Myeong Ja’s child who can probably be both human and monster at will. That means that his only competition in the present day is Ho Jae, who was born in a manner similar to him, after his ancestor ingested Najin. While we are on that topic, why not consider that Ho Jae is Tae Sang’s son instead of his grandson or great grandson. Maybe the Najin gives eternal youth along with eternal life and healing properties. This means that Ho Jae is either Tae Sang himself or he is Tae Sang’s son or ancestor, whichever explanation works better with the continuation of the story. 

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Divya Malladi
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