‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Ending, Explained: Was Becca A Witch? What Happened After Winifred Became The Most Powerful Witch?


After some twenty-nine years, the notorious Sanderson sisters have returned to Salem to stir up chaos in the peaceful town once again. The first five minutes of “Hocus Pocus 2” show the childhood years of the three sisters. Winifred, Mary, and Sarah were ostracized from Salem for refusing to abide by the Church and rejecting the Reverend’s proposal to marry a boy of their choice. They ran to the woods to protect themselves from the enraged mob, and that was when they met a witch. The witch wanted to consume their souls, but she could feel that they were different. She gave the sisters the Book that helped them learn magic and become the witches that they were. “Hocus Pocus 2” is a nostalgia-laden entertainer. Even after all these years, Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler are still in their witchcraft element.

Spoilers Ahead 

‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

In present-day Salem, the myth of the Sanderson sisters continues to live. The legend of All Hallows Eve is still narrated. By now, the 1993 reappearance of the three sisters have also become a tale discussed and debated. Becca, Izzy, and Cassie were three best friends who believed in witchcraft. Though Cassie’s recent romantic relationship led to a distance between her and her friends. She felt that her friends were ignoring her, and she decided to not bother them. Becca and Izzy were considered weird for their beliefs and rituals, but they did not care. The two went to the local potions and gifts store owned by Gilbert, the magician. The store had Winifred’s Book, though it was asleep. Gilbert had created the black flame candle to sell during the Halloween season. In the original “Hocus Pocus”, Max Dennison, a virgin, had lighted the black flame candle, and that brought the three witches back to life for a night. Even though they tried every trick to stay back, Max and Allison managed to turn the witches to dust by dawn. But what if the black candle returns? Would igniting it bring back the Sanderson sisters?

Since it was Halloween and Becca’s 16th birthday, Gilbert gifted her a candle that he had charged with magic. According to belief, a witch gets her power once she turns 16, which is why Gilbert wanted to gift her something special. He even asked them to take some angelica leaves and burn them if they needed to lift curses. After their little shopping spree at Gilbert’s store, Becca and Izzy went to the woods to perform their birthday ritual. Becca lit the candle, and the two chanted their desire to manifest their intentions. The candle flame sparkled, and the girls were surprised by it. Scared of the unknown, Becca poured water over the candle and extinguished the flame. But within a few seconds, the flame was back, but this time it was a black flame. And the Sanderson sisters were back! How will Becca and Izzy stop the witches from taking the lives of the children of Salem? Will the sisters manage to stay back and rule over Salem this time? Let’s find out.

What Magic Did Winifred Plan To Perform This Time?

Becca and Izzy convinced the Sanderson sisters that the world had now evolved to the point that the spirits of young children could be found in bottles. Therefore, they no longer needed to murder children and could get back their youthful looks easily. Becca and Izzy took them to the beauty aisle of a supermarket. The witches were fascinated by the chemical products, but they soon learned that it was all a trick. Becca and Izzy managed to escape and reached Gilbert’s store to confront him. He agreed that he had tricked the teenagers into lighting the black flame candle since they were virgins. He was enchanted by the tale of the Sanderson sisters and wanted to resurrect the witches. He had seen them in 1993 when they were brought back by Max. He had followed them that night and saw them turn to dust. From then on, he dreamt of meeting the witches and learning all about their magical powers. The Book had woken up now, and Gilbert opened it. The Book immediately sent a signal to Winifred, and the witches arrived at Gilbert’s store. Winifred was reunited with her Book, and after stumbling across the Mayor’s posters at the store, she declared that she would perform the Magicae Maxima. It was the magic that would make her the most powerful witch in the world, and she would be able to rule all. The Mayor was a descendant of the Reverend who had outcasted the sisters. This time, Winifred did not wish to be weak, and she knew that once she became the most powerful witch, nobody could harm them. Even though the witch who handed her the Book 300 years ago warned her to never use this magic, she decided to not abide by it to become the most powerful. Even the Book refused to show her the recipe of the magic at first, but Winifred managed to control it and prepared to make the potion. Gilbert was in charge of collecting all the ingredients, and Winifred tied him to a binding contract. If Gilbert failed to bring the ingredients on time, he would have to forfeit his life with the last grain of sand.

How Did Becca And Izzy Escape From Winifred’s Curse?

When Winifred came across Becca and Izzy at Gilbert’s store, she pushed them into the basement and trapped them there using a spell. The girls struggled to find an escape, but Izzy remembered that they had the Angelica leaves that Gilbert had said could lift curses. The girls burned the leaves and wished to escape the basement. The magic worked and the ladder to climb out appeared. Becca and Izzy left the basement and called the Mayor, who was Cassie’s father, and informed him that his daughter was having a party at his place. The plan was to take him to the safety of his house, and in the meantime, the girls rushed to Cassie’s house to warn her of the Sanderson sisters. By the time they reached Cassie’s place, they were informed that the Mayor had been to the house but left to get a candy apple.

The Sanderson sisters managed to find their way to the Mayor’s house, that is, Cassie’s house. Becca, Izzy, and Cassie hid from the sisters. When they found Becca, she once again tricked them with her words, making them believe that she had the last drop of Aralia juice, an ingredient required for the magic. As the sisters focused on Becca, Cassie, and Izzy, they entered the room and poured salt all around the Sanderson sisters. From “Hocus Pocus”, we know that if a person pours salt all around them, no magic would be able to penetrate it. This time the sisters stood in the circle of salt, and no matter which spells they used, it could not leave the protective bubble of the salt. The Sanderson sisters were trapped now, even though they had the Traske bloodline right in front of them. But luck was on their side; two robot vacuum cleaners cleaned up all the salt poured around them, and they were free once again.

‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Ending Explained: Was Becca A Witch? What Happened After Winifred Became The Most Powerful Witch?

Gilbert collected all the ingredients for the magic spell, and that included Billy Butcherson’s head. In “Hocus Pocus,” it was believed that Billy Butcherson was Winifred’s lover, but he cheated on her with Sarah. Winifred poisoned him and tied his lips for eternity so that his affair with Sarah would remain a secret. Billy Butcherson was brought back in the form of a zombie in “Hocus Pocus” by Winifred. This time, once again, Billy Butcherson is dug out of his grave. Since the magic potion required a lover’s head, Gilbert took Billy’s head to please the sisters. Though Billy chose to clarify his relationship with Winifred, according to him, they were never in love. They had shared only one kiss, after which Winifred considered him her lover, but he did not feel the same way.

The Sanderson sisters had captured Cassie and brought her to the woods with them. They needed the blood of an enemy to create the magic potion, and for that, they drew Cassie’s blood. Becca and Izzy watched the sisters from afar as they tried to think of a way to free Cassie. As the Sanderson sisters chanted the magical spell, Becca could feel magic in her hands. Izzy concluded that Becca was a witch, and because it was her 16th birthday, she got her magical powers. It was not just Becca who got her magical powers, but also Sarah and Mary who became powerful. Even though Becca had power now, it was not stronger than that of the three sisters. Becca knew that the only way to stop Winifred was to separate her from her Book. The Book had its own consciousness, and Becca convinced it to not support Winifred and to join her. The Book was disappointed in Winifred for attempting to perform magic she was forbidden to perform. The Book showed its support for Becca and joined her. The Book later revealed to Becca and her friends the warning page for Magicae Maxima. It stated that to get the power, the witches had to trade what they valued most in life. Becca, Izzy, and Cassie realized that Winifred might lose her sisters since they were the ones, she most valued.

The Sanderson sisters found the trio and attacked them, while Becca formed a protective layer around them with magic. Izzy remembered that the warning said that power is meant to be shared. Therefore, she and Cassie joined hands with Becca to strengthen Becca’s magical power. This helped them to protect themselves from the spells of the witches. The Sanderson sisters left and focused on completing the Magicae Maxima. After chanting the spell, Winifred became the most powerful witch. Even though the black flame candle had been extinguished, the sisters continued to live because of their supreme power. As they celebrated their success, Becca disclosed that Winifred would lose her sisters. Initially, Winifred did not believe her, but soon her sisters started to disappear. After losing her sisters, she begged the Book to show a solution to reverse the damage she had done one last time. The Book obliged and turned to the page that could help her. Becca, Izzy, and Cassie chanted the magical spell, but their sisters did not return. Instead, Winifred watched herself turn into magical dust. Turning herself to dust was the only way for her to reunite with her sisters, and she was glad that she could be with them. She valued her sisters more than all the powers in the world. Reuniting with them made her the happiest, and the Sanderson sisters left the world on a happy note.

Gilbert apologized to Becca, Izzy, and Cassie for tricking them into bringing the Sanderson sisters. Billy Butcherson was freed from Winifred’s spell and turned to dust to rest eternally. Becca decided to keep the Book to learn more about magic. The three friends returned home, and even though the night changed them as teenagers, their friendship remained unaffected. “Hocus Pocus 2” shows the sentimental side of Winifred, who disowned her magical powers to be reunited with her sisters. Without them by her side, she did not care to be the most powerful witch. Also, the film introduces three new friends/sisters. A new generation of witches has now taken over the Book and all its magical recipes. Life truly came to a full circle. Winifred was found by a witch who could sense that she did not smell like the other children, and when Winifred met Becca, she felt the same way. In the end, we notice a bird flying toward the three friends. The witch Winifred met in her childhood could transform into a bird. Will she now contact the new witches of Salem and teach them more magic? Can there be a “Hocus Pocus 3”? We can only say that it is a possibility.

“Hocus Pocus 2” is a 2022 Drama Fantasy film directed by Anne Fletcher.

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