Holidate (2020) Review – Pursuit For A Perfect Plus-One!


Holidate, a rom-com directed by John Whitesell, with Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey in the lead is a perfect movie for the coming holiday season. Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) are no good when it comes to relationships, but they long for a date on holidays because of the constant nagging from their families and friends. 

Sloane and Jackson live in Chicago and meet in a mall after a disaster Christmas night. Sloane had to listen to her disappointed mother about her downhill going personal life. She feels out of place in her family where her elder sister was married with four children and her younger brother was engaged, even her niece had a better love life than her. Jackson had to spend his, with his new girlfriend and her deranged family. 

After much discussion and banter, they both agree to be each other’s ‘holidates’. That is they both will be each other’s date for the holidays until further notice, without getting attached to each other, i.e. no strings attached. And hence, the movie progresses with stops at every holiday, New Year’s day, Valentine’s day, Easter Day, even Mother’s day. They spent all the holidays together without getting attached and without any complaints or demands. 

But soon, as expected they fell for each other and realized that they want to spend every holiday with each other for the rest of their lives, but both are too scared to accept this realization. Will they be able to see the newly ignited spark of love and if they do, will they confess and go against their deal?

Holidate has all the elements of a rom-com movie, and the frames shifting from holiday to holiday only adds up to it. The chemistry between the couple seems adorable and their small fights will definitely put a smile on your face. It is a perfect movie to enjoy during the holidays with family.  

Although Holidate is like any other rom-com movie, it is a perfect refreshment for your evening. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey have given excellent performances and tune together instantly. 

The humorous part added by Sloane’s sister and aunt makes this movie a one-time-watch. Sloane and Jackson’s chemistry will definitely make your evening magical. After spending our holidays in isolation because of the pandemic, it feels nostalgic to see the two having their “normal’ holidays. 

Holidate is streaming on Netflix!

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