‘Hollywood Stargirl’ Ending Explained: Does Stargirl Leave LA? What Happens To Their Movie?


It’s been quite a while since a delicately paced movie came out of Hollywood that made us smile ear to ear with its sweetness. “Hollywood Stargirl” was a perfect movie. We will admit that we got a little judgy when we heard its name, thinking it had to be the story of someone’s struggle for their big break in Hollywood, but it was so much more than that. “Hollywood Stargirl” is the kind of movie that puts you in a good mood with the type of music that can drive away those dreaded Monday Blues. And can we please have the entirety of Stargirl’s wardrobe? It’s been a while since we saw something so refreshing. Before saying more, let’s see how the storyline unfolds that we have fallen so much in love with it.

Spoilers Ahead

How Do Stargirl, Evan, And Terrell Film Their Movie?

“Hollywood Stargirl” starts with Stargirl moving to LA with her mother, Ana. During the move, they have a talk where Stargirl tells her that she wishes they had a more permanent place. Ana, who works as a costume designer for movies, is forced to move frequently because of her job, and she tells Stargirl that this is how she can take care of them. But she also reassured her that she would be able to complete her senior year in LA.

Both of them settle into the new house, where they meet the landlady and her sons, Evan and Terrell. Evan hears Stargirl singing and loves her voice. He tells her that he and his brother are making a sizzle reel, which is somewhat like a trailer for a movie, as per our understanding, and that they would like it if Stargirl could be a part of it. Evan is the writer, Terrell is the director, and Stargirl could be the actress and singer for it.

The next day, they go to the bar Forte, where Terrell works, and there they meet Roxanne Martel, played by the ageless Uma Thurman. Seriously, there is something exciting about this woman on screen. Roxane is a regular at the bar, and she is referred to as Table Number 6 by the staff there. It is Stargirl who recognizes her as the singer of her all-time favorite album, “Magic Mile.” She is excited about meeting her but doesn’t get to do so that day. However, she goes on stage to sing one of her favorite songs and is applauded by everyone, Roxanne included.

The next day, she meets Roxanne and asks her if her team can use her music for their movie. Roxanne refuses but encourages her to write her own song and even helps her out by letting them use her piano and getting them to record at one of the studios.

They are also helped by Stargirl’s neighbor, a grumpy old man who used to be a producer in Hollywood. He lends them his camera, and when they return it to him, saying they wouldn’t be able to use it, he tells them to sell it and buy equipment for their film. Ana helps with the costumes for the film, and Evan’s friends pitch in with the other required help. They finally manage to finish the movie and send it out to the production houses, and one of them replies back, saying they loved what had been done and wanted to make a movie out of it with a million-dollar funding. Their efforts yielded results, and though it reads like a fairytale, we are not unhappy about it. Of course, none of it has a realistic touch, but it is done so artfully that we actually start believing in the possibility of something like this coming true.

How Do Roxanne And Mr. Mitchell Find Their Happy Ending?

These were the two characters who we sort of fell in love with. Roxanne came to LA with a dream of being a singer and, as she admits to Stargirl, she gave her all to the album “Magic Mile,” but when it failed, in her own words, “she didn’t love herself enough to take failure in her stride.” This was such a heart-touching line, and only Uma Thurman could have made it out to be so. She says that after the debacle of the album, she turned to producing music and found that she was good at it, so she went ahead with that as a career. She tells Stargirl that she has managed to be happy with her life and that just because her dream did not look like she thought it would, doesn’t mean she is not living it anymore. Another line that makes us stop and think. In the limited screen time she had, Roxanne Martel, aka Uma Thurman, made the most impact of them all.

When it comes to Mr. Mitchell, the grumpy neighbor of Stargirl, the one thing we thought of him was, “What a sweetheart.” This is the kind of cute old man we all want as our grandpa. He is a grump and tells Stargirl to keep it down when she plays music. As an apology, she gets him some cute red earmuffs and is happy to see him use them. When Mr. Mitchell sees that the kids are making a movie, he lends them his camera and asks them to sell it for money if required. Stargirl says that this kind of makes him the producer of their movie, and he happily agrees. Towards the end of the film, he tells her that just when he thought he was done with it all, he got to live his dream again because of her. It is the story of Roxanne and Mr. Mitchell, more than that of Stargirl and her team, that makes us think about why LA is called the ‘city of dreams.’ They all come to life in some way or the other.

‘Hollywood Stargirl’ Ending Explained: Does Stargirl Leave LA? What Happens To Their Movie?

When Ana loses her job and decides to go back to Berkeley, Stargirl tells her that they cannot do so at this point and asks her not to worry as she would start meaning soon, and even Ana can look for new jobs right there. But Ana says that there was no guarantee that she would find a job. They don’t know when the movie will start or how much Stargirl is going to get paid, so they will have to leave.

Dejected at this turn of events, Stargirl tells Terrell that she will sign the necessary papers, and they can use the song however they want. She just asks them to not forget her. Back at home, as they are packing, the mother and daughter have a heart-to-heart, with Stargirl reassuring her that things will be fine and they just need to be brave for a while. Ana agrees and decides to have some faith in things for the sake of her daughter. And that’s how they decided to stay back in LA.

Ana is a mother who is trying to do the best she can for her daughter. She is aware of the strain the constant moving puts on her but chooses to see it in a positive light as going on a new adventure. Throughout the film, we see that she truly cares for Stargirl but, due to her job, is unable to be there for her as much as she wants to. Stargirl understands this, and while she does want more, she handles it in a well-adjusted manner. Stargirl is someone who is ahead of her years, but luckily, Ana is a mother who doesn’t take it for granted, though she is thankful for it. She decides, as an adult should, to consider the needs and ambitions of her daughter and act accordingly. The movie ends with them filming for the next movie, the production having started by the company.

Final Thoughts: Why Was ‘Hollywood Stargirl’ So Perfect?

Honestly, as we said before, “Hollywood Stargirl” reads like a bit of a fairytale. The characters were perfect, the storylines were smooth and sugary without being too much, and the whole thing gave you a very smiley feeling overall. While some people might say that it showed things as being too easy, we wouldn’t disagree, but maybe that was the intention. There are enough movies about winning against all odds. Maybe there should also be a movie that doesn’t have these odds. Pun not intended. We would have called anything else a cliche. It also can’t be said that this movie was 100% original, but it was certainly refreshing to watch.

And we have to say it one more time that the music was absolutely amazing. Other movies need to learn a lesson from this and improve their game accordingly. Also, at the end of these two hours, we are left with a strong desire to go shopping for Stargirl’s wardrobe. And maybe “Hollywood Stargirl” won’t be remembered forever or can’t be watched again and again, but it can be happily tuned into with much anticipation for that warm fuzzy feeling on the rare occasion we think of it.

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“Hollywood Stargirl” is a 2022 Drama Romance film directed by Julia Hart.

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