‘Honeymoon With My Mother’ Ending, Explained: Does Jose Luis Save His Parent’s Marriage?


“Honeymoon with My Mother,” a vibrant Spanish comedy film from Netflix, depicts the story of a young boy named Jose Luis who is rejected at the altar by his love. Then he must spend his honeymoon with his mother, who is presently his least favorite person, to redeem the amount he has lost. When Jose thinks his mother is the most irritating person on the planet, she chooses to see the bright side and have as much fun as she can.

Jose is set to marry when a man arrives at his wedding, knocks down the ‘LOVE’ sign, and whisks his girlfriend away in a beat-up red automobile in the name of genuine love. Jose’s heart is broken, but his mother tells him the truth: this marriage was doomed from the beginning. Jose’s mother is outraged when he reveals that he has already paid for his honeymoon in Mauritius. When they get to the booking office, things take a turn for the worse, and Jose must decide whether or not to travel to Mauritius alone. Let’s take a look at how a mother and son’s love might be rekindled.

‘Honeymoon With My Mother’ Plot Summary: What does Mari Carmen Do To Win Her Son Over?

Jose and his mother, Mari Carmen, go to the travel agency that booked their honeymoon in Mauritius after being abandoned at the altar. Jose’s mother, Mari, could see that he couldn’t make a strong enough case for the money to be returned because of his mental instability. When the booking agent maintained his position, he challenged her, saying she should go on the honeymoon with her son. She gradually irritates Jose before telling him that they can go together. Jose’s mother, seeing her husband’s obsession with his painting, advises Jose to consider going. When Jose learns that his mother has never traveled before, he decides that he should accompany her. While Jose’s emotions are still in shambles, his mother agrees to collect her belongings and depart right away.

A receptionist named Montse informs them that their honeymoon suite is ready in a lavish hotel in Mauritius. To be allowed to use the suite, Jose’s mother claims her son to be her husband. Although this appears to be suspicious, the receptionist goes through with it. Jose is about to have a nightmare when they are led to their rooms. His mother is absolutely thrilled with all the royal treatment. 

Jose struggles to perceive his mother as a supportive figure and personality in his life as they both embark on this trip together. He’s still coming to terms with the grief of his girlfriend abandoning him at the altar. Mari recognizes her son’s distress and attempts to make her presence a welcoming addition to the environment, but he simply wants his space. She decides to become acquainted with the bar. When she is at the bar, she meets a man named Armando, who introduces her to a Daiquiri, the only drink she ever has at the hotel. Armando and Mari become close friends. It is time for Mari to avail herself of a small tour bus that comes along with the honeymoon package to see the forests of Mauritius. When Jose sees a blonde-haired woman in denim shorts come down the stairs of the bus, his heart skips a few beats. His trip just turned out to be a bit better than he expected.

Jose seizes the opportunity to get closer to Sara, the hotel’s assigned island tour guide. Looking at her makes him feel alive, and when he speaks to her, he believes he has a shot. His mother, on the other hand, is not fooled. Jose and his mother, Mari, return to the hotel stumped after going to the incorrect establishment for a rum sampling and being ripped off. On the same day, in the evening, the hotel sets up a game for lovers or newlyweds to capture sliced papaya on their lips and hand it over to the other lover via the mouth. Jose finds it difficult to be spirited throughout the game, but he must go on since his mother insists on keeping the idea of him being her spouse so she does not lose the room. They both win the race, but Jose can no longer bear having to deal with his mother. Jose and Mari quarrel and argue, and Mari forces him to drink water from the tap that they are not allowed to drink. Mari leaves the suite fatigued after a furious exchange of words and walks to the bar, where she meets with Armando again.

The receptionist tries to hit on Jose while Jose has an embarrassing tummy rumble with Sara due to the water he consumed. Jose is attempting to use the restroom but instead pukes on Montse. After Armando has convinced Mari, she agrees to accompany him to a party on the island. She tries a weed called Green Emerald. She is utterly enamored with this, and when they both return to the room, Armando sees Jose for the first time. Jose is surprised to see his mother up and jogging the next morning, as if nothing had happened the night before.

When Jose sees his mother having so much fun and he is missing out, he decides he wants a piece of it as well. He chooses to let her lead the way to a better vacation in Mauritius by telling her that they should do things together, which leads to their being arrested when they go to a shopkeeper who is an undercover cop and ask for the unique cannabis known as Green Emerald. When Mari and her son are imprisoned, they begin to bond and rekindle their relationship.

‘Honeymoon With My Mother’ Ending Explained: Does Jose Help His Father Make Amends With His Mother?

Jose and his mother are now incarcerated and must figure out how to get out of this situation. Jose calls Sara to inform her what occurred when they are allowed one phone call. She saves them, astounded by his initiative. Sara and Jose begin to form a bond, just as Jose begins to form a bond with his mother.

Jose realizes he knows nothing about his mother during a lighthearted shot-induced face-off, even though his mother knows everything there is to know about his life. He understands that he is being challenged with something new in his life with a sense of spirit. To gain a deeper understanding of his mother. Sara puts this into reality when she discovers his mother hanging out with Armando, who she believes shouldn’t have been with her in the first place. When Jose’s protective instincts kick in, he asks his mother about Armando’s presence in his mother’s life.

Mari is angered by Jose’s claims, and the two have a fight in which Sara learns that Jose was dumped at the altar. Sara becomes irritated and walks away, while Jose, who has been slapped by his mother, also walks away, speechless. His mother enters the suite later and tells him that this is the first time she has had to touch him. There remains a sense of resentment between the two for the remainder of the night. When Jose tries to convince his mother that she was possessive of him and his wants and that all he wanted to do was leave the house and live life on his own terms, an altercation follows. The night turns sour, and Armando arrives at the suite the next morning to find her packing and getting ready to depart.

Armando inserts two packets of white powder narcotics into Mari Carmen’s suitcase and hides them under her clothes when she is about to depart when she is changing to go out with him. They get ready to head out as she emerges with a bright smile. Jose has a few loose ends to tie up before the end of the day. He meets with Sara to apologize, but all she says is that he needs to make amends with his mother. Jose reflects and decides to phone his father to inform him that he has failed in his marriage and that his wife is pleased to leave him for another man she has recently discovered. For this marriage to endure and thrive for the rest of their eternity, he must rectify his ways. The father pays close attention to his son’s words and makes arrangements. 

After finishing the phone call with his father, Jose finds a flowery shirt and pants waiting for him on the bed. He hastily gets dressed and sets out to find his mother. When he learns that she is attending a wedding on an island not far from theirs, he believes that she will marry Armando and their relationship will be over. To get to the boat, he steals a hotel buggy, jumps in to get to the boat that he drives through the water to the island, yelling that she must not marry him. Mari Carmen makes it clear that she is not. She is simply attending someone else’s wedding. This perplexes him. She only informed Armando she was married to Jose deceiving everyone but that was only half the truth. Jose claims that she had good reason to leave him and his father because Armando treats her well, but Mari counters that Armando is also a criminal.

Armando is perplexed, so Mari informs him that when she and her son were in jail, she discovered that due to Armando’s non-payment of a hostel, she had to phone the Consulate, who informed her that he was a wanted criminal in three countries. She then discloses the white powder sachets he stuffed into her suitcase to smuggle across borders. When Armando is implicated, he reaches for the bag to get the packets, but Jose comes to his mother’s aid, and Armando sucker punches him, telling him he can’t harm her son. The hotel’s receptionist arrives on the island just in time to discover that they are a mother and son using the honeymoon room, which is not permitted. After Jose makes it up to his mother, Montse, the receptionist, tries to stop Armando from hitting on her and arrests him.

Final Words

“Honeymoon With My Mother” concludes with both the son and mother returning home to their father, who has greeted them warmly. He’s also planned a trip to Paris to view the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a romantic date with his wife. Mari Carmen is overjoyed, and she’s already planning the next leg of her journey. Jose’s father follows through on his promise to do better for his son and wife. Jose moves about the house, unsure of what will happen next because he has never lived alone before and has only recently discovered how it feels.

His mother leaves a nice message on the machine, telling him that there is enough food in the fridge for him and that she would always love him no matter what. It begs the question of what Jose will do now that he is completely alone. ‘Honeymoon With My Mother’ honors a connection to which we may all relate in some way. The squabbling, the differing perspectives of a parent-child relationship in which two generations are still trying to figure out what each other wants. If you want to see a slow-burning drama, this is the film to watch.

“Honeymoon with My Mother” is a 2022 Drama Comedy film directed by Paco Caballero.

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