‘Hot Skull’ Character Sule, Explained: Did Sule Have Some Hidden Agendas?


The character of Sule, one of the prominent members of the Plus 1 group, in the series “Hot Skull,” was nothing less than an enigma. Till the very end, we were not able to decipher on whose side she was. At times we felt that she was smitten by Murat, though a lot of times, it also felt like she had some ulterior motives hidden beneath her simple and pure aura. Murat was going to his mother’s place when he saw Sule for the first time. Murat felt so completely besotted with her that, for a moment, he forgot where he was going. He had forgotten to feel this happy and positive, and that is why he stood there staring at her as if he couldn’t realize that it was not a dream. Sule was like a gust of fresh village air that had somehow found its way inside a morbid concrete jungle. Murat wanted to make the time stop and express his love for her in the most emphatic manner possible, but instead, he just blurted out that the bus stop was not in service. Sule didn’t say anything, and Murat left the scene awkwardly.

The next time Murat went to the same bus stop, he found a letter that was left by Sule. In the letter she had written that she knew that there was no bus service at the abandoned bus stop, which is why she liked sitting there. Sule called herself “the girl who waits for a bus that will never come.” Murat met Sule unexpectedly once again, when he was entering the sixth zone. Murat was quite nervous as he had made a fake ID, and he was scared that if he got caught, the AEI would get to know about his immunity to the virus and would start treating him like a lab rat. Murat was just about to approach the final security check when he got way too paranoid and decided not to go ahead. The guards saw him leave suspiciously, but before they could do anything, Sule, out of nowhere, came and pulled him towards her and gave him a kiss. She held his hands and made him cross the security booth. Sule told Murat that she knew him from before. Murat thought that she would have known him because he had left a letter for her, but it was not so. She was a part of a rebel organization named Plus 1, and they had heard rumors about a man who was immune to the virus. They didn’t believe it to be true until they found out about Murat and realized he did exist in reality.

The Plus One believed that through Murat, they could find a cure for the virus and treat their loved ones who had been confined inside the quarantine zones. Murat started panicking, and he decided on the spur of the moment that he didn’t want to be associated with Plus 1. Murat feared that he would be tracked down by the AEI. He wanted to get rid of whatever was happening inside his brain as soon as possible. Sule didn’t understand why someone would want to give away such a miraculous gift, but Murat was quite adamant about the fact that he wanted his brain restored to its normal condition. Sule found Murat to be really unsympathetic, as he was just looking out for his convenience. She was asking him to fight for a greater cause and to help the oppressed, but all he cared about was not being treated as a subject of an experiment. When Murat met Haluk in the fifth episode of “Hot Skull” through one of Sule’s acquaintances named Victor, he started experiencing a change in his perspective. Murat started to believe that maybe being immune to the virus and having the capacity to help people was not such a bad thing. Sule was the one who was solely responsible for this transition. Murat’s infatuation with her, also played a significant role in the scheme of things.

Towards the end of the series, “Hot Skull,” when the AEI gets to know about Murat’s identity, Sule starts behaving in a very suspicious manner. When Arif was injured and being treated in Ozgur’s home, Sule got a call from some unknown person. She didn’t tell Murat who was calling her, and they awkwardly left from there. When Murat was on the water plane trying to escape from Istanbul, he noticed something that shocked him beyond words. Sule was getting a call from an unknown number. When Murat picked it up, he instantly recognized the voice and knew that it was Fazil, the AEI chief, on the other end. For a moment, Murat could not process anything. He saw that there were some 20 missed calls from the same number, and it didn’t take him long to realize that Sue had been in touch with the AEI chief. “Hot Skull” left us on a cliffhanger, and we didn’t come to know in what capacity Sule was involved with Fazil. It could be possible that Sule was spying for the AEI and leaking all the information concerning Murat. The way she emerged out of nowhere at the bus stop was probably not a coincidence. Maybe Fazil had his eyes on Murat from the very beginning, and seeing him as an imminent threat, he would have asked Sule to stay close to him and understand what he was capable of. Now, if we believe the theory that Sule was actually on AEI’s side and betraying Plus 1, then the question that arises is why she had stopped picking up Fazil’s phone. We presume that her conscience might have come in between her and her duties, and maybe she would have decided to cut all ties with the AEI. Maybe she would have actually fallen for Murat in the process and, at the last moment, taken a decision to ditch Fazil. Sule had worked her way to the top of the Plus-1 group, and she was one of the important members who was looked up to by the entire clan. If Sule was actually on the side of AEI, then I believe that more than Murat, it would be the Plus-1 members who would be disappointed in her. People saw her resilience during the Kocaeli march, and they knew how she had fought for their cause, but it would all amount to nothing if they got to know that she had been plotting behind their backs. Probably in the second season of “Hot Skull” (though it has not been announced as of yet), we would get to know more about the real intentions of Sule and what it was that had coerced her to work for the AEI and betray the trust of so many people.

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
I came to Mumbai to bring characters to life. I like to dwell in the cinematic world and ponder over philosophical thoughts. I believe in the kind of cinema that not necessarily makes you laugh or cry but moves something inside you.

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