‘House Of Ninjas’ Season 2 Theories: Will Gaku Remake Or Doom Japan?


The plot of House of Ninjas hinges on the rivalry between the Tawara household and the Fuma clan because, historically speaking, they’ve been duking it out for centuries, and the Fuma clan is responsible for the alleged death of Gaku Tawara. Tensions reach the stratosphere when it’s revealed that Gaku is not only alive but has joined the Fuma clan. He does Tsujioka’s bidding by delivering the scroll that he needs and overseeing the distribution of the poisonous powder made from a dangerous yellow flower all over Japan, thereby costing him his ties with his family. When Haru, Soichi, Yoko, and Nagi try to stop the Fuma clan, Gaku kills Tsujioka to become the head of the Fuma and brings about the eclipse by making Mukai the head of the NDP and Yoshikawa the Chief of Staff of the Ground Self-Defense Force. What does this mean for Japan and the rest of the characters in the show? Well, let’s speculate, even though, at the time of writing this article, Netflix hasn’t announced House of Ninjas season 2.

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Will Gaku remake or doom Japan?

Initially, it seems like Gaku kills Tsujioka because he wants to free Haru of the responsibility of killing Tsujioka and then introspect about who he is with. But when he carries out the rest of the plan and becomes the 20th leader of the Fuma, it becomes clear that there’s not even an inkling of the old Gaku left in him. He truly believes that Japan has become weak and that it needs the push of the Fuma to become great again. However, what exactly does this plan entail? Well, for starters, it looks like he is going to become a full-blown fascist without doing all the godman stuff. He isn’t as delusional as Tsujioka, who used to think that he was actually a god, and he seems to be more focused on using every institution at his disposal to do his bidding. Since we see Mukai and Yoshikawa being prominently featured during the concluding moments of House of Ninjas Season 1, it’s safe to say that in Season 2, Gaku is going to use them to “liberate” the people of the nation. 

By “liberate,” I mean he is going to strip them of their basic rights and make them so helpless that they’ll think that the government and the police are the true heroes, while those opposing them are the villains. Given that the Shinobis are the only ones who are against the Fuma, Gaku will probably try to eliminate them. It’ll be a dilemma for him because the Tawaras are his family. If he is truly gone, though, from the inside, then he won’t hesitate to send the Fuma after them. Additionally, since Mukai belongs to the Hojo clan, it’s possible that Gaku is going to summon the samurai who are probably hiding in plain sight. Samurai versus shinobi sounds great but will all this benefit Japan? No. When has fascism ever been good for a nation? Whatever Gaku has in mind, it’s probably going to yield some good results temporarily, and then things are going to spiral out, thereby forcing him to rethink what he is doing. If Gaku fails to prioritize the Fuma, then it’s possible that Ayame is going to remove him and become the next leader of the clan. Who knows? Maybe she is going to take a more aggressive approach to “remaking” Japan and kill a bunch of people by spreading the yellow flower powder and beginning her reign of terror.

What Can the Tawara Family Do to Save Japan?

The Tawara family is in deep trouble. They are hurt physically and psychologically. They genuinely don’t have the resources to fight the might of the Fuma clan, especially because they have the judiciary, law enforcement, and the government in their pockets. They are under the BNM’s iron fist, and, going by that ending, the BNM is working for the Fuma now. So, if they do the BNM’s bidding, then they’ll be doing the Fuma’s bidding. It’s not clear if the Tawaras know that the authority they are putting their trust in is working for the enemy now. I think that, in Season 2, the BNM will send the Tawaras on some missions. The Tawaras have rarely questioned why they are doing what they are doing. So, it’s highly likely that they are going to blindly trust them again and eventually realize that they have actually been working for the Fuma. At that moment, the only people they could go to for help are the red-leather-wearing Shinobi gang. The concluding moments of House of Ninjas Season 1 don’t exactly clarify why Mayuko snooped on Soichi and then came to his rescue. Hopefully, Season 2 will shed some light on that. 

However, Soichi and Mayuko’s dynamic is certainly going to cause some issues between Soichi and Yoko. The Tawara family has been through a lot. Hence, I don’t think Mayuko’s inclusion, which seems to be purely professional in nature, is going to hurt them. Well, I’m not ruling out a temporary falling out between Soichi and Yoko because, ultimately, the show exists in the drama genre. In addition to that, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Nagi, Riku, and Taki. Nagi’s whole worldview has changed radically due to Gaku’s actions. She had modeled her whole personality around how she remembered Gaku. Now that he has become a villain, what is she going to do? Someone who is more impressionable than her is Riku. So much information and violence have been dumped on the little man in such little time that it’s bound to have an impact. Hopefully, Taki will be there to guide him through it. That said, and I don’t want to be a total mood dampener, Taki is getting old. A day is going to come when she is going to die. What will happen to Riku after that remains to be seen. But if anything happens to the adorable Riku, there’ll be a riot.

What Will Happen to Haru and Karen’s Love Story?

The beating heart of House of Ninjas season 1 was the romantic love story of journalist Karen and Shinobi Haru. It came to an abrupt end when the BNM forbade both of them from meeting each other because shinobis aren’t allowed to date, and the Fuma are after Karen. Given how the BNM is working for the Fuma now, it’s possible that those rules and Hamashima’s word are going to go for a toss. Hamashima knows that Karen knows way too much about the shinobis, the BNM, and the Fuma. Yes, the Fuma probably controls the press, too, but if Karen takes an independent route to expose the association between the clan of assassins and the government, then it’s going to cause a lot of chaos. So, with that in mind, Hamashima can try to kill Karen. If that happens, then Haru won’t need to follow the rules imposed upon him, and he’ll take Karen under his protection once again. 

I think that Karen and Haru are destined to be together. Well, at least that’s what the showrunners want us to think. I don’t want Karen to die to fuel Haru’s motivations. That’ll be too cliche. Fridging isn’t a viable option anymore. If the writers want to create some kind of conflict to make the love story interesting, then they need to be creative. But, at the end of the day, and despite being a very non-romantic person, I hope that Haru and Karen make it all the way to the end. That last scene at the Gyudon shop genuinely broke my heart, and I don’t know how much more of that I can take. The show revolves around violence, fascism, and death. On top of that, if Haru and Karen go their separate ways permanently, it’ll be devastating. I know all this can sound like hyperbole, but if you watch and rewatch House of Ninjas season 1, thereby paving the way for a potential season 2, you’ll get what I am saying.

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