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How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is a Netflix Web Series co-created by Philipp Käßbohrer and Matthias Murmann. It is a German coming-of-age comedy-drama that has been amazingly layered with different aspects and perspectives of Generation Z.

The story takes place in a town called Rinsel in Germany where a geeky Moritz awaits the return of his girlfriend who has gone to the USA for a year.

The arrival expected by Moritz is broken into pieces by the behavioral change in his girlfriend Lisa and then he tries to put things back in order but opens up a Pandora’s box of mistakes which escalate quite fast.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) follows Moritz and his fellow friend Lenny Sander attempting to rekindle Moritz’s love for his ex-girlfriend by selling MDMA online.

All successful people were once unpopular nerds. Nerd today, boss tomorrow.

Starting small they gradually try to execute everything but soon it spirals into a web of drug trafficking which takes our protagonist back and makes him rethink everything!

Everything you do has a price. Question is, what are you willing to pay to do it?

Drugs and society today

The portrayal of drugs as a social combiner and destroyer is extremely precise. The very things people think are not addictive tend to be stronger than heroin addiction.

Always remember, whatever you see people posting on the internet are their highlights and if you sit at home and compare your behind the scenes with someone’s highlights you are going astray, my friend. Harsh but true.

Every single one of us has the entire knowledge of humankind in their pocket. We can get famous with one click, or we can change the world from our bedrooms.

Serotonin is Serotonin

You might feel that you are not addicted but the way likes and comments work on social media sites, it is an addictive thing. Younger people or the so-called Gen Z has been affected by this a lot as the serotonin rush acquired from a 10k likes is far superior to what you might find in MDMA.

Then “prescription drugs” are also a kind of addiction, if taken inappropriately. The younger generation is abusing the prescription as well as the virtual reality serotonin rush.

This leads to withdrawal symptoms if your social Serotonin supply is not maintained by various likes and comments, no matter how much you get this you feel like one more will be nicer and that’s what addicts do. As this is not a substance the withdrawal symptoms will be mood swings and self-induced depression.

New Age Pablo Escobar

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is inspired by a true story, which happened in Leipzig in 2015. The person that inspired the novel is named Maximilian, like the actor that plays Moritz, and applied for the casting. Maximilian S a.k.a “Max S” the 20-year-old, was found guilty of selling 914 kg of drugs over the darknet and clearnet. The sentence: seven years of imprisonment. The sentencing marked the end of the biggest trial in history concerning darknet crime in Germany.

If you’re running a major drug-sell online business, there’s one thing you should not do: tell random people about it. Well… unless you get a call from Netflix and they say, they wanna make a series about your life.

After Maximilian S.’s surprising confession at the end of September, the presiding judge, Norbert Göbel, found him guilty of constructing and running the Shiny Flakes online shop. From December 2013 up until his arrest on February 26th, 2015 he received 4.4 million euros (about $4.8 million) worth of Bitcoin (3.9 million euros after a loss in value, or about $4.2 million) in revenue.

Pablo would have been proud.

The pursuit of happiness is highly overrated

As the social criteria of judging a person and allocating his worth have been highly materialistic and have given birth to problems the characters of this amazing series try to achieve. Unsuccessful in pursuit of this they even forgot that if you didn’t live life to the fullest it doesn’t matter how many likes you have.

Binge-watch it now.

That’s the story with Lenny. According to his doctors, he should be dead by now. Which is why he simply stopped consulting his doctors.


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