Hubie Halloween (2020) Review – An Innocuously Goofy Affair


Hubie Halloween is a goofy ride that depends heavily upon Adam Sandler’s performance to create some humouristic and vacuous moments. The film is a Halloween treat, a joy ride, filled with harmless entertainment. It is directed by Steven Brill and written by Sandler himself together with Tim Herlihy. The star-studded cast of the film includes Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta, Rob Schneider, Noah Schnapp, Julie Bowen and a hilarious cameo by Shaquille ‘O Neal. The cast also includes both the daughters of Adam Sandler, Sadie and Sunny. The film pays a tribute to the late actor, Cameron Boyce, who acted with Adam Sandler in his “Grown Ups” franchise, playing the role of his son. This lighthearted slapstick comedy kick starts the Celtic festive season, making use of some age-old Halloween legends and lores, re-modified into a contemporary version.

Hubie Dubois – A Good Samaritan

Hubie Dubois, played by Adam Sandler, wearing a Halloween helmet and carrying a Swiss Army thermos, is a responsible citizen, who helps everyone and tries his best to maintain order and discipline in his society. He resides in Salem, which is referred to as being America’s Halloween capital. Hubie secretly crushes on Violet Valentine, played by Julie Bowen, who has the reputation of being the city’s heartthrob. She won a hat-trick of awards in her high school as being the most popular, good looking and friendly among the lot. She is one of those few people who talk to Hubie nicely. It seems like the whole town bullies Hubie. Sometimes garbage is thrown inside his window, sometimes he is aimed at by firecrackers and sometimes people just play pranks and throw random things at him. Even the kids of the town seem to get a sadistic pleasure by often troubling him. His multipurpose Swiss Army thermos often comes to his rescue. Kevin James, playing Officer Steve, is sick and tired of Hubie’s petty complains and tries to avoid him most of the times.

A new and obscure person who goes by the name of Walter Lambert (Steve Buscemi), moves in as Hubie’s neighbor. His activities are secretive and Hubie has his doubts about him. Things get more intense when a mental patient named Richard Hartman escapes the hospital and haunts the city of Salem. Hubie has over the years self-anointed himself as being the monitor of the state of affairs, on the night of Halloween. He sees that there is no foul play on the part of the children, who go out for trick or treating. If the board says “pick only 1 candy each” then Hubie sees to it that not more than that is picked up. He also goes to the local school on the day of Halloween to give a lecture to the children, to maintain decorum during the festival. His sincerity towards his work, and keeping others before himself, are the qualities that even Violet Valentine appreciates. She has a soft corner for Hubie and often saves him from getting bullied.

On the evening of 31st October, the day of Halloween, people start disappearing. Hubie takes it upon himself to save the city, as he is the monitor, and is deemed to maintain civic order. His doubts about his inconspicuous neighbor, Walter Lambert, grow deeper and he is adamant to confront him.

A Harmless Venture

You always are well aware of what genre you are barging into. The best part about Hubie Halloween is it does not misrepresent its intentions in any way what so ever and it paints a lucid picture of what it has to offer, in the first few minutes itself. The cameos of Steve Buscemi and Rob Schneider will make you hysterical. The screenplay loosens a few times, but then detailing and narrative have never been strong suits of slapstick genre. This film banks on some entertaining performances and some genuinely hilarious moments.

I have to say that Hubie Halloween is an extremely watchable film and will usher a sense of excitement and joy in lieu of the upcoming festival season.

Hubie Halloween is streaming on Netflix

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