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I Blame Society is a mockumentary film where the director, Gillian Wallace Horvat films herself in order to explore the similarities between murder and filmmaking. She believes that both require the same obsession. In her film, she takes the viewers on a comical ride as she commits the perfect murder while filming it, all by herself.

‘I Blame Society’ Summary

Obsessive filmmaker Gillian (Gillian Wallace Horvat) begins her career by filmmaking a documentary film about the perfect murder. The idea was fed to her by her friends who complimented her that she would make a “good murderer.” Since then Gillian has been trying to finish the project.

Three years later, Gillian is a struggling filmmaker who lives with her film editor, boyfriend Keith. She is still obsessed with her murder documentary and keeps filming bits and pieces of it. The entire film is actually the events of her film where she interviews people, sneaks into people’s houses, and narrates her psychology about murderers.

She jumps on the project with full passion when two financers/producers ask her to submit a full-length feature film. Gillian’s hoods a camera on her head and makes the move towards her first murder while filming it. She accidentally kills her best friend, Chase (Chase Williamson) later realizing that killing people is actually her calling. She goes on a killing spree, picking up targets, killing them, filming them, and leaving a handwritten suicide note for the police.

The investigators find out the similarity in handwriting and alarm the public about a serial killer on loose.

There are too many odds and ends attached to the film. At some moments, it tickles you but it quickly becomes gross. The thin line between comedy and grossness keeps on fading until the end. The mockumentary film had a motivated start but it seemed the climax was too much improvised and compromised.

Gillian Wallace Horvat playing herself with a poker face is fascinating throughout. She is satirical, energetic and irritating at moments. Her mockumentary is a collection of millennial jokes scattered around. None of the pieces fit and shape into a story. By the end, even I lost the motive to watch it.
Not recommended.

I Blame Society is a 2021 mockumentary film written, directed, and acted by Gillian Wallace Horvat. She is a lady with many talents and I hope to see some interesting work coming out of her creative mind. Her mockumentary film is available for Video On Demand.

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