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I Care A Lot (film) is about a world which consists of predators and prey, the one’s taking and those getting taken. In this world of lambs and lions our protagonist is a lioness. Not a lion mind you. Playing fair according to her is a bad joke that was created by the rich people for the poor ones. She believes life is not fair and we are foolish to expect it to be. She believes in the fact that nobody is going to hand you the ladder. You will have to snatch someone else’s to climb up to the rooftop. She lives by her terms and isn’t scared of what’s coming. She has laid her trap and isn’t going to compromise on the abundance that is destined to fall her way. Because guess what she has created her own destiny. The helpless depend on luck but the powerful always make it fall on their side.

J Blakeson has written and directed the film, I Care A Lot. Rosamund Pike plays the lioness, Marla Greyson. Eiza Gonzalez plays her love interest and partner Fran. Dianne Wiest plays Jennifer Peterson, a rich elderly woman who is looked at as prey. But the most surprising revelation is that Peter Dinklage plays the character of Peterson’s son. I refrain from giving out much about his character so that you could enjoy the knitty-gritty of the screenplay as and when you watch it.

‘I Care A Lot’ Summary

In I Care A Lot (film), Marla Greyson is a legal guardian and cares for the elderly who do not have anyone to look after them. On the outlook, it feels that she is a golden-hearted person who has put a cause before her personal interests. But Marla isn’t such a sheep. She believes that there is no such thing as “good people.

Marla has found a loophole in the system and is taking full advantage of it. She falsely claims that the elderly are not capable of taking their own care and gets appointed as a legal guardian. Then slowly she sells off their assets in the name of raising funds for looking after them. Like a vulture, she spots her prey. She is helped in this evil endeavor by one doctor named Karen Amos (Alicia Witt). Karen spots the prey out of the ill elders who visit her for diagnosis. She then prepares a fake medical document which ensures that these people need to be put in the custody of the state. This is where Marla steps in. The case generally goes to this one judge and the benefit of his sympathetic nature is taken fully by the scavenger, Marla Greyson.

But as fate would have it the lioness falls prey to the trap that was laid by her only. Mrs. Jennifer Peterson is taken into custody of the state through the same fake medical affidavit. She is a single woman who has no blood relations. She is wealthy and perfectly sane to take care of herself. She pleads to let her go but she is good meat and Marla Greyson never loses in this game of “hunt or be hunted.”

A lawyer reaches Marla’s office with a bag full of cash as an incentive if she releases Jennifer. It is then Marla realizes that the game is much deeper and bigger than she thought. She knows that there are quite powerful people behind Mrs. Peterson. A bag full of cash was not going to satisfy her thirst. She demands more. But then how do you intimidate the god of hell. How do you devour the shark of the ocean? What awaits is a storm that has the ability to shake Marla’s world.

An American Dream

Rosamund Pike has turned on her “Gone Girl” aura. She is vicious and cunning beyond measures. She is a terrible human being but is adamant to fulfill her American dream. She believes that to fulfill the American dream one not only needs to take their chances but create them too. She craves equality. She wants to be feared and is not scared by the idea of death also. She makes a statement against patriarchy. She isn’t intimidated by anyone. The notion of power, according to her, resides in the mind of a human, and it isn’t gender centric.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t stereotype and refrains from becoming predictable. The character of Peter Dinklage is not only efficiently dealt with but also resonates a kind of uniqueness that is hard to find in a commercial flick.

Rosamund Pike brings a sort of panache with herself that comes so naturally to her, so much so that she could give any actor who plays James Bond,  a run for their money. She is dangerously attractive with a vicious smile that makes it hard to read her thoughts. Peter Dinklage is at his usual best. “Usual” because “perfection” has become synonymous with anything that he does.

I Care A Lot (film) is an entertaining ride that keeps you on the edge of your seats. It is lethal, remorseless and ruthless beyond measure. Watch it now on Netflix.

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