‘I Hate Christmas’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Series Summary: Did Gianna End Up With Filippo?


It is hard to understand the point of I Hate Christmas season 2. In all honesty, it just felt like a story made for Gianna to switch boyfriends. How did season 1, which was a story of learning to love oneself, become about the ‘true test’ of relationships in season 2? Perhaps the most disappointing arc of all came from Didi. In season 1, she was the strongest character who knew how to live for herself. In season 2, we are told that her entire life had been tailored for male approval. Why did the writers do her dirty like this? Then there was Margherita. Can Christmas magic not be about learning from your mistakes and building a good life? As for Gianna, her story is as average as it was last year. But it is mercifully short and worth a watch for fans of season 1. The following is the summary and ending I Hate Christmas Season 2.

Spoiler Alert

What is the problem before Christmas?

When Gianna says that there is no problem to fix before this Christmas, maybe she spoke too soon because twenty-four days before the festival, the problems come tumbling out. There is an unexpected pregnancy in the house; Gianna’s parents are getting divorced and so are Margherita and Guido. Everyone absolutely hates marriage, and that immediately confuses Gianna because, for as long as she can remember, everyone wanted her to date and fall in love so that she could find her happily ever after, which was marriage. This is what Gianna has centered her entire life around, and she doesn’t know how to cope with it changing so immediately. It doesn’t help that she suspects that Umberto is going to propose that day. Though she is initially happy, she panics very soon.

People at the hospital tell her how she and Umberto have started looking alike, the way it happens to couples when they live together for very long. It is even noted that they sound alike, and that absolutely scares Gianna. Umberto is not a bad-looking or terrible-sounding guy, but Gianna is not ready for that commitment. In that state of fear, she ends up kissing Santa, who delivered the cue cards to her last year. Umberto sees that, and this causes the couple to break up, which starts Gianna’s quest to win him back. But that is easier said than done because Umberto is avoiding her like the plague. Meanwhile, Gianna gets a new neighbor, Filippo, and he has moved in with his daughter, Monica. Let us just say that it is rich of Gianna to say that Filippo is a pedophile when she was the one dating a high schooler in the previous season.

What is going on with Didi?

Didi has finally managed to break up with Mario, and she is once again single. Her new goal is for herself and Alessandro, the guy who dumped her in school because he thought she was a dorky choir girl. Didi makes friends with Monica, and it is through her that she learns an important life lesson this season.

Monica wants to try to look attractive for a boy she likes, and she seeks Didi’s help for that. Didi helps dress her up and everything, but at the last moment, Monica decides to just be herself. That causes a disagreement between the two ladies, which is when Monica points out that Didi has probably never shown her real self to any guy for fear of rejection, and that is a sadder reality to live with. It is true because Monica definitely likes singing with the choir, but she has stored it away as a hidden part of herself and never reveals it to anyone. However, after Monica points this out to her, Didi decides not to do that anymore and ditches Alessandro for a night of singing at the bridge, like she has always wanted to.

What are Gianna’s romantic complications?

The number one word that everyone loves using for Gianna in I Hate Christmas season 2 is ‘pushover.’ She is desperately waiting for Umberto while he continues to give her the cold shoulder, and everyone except Gianna can see that it is pathetic. But it is when Gianna catches Umberto on another date that she decides to do some moving on her own. Davide is back in town at this point, and Gianna is consumed by how much she used to like him. She also tries going on a few dates at this time, where she desperately tries to make the guy like her by lying about her likes and dislikes. But that doesn’t work when the guy tells her that he is just not that into her. He also tells her that neither is she, and the whole thing she was trying with him was more for herself than because of any feelings for him. This gives Gianna a lot to think about. She is also slowly finding herself falling for Filippo, and she is also forcing him to start dating, though he clearly doesn’t want to. At one point, after a disastrous date, Filippo bursts out that Gianna is simply scrambling to make things happen without realizing what they are or whether she has any real feelings for the things she is working so desperately for. Wasn’t this issue resolved in season 1?

Does Gianna end up with Filippo?

A point of reference for Gianna’s quest for love in this season is the professor, who is her patient. He remembers a woman named Rosa, with whom he was in love. In fact, she is the only person he remembers, while his Alzheimer’s is taking over everything else. During this time, Umberto talks to Gianna and tells her that he felt as if she never truly loved him or let him into her heart. When Gianna discusses this with her friends, they give her a checklist to tick off, and Gianna realizes that she has done all that with Filippo but not Umberto. Umberto is ready to make up with Gianna, as long as she is sure that she wants to be with him. Gianna also comes to know that the person to send her the cue cards was Davide and not Umberto, as she had been thinking about for a year.

The other couples are also making up during this time. Gianna plays Cupid for Margherita and her husband by dropping off her notebook at his place. That sparks a conversation between the couple, and they decide that they are not ready to let go of each other through the tough and easy times lying ahead. As for Pietro and his wife, they also get back together, saying that they would prefer to work through the issues in their marriage instead of separating. Paola is heartbroken, but she is getting through it. Looking at them all, Gianna realizes that when you are in love, you will never have to question whether that is what you are feeling. Paola was happy that she got addressed by her name; the professor found Rosa simply because he followed his heart, and Margherita’s marriage was saved because her feelings were that strong. Gianna realizes that she doesn’t feel that way about Umberto and breaks up with him. Umberto almost wishes her well before saying that he never wants to see her again.

During I Hate Christmas Season 2’s ending, Gianna comes to know that the person who sent those cue cards to her last Christmas was Davide. However, she knows that it is not him that she wants to be with but with the person who she can trust with her eyes closed, as Davide had suggested, and that is Filippo. Therefore, she makes her way to the bridge and calls him down. She pretends that the lit-up boat is the reindeer on the sleigh and tells him how much she likes him. With that, they kiss, and Gianna has found her true love once again, as a Christmas miracle.

Final Thoughts

It wouldn’t have hurt to take a different arc this season. In the universe of I Hate Christmas, self-love and understanding only seem to win if romantic love is waiting as the reward. We can get along with that since it is not unique to this show, but we will never forgive the butchering of Didi’s character. Didi did what she pleased, and whatever her childhood self may have been like, the adult self would never hold herself back for the sake of a man she only moderately likes. That has single-handedly ruined the Christmas magic of this show for us.

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