‘I Hate Christmas’ Season 3 Theories: What Can We Expect Next In Netflix Series?


The writers of I Hate Christmas seem intent on making this a franchise, considering that season 2 lacked substance and was a poor rehash of season 1. On that note, if there is to be I Hate Christmas season 3, we wish that Gianna changes something other than her hairstyle. Last season ended with a lesson in self-love and a boyfriend. This season was about the same, in addition to telling Gianna to be courageous and get a different boyfriend. Would it be too much if Gianna ends up with someone else in season 3, or would it be consistent? Maybe next year’s I Hate Christmas will be about Gianna getting married, because that is the idea that season 2 started with.

First of all, let us address the obvious plot points. Gianna ‘loves’ people, which is why she is so enthusiastic about the messes they come with. Filippo has admitted that he loves Gianna, but he has a lot of work to do. He hadn’t dated for so long after the death of his wife, and he was adamant that his daughter was his priority. Yet, that changed in an instant when he liked a girl. Assuming that he doesn’t fight his feelings, will he be comfortable splitting his time between Gianna and Monica? Additionally, if Gianna wants to be with Filippo, she has to learn to be with Monica. Gianna and Monica get along well, but having a teenager in the house doesn’t guarantee a budding couple complete privacy, and we are not sure whether Gianna is ready for that kind of responsibility. We must also remember that there are suspicions that Gianna is gearing up for marriage in season 3. How would she take on the role of a mother for Monica? One can argue that Didi is currently a strong female figure in Monica’s life, and Gianna may be happy about that. But as the wedding bells come closer, how will Gianna deal with the full weight of what it means?

Another fact of the matter is that Gianna doesn’t seem to have learned to love herself this season. She has found Filippo, whom she loves and who can be her 3AM friend, but it is important to learn to be your own 3AM friend before getting married. As for Filippo, something about his love for Gianna felt very abrupt. He seemed to hesitatingly like her in the beginning before fighting with her and then aggressively flirting with her after apologizing. This is very different from a man who had refused to put love on the table a few days prior. He seems to be as romantic as Gianna, with his talk of the sleigh and the reindeer and the Shah Ruk Khan dialogue that ‘it happens only once’ etc., but is his romance as confused as Gianna’s, or is it more sorted? We didn’t get a lot of information about him, and hopefully, I Hate Christmas season 3 will rectify that.

Let us discuss Didi next. There wasn’t a person more confident than her in season 1. Yet, in season 2, it turns out that her confidence comes from tailoring herself for male validation. Choir singing is one thing that she has gotten back to. What are the other things that she has not talked about? Additionally, when she starts revealing her true self on dates, how will her dating life change? Will the audience be told that beneath the ‘hating people, living for myself’ exterior, there is a pick-me who is fighting to come to the surface? We want to believe that Didi is better than that. She will have to fight some real demons if she wants to upgrade through authenticity instead of letting herself go.

Then there is Margherita. She has been miserable for two seasons, both because of her marriage. We should be seeing a happy and thriving Margherita in season 3. Maybe the series will be progressive and show Margherita and her mother exchange their notes on therapy and update each other about their marriages. That could be the catalyst for the events of the third season: Gianna overhears all that and is worried that something is wrong with her picture-perfect relationship, which makes her ruin things again. Will it be because of Santa or Davide again?

For Gianna, Davide is something ‘unattainable’, because he is too good. This opinion of hers proves that she is not done having reality checks in her life. What if Davide sends cue cards again or some other great romantic gesture for her sake? When he comes back from Bali the second time, he may not wait to pursue her as he did this season. Davide had said to Gianna that she should be with someone who takes care of her. There is no doubt that Gianna has had a huge impact on David’s life. Would it be right to assume that he is working on himself to be the man that he believes Gianna needs? People like Gianna always have the image of an ‘ideal partner’ in their minds. Of course, love stories like to tell us that what we want and need are two different things, and they are not wrong. But the confusion is a huge part of the journey, which leads to one not being sure of the eventual choice. Gianna has still not had this particular confusion, which invites it to be the main plot of I Hate Christmas Season 3 when it happens.

However, the writers will have to think long and hard about making Gianna cheat again, physically or emotionally. That would certify her as a red flag who should end up with no one. Instead of that, why not switch the protagonist for the third season? It could be Didi, who journeys from being the grumpy grinch to someone who also likes to live the Christmas magic. It can also be Monica, but we don’t want to see another story with a teen at the center of things. Didi should be considered, and we don’t doubt that things would be a lot more extreme and funny with her at the center of things. The fashion and hairstyles are also more aspirational.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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