‘I Want you Back’ Review: Emma And Peter Decide Each Other’s Fate For True Love


“I Want You Back” is a romantic comedy about two thirty-somethings who strive to become involved in their ex’s relationships to break them up and win them back for good. The events of the film lead them both to realize that they never needed to look back because they already had everything they desire in the present moment.

It’s a very lovely and completely adorable perspective on modern-day love, in which people in all kinds of relationships discover love and respect each other’s wants and needs. “I Want You Back” introduces us to two people who work in the same building and meet to confess their sorrows and find a new common goal to reunite with their ex-lovers. With a stunning turn of circumstances, fate changes everything, and they discover the truth was something they did not expect.

We first encounter Emma and Noah as a couple at the beginning of “I Want You Back.” Noah (Scott Eastwood) expresses care for Emma, his girlfriend, but eventually informs her that he is ending their relationship. As we go on to Peter’s (Charlie Day) relationship with Anne (played by Gina Torres), Peter and Anne have been together for nearly six years, and Anne believes the relationship is still going strong. Her relative is overjoyed to find Peter is good with children, and when Anne notices, she begins to doubt their connection, and she ends it with Peter.

Emma and Peter work in the same building, one level apart, as the film develops. They meet on the stairs and confess their sorrows to one another, finally plotting to return to their ex’s lives and reclaim them for good. Emma volunteers for the school play to get closer to Anne’s boyfriend, Logan, the director. Peter joins Noah’s gym and quickly becomes a good buddy. Noah takes a special interest in him and helps him move on from his ex-girlfriend Emma. Peter keeps to the plan he promised Emma, even if Noah is already dating someone he likes. Everything is going very well until Noah and Peter attend a party involving teenagers. As a result, Noah makes an unexpected move that Peter does not anticipate. Emma is getting along well with Logan and has developed a close relationship with him, but winning over his girlfriend, Anne, appears to be impossible after she gets suspicious of Emma. When Noah makes a decision and Peter gets what he wants, he abandons Emma, things get quite complicated.

Director Jason Orley portrays “I Want You Back” as a break from our everyday lives, taking us on a wonderful voyage with Peter and Emma as they explain to us what love is, isn’t, and can be. The movie provides a contemporary take on problematic relationships, challenging us to consider what we want from whatever relationship we have in our lives. It’s debatable whether they’re being faithful to one another or even being honest with each other in the most fundamental sense. The general issue appears to be whether happiness can be found in love or if happiness can be found with another.

Issac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger tell us a story about two lovebirds yearning for love and discovering it by mistake on their route to an undecided fate for love. For a quick, dreamy voyage of true love, the dialogues are catchy, with a sense of creative comedy and real chuckles. Both protagonists demonstrate the ability to engage themselves in a story that is both worthwhile and warm.

“I Want You Back” portrays a sincere attitude toward love. With a nice fire nearby, it makes for a delightful watch. It reintroduces the goosebumps that one should feel when experiencing true love. It can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. Perhaps even in your own backyard. With that said, don’t forget to believe in yourself because true love is possible. 

“I Want You Back” is a 2022 romantic comedy film directed by Jason Orley, which portrays two newly dumped thirty-somethings who team up to sabotage their exes’ new relationships and win them back for good.

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