‘I Woke Up A Vampire’ Season 2: When It Is Coming? What To Expect From Carmie & Her Parents?


I Woke Up A Vampire season 1 was the surprise of the week, and we are eager to know what happens in Carmie’s life in the coming season 2, which is going to be released in August 2024. There is a wait of ten months, and that is plenty of time to speculate on what is going to happen.

Season 1 ended with Carmie coming to know the identity of her mother and the Shapeshifter, saying that once she meets her daughter, they will have plenty of time together. Since it is all written in the comics, Carmie, Dylan, and Kev may discover who the Shapeshifter is and why Carmie was given up for adoption. We might also come to know what her destiny was, since a lot of the myths seem to consider her very important for their world. On that note, with such major revelations underway, Carmie may finally read the comic books that she has been putting off. We also expect Madison to become a more permanent part of the place. She is about to leave town, and that would cut short her friendship with the others and her budding romance with Dylan. It will be interesting to see Dylan overcome his prejudices and question his family legacy after he properly falls in love with a Blended. These are the immediate concerns we have regarding the characters.

While trying to understand what may happen in I Woke Up A Vampire season 2, we have borrowed from another show with a similar premise. If anybody else remembers, in one of the later seasons of Supernatural, Sam and Dean found that their entire lives were being written by some author, who later turned out to be some kind of prophet. If we have gotten any detail or terminology wrong, we apologize, as it has been many years since we last saw the show. But coming back to I Woke Up A Vampire, we may find that the kids will be assigned similar roles. Considering that Carmie is the main character, maybe Dylan is her protector, Madison is her best friend and ally, and Kev is the scribe or source of knowledge who guides her the rest of the way.

But the thing to remember is that the blended comics are about what happened in the past. Olivia Rhodes wrote about what she had seen and what she had researched subsequently. They don’t know what is going to happen in the future. Olivia knew Carmie’s mother. In season 1, she refused to tell her anything about her as it would interfere with Carmie’s destiny, but the wording of it all makes us think that perhaps Olivia met the Shapeshifter as a human and not as a vampire. The woman is still in touch with forces from the mythic world, and her role is much greater than that of a former Blended who got lucky because she used significant common sense.

One of the most prominent mysteries at the end of I Woke Up A Vampire season 1 was: who was the Collector? After the revelation that he was a myth, we have questioned each and every one of his interests in the series. Did he stage that werewolf movie of his on a full moon night deliberately, hoping to catch or spot some Blended? Why was he chosen by the Shapeshifter to hunt down other Blended? Is it because he was the only Mythic in town, or was there some other reason for it? Does he know about the Shapeshifter’s daughter and that Carmie is the one? There are so many questions regarding the man, but he is a lot more than the goofy owner of the comic book store. Most importantly, we must address the concern that he seems to be Carmie’s father. But he is not human but something entirely different, and that probably makes Carmie a being like never before. Perhaps the Collector always knew that Carmie was his daughter, and he was in town to keep an eye on her. Or it could be that he knew she was in town and was there to do his own investigation. One of the reasons for hiring Dylan was not just to capture Blended but also to be able to find his daughter through this elaborate ruse.

Coming to Carmie’s adopted family, they are pretty cool, and the dog being their favorite child is proof of that. Before we say more, we have to comment on how underutilized Rainey’s ability to talk to Carmie was. Can Carmie also talk to snakes like Harry Potter could? What would Parseltongue be called in this universe because we are positive that we will see more snakes in season 2, and not just the ones on the Collector’s neck? Will we see a war between the good and evil animals in I Woke Up A Vampire season 2, like Pokemon fighting?

A few hints have been dropped in the series that the ‘fate of the world’ is at stake. Carmie is undoubtedly the hero who will save the day, and her friends will be her trusted allies. Maybe her mother will want her to cause evil, whereas her father will be the voice of reason. Or it could be that both her birth parents want her to wreck the world while her adoptive parents keep proving to her that she is a good person and would want better for the world. It is always a case of the ‘internal’ fight between good and evil before the hero makes their choices.

That makes us wonder whether there is a love interest for Carmie as well. We are only asking because Madison got one, and it is unusual for the best friend to get a boyfriend even before the actual hero. Or are we smelling a love triangle in the works? How would that work out for a bunch of thirteen-year-olds? Will they fight over Dylan before realizing that sisters are before men, or will that be the mindset right away? I Woke Up A Vampire season 1 wasn’t entirely unpredictable, and we don’t expect season 2 to surprise us too much, either. But we are expecting it to be fun and frivolous, as most of the troubles of budding teenagers are. Or we could be wrong, and they save the world in more ways than one and prove why they are the best future we can have.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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