‘I’m Your Woman’ Summary & Review – The Unconventional Crime-Drama!

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I’m Your Woman directed by Julia Hart, is a crime-drama set in the ‘70s, about a mafia’s wife and her struggle to survive with her baby when her husband betrays his partners. Unlike the conventional crime drama, this time it’s not about hard-drinking gangsters and the chaos they create, but the women behind them who were sidelined till now, suffering and surviving in oblivion. 

The film starts with Jean, an inexperienced woman married to a thief, Eddie, lying in the sun talking about her story and loneliness. Her life is perfect, except for lack of children, but Eddie comes home one day, carrying a baby to make her life perfect. But her life was far from being perfect, little did she know that it was going to be turned upside down. 

After betraying one of his partners, Eddie disappears all of a sudden leaving Jean and the baby on their own. She was taken away by Cal, an ex-employee of Eddie, to a safer place out of danger. Surviving on her own comes as a challenge to her every day, and the baby she has with her makes it no less hard. She struggles from preparing food to decipher the turn of events that happened, spending each second of her life in fear. 

As she moved on with her journey to find her husband and to make sense of everything, she realized how less she knew of her husband or his job. She was taken care of by Cal and his family at every step of her journey. She finally ends up in Cal’s home, where her wife, child and father are introduced, who play an important part in the storyline. Through them Hart has been able to explore racism in America, pointing out Jean’s privileges because of being white.

The transformation of Jean from an inexperienced, lonely wife to a brave, fearless mother is beautifully portrayed. She learns from people around her, and their experiences to survive in the brutal world on her own terms. She takes care of the baby she knew nothing about, self-learning the maternal instincts. 

I’m Your Woman has overturned the typical crime-drama stories where the spotlight is majorly grabbed by the gangster and bad guys in the story. But this time, Hart has shown the lives of people we barely even think about. 

Rachel Brosnahan, as Jean, has given an excellent performance as an inexperienced but fearless wife of a gangster, after her moving portrayal of the humorous Midge in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Series. She has vividly conveyed the emotions of Jean, her fear, frustration, and loneliness. She has also co-produced the movie. Arinzé Ken, as Cal, looks magnetic giving a remarkable depiction of Jean’s angel. Marsha Stephanie Blake, as Teri, Cal’s wife, adds an important twist to the thriller.

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Watch the amazing, nail-biting crime drama today and untangle the mystery with Jean!

I’m Your Woman is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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