‘In Good Hands 2’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: How Did Firat Try To Become A Better Father?


Part 1 of In Good Hands ended on a tragic note with Melisa succumbing to her illness and leaving behind her son, Can, with his birth father, Firat. Melisa was a single mother, and it was only after finding out about her health condition that she considered reconnecting with Firat. The businessman had no idea that he had a son, and when he did, the possibility of a happy family was improbable. Getting over Melisa’s death was difficult for both the father and son, and in In Good Hands 2, we see the duo work on a time machine to get back to Melisa. Building the time machine was Can’s way of coping with the loss. He wanted to believe that if he tried hard enough, he could get back to his mother and hold on to her tightly to ensure that she did not leave him again. In Good Hands 2 is all about how the grieving father and son learn to live their lives together as a unit and accept the good things that come their way.

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How did Firat and Sezen bond?

Can was having a tough time dealing with the bullies at school. They laughed at the way he danced, and they mocked his relationship with Firat. They found it strange that Can called his father by his name and that Firat addressed Can as ‘boss’. He did not expect his classmates to understand what he was going through, but the fact that they joked about his unusual relationship with his father broke him down, and he was determined to drop out of school. Can and Firat got into an argument about it at a cafe when Sezen intervened. She wanted some peace, and she requested that the father and son stop arguing. The discussion shifted from school to time machine, and once again, Firat and Can got into a heated conversation. Sezen was tired at that point, and she simply walked up to Can, explaining how building a time machine was impossible. Can was both impressed by Sezen’s knowledge and disappointed by her disapproval of his project. He refused to give up, and he ended up gathering more lights to find a way to travel in time.

Firat had a drinking problem, and after Can expressed his disappointment in Firat for not being there for him like his mother always was, he once again took to drinking. Firat’s father was an alcoholic, and he had always promised himself to not become like his father, yet he could not seem to find the strength to quit alcohol. It was his way of easing his pain, and he once again ended up at a pub and drank more than he could handle. Sezen was also at the pub, and she helped Firat get back home.

The next day, Firat met her and apologized for putting her on the spot. They bonded over discussing all the silly things Firat had done the previous night. They enjoyed each other’s company, and Firat realized he did not need alcohol to enjoy an evening. Sezen too was lonely; she loved her brother dearly, and he had recently moved to the United States, leaving a vacuum in her heart. She was diagnosed with depression, and each day she tried to heal herself a little. Meeting Firat helped her cope as well. Even though they had just met, they felt comfortable around each other, and they were not afraid of being vulnerable. Sezen also realized how important Can was in Firat’s life, and the very next day she decided to befriend his son. 

How did Sezen win over Can?

Can refused to accept Sezen into his life. Firat was all that he had, and as a little kid, he felt insecure about sharing his father with a stranger. After losing his mother, the last thing Can wanted was for Firat to leave. The next day, Sezen met Can at his school. She hoped for him to understand that she couldn’t take Firat away from him because the bond they shared was unbreakable. Sezen tried to make Can understand how lonely his life would get if he did not make friends. But instead of listening to Sezen’s advice, Can was busy keeping an eye out for his bullies. Soon, the bullies walked up to him and asked Can to explain who Sezen was. They made fun of him once again, but this time Sezen was there to support him. Instead of bowing down to the bullies, Sezen got hold of a water hose and attacked Nedim. Students laughed at Nedim, and Can could not get enough of the moment. He was glad that Sezen saved him from the humiliation, and he finally accepted her into his life. He could not deny that Sezen made a better sandwich than his father, and he was all the more happy to find out that Sezen’s brother, Kerem, was studying to become an astrophysicist at MIT and that he could help him build a time machine. Sezen promised Can that Kerem would help him with his project, and that was all the more reason for Can to readily accept Sezen as his father’s new friend.

What steps did Firat take to become a better father?

Firat’s addiction often got in the way of the father-son relationship. Can hated the way his father behaved when he got drunk, and he often expressed it out loud. Firat tried to stay away from alcohol after meeting Sezen, who was sober, but during a birthday party, he ended up going heavy on the booze once again. Nadim’s father, Emrah, was upset with the entire incident at school, and he demeaned Firat for not knowing he had a son for six years. He did not think Firat had ever been a great father to Can, and Emrah warned him not to teach parenting lessons to others. After getting wasted, Firat got into a brawl with Emrah at the party, embarrassing both Can and Sezen. Can was frustrated with his father, and he returned home to destroy the time machine he had built. He was ready to grow up, but he was not sure if his father was ready to change his ways. Can wanted to be with his mother now more than ever, and Firat was ashamed of himself for putting his son in such a horrible position.

After speaking to his mother, Firat realized how difficult his childhood was because of his father’s drinking habit, and instead of becoming a better parent, he was hurting his son the same way that his father did. Firat also realized that it was time for him to forgive Melisa for keeping Can a secret for six years because it took her a lot of courage to raise her son on her own, and she deserved nothing but love and respect for it. Firat made up his mind to stay sober, and he was determined to never disappoint Can again. Towards the end of In Good Hands 2, Firat wrote a letter to the parents and school staff apologizing for his behavior and admitting that he needed to become a better father for Can. Can accepted his father’s apology as well, and he too looked forward to their future together.

What secret was Sezen hiding?

It is gradually revealed in In Good Hands 2 that Sezen too had lost her brother, Kerem, and instead of coping with the loss, she pretended that he was living in the United States. The idea of him being there somewhere helped her from breaking down completely. Firat confessed to Sezen that he had seen her and her brother dance at the pub six months ago. Sezen was extremely happy that night, and she enthusiastically announced that her brother had made it to his dream university. Firat had offered them a ride home, seeing that Sezen was quite drunk. Kerem thanked Firat, but he was sober and he had his license as well, so he believed he had no reason to worry. The next day, Firat found out that Kerem and Sezen met with an accident and that Kerem succumbed to his injuries. Firat believed that his meeting Sezen at the same pub a few months later could not be a mere coincidence. He needed someone to lean on, and Sezen too needed a friend and a support system. They were both grieving, and they could understand what the other person was going through. Sezen continued to blame herself for the accident, but Firat comforted her and gave her a reason to not give up on herself.

Did Firat, Sezen, and Can overcome their grief?

Firat invited Sezen and Can to an event he had planned in the backyard of his house. He recreated the time machine and named it the time tunnel. He believed both Sezen and Can needed to revisit their pasts and cherish the beautiful moments they got to spend with the ones they loved. It was also a way to remind them how far they had come as individuals. Can addressed Firat as “Dad” for the first time, and Firat too proudly called him his son. Sezen was glad to see a video of her and Kerem on the screen. She was reminded of their happy days together, and Can comforted her saying that Kerem and his mother were at the same place and he believed they were doing well. He promised to be there for Sezen as well, and in a beautiful way, grief united the three, and they found a sense of acceptance in each other.

In In Good Hands 2‘s ending, Can, dressed as a bumblebee, tried to match the steps of his classmates, and Firat realized that Can was right—the show was a bore. He encouraged Can to do his dance, and his son happily obliged. Can danced the way he used to with his mother, and the rest of the kids followed his footsteps. They were finally having fun, and instead of becoming a laughingstock, Can became the showstopper, all thanks to his father for encouraging him to express his quirky self. Clearly, the father and son had come a long way, and Can was no longer hesitant to publicly acknowledge that Firat was his father. 

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