‘In Good Hands’ Netflix Recap: Everything You Need To Know Before The Second Film


Netflix’s Turkish original film In Good Hands didn’t really seem like the kind of movie that would warrant a sequel; however, here we are. I suppose, in some way, it’s like, “What do you get after the happy ending?” Of course, you’ll have to take that with a grain of salt because Part 1 is quite the tragedy. It’s a story about a woman looking for someone to look out for her son after learning that she had only five months to live. What’s odd is that despite her deep love for her son, Melisa is happy to go, as long as he’s left “in good hands.” The film isn’t anything special, but the child, Can, is quite adorable. I suppose it’s a film about grief, but it adds an odd twist for no reason, which is what makes room for a sequel, I suppose. Melisa and Can are a duo like no other. They’re the best of friends, but Can is also deeply protective of his mother. When Melisa learns that she has terminal cancer and five months to live, she realizes she has a big crisis on her hands. Who will be able to look after her son? 

Spoiler Alert

What is Melisa’s plan? 

The movie follows Melisa’s journey to find a partner who is capable of loving Can. She plans on hiding the fact that she’s terminally ill so that she’s able to “entrap” someone and then dump the truth on them when it’s too late. At first, Melisa didn’t really care about having a partner. In Can’s six years of life, Melisa never looked for anyone else. She told Can that his father had died when he was a baby, but she always showed him pictures of herself and him to keep Can’s curiosity at bay. One fine day, Melisa and Can get interrupted by a man at a cafe. See, Can is attempting to count his coins, but the man has no patience and steals the muffin the kid had wanted (ridiculous). 

In Good Hands is as run-of-the-mill as you can imagine, until they force in a twist that feels like it’s been added just for the sake of adding a twist. Soon, Melisa starts to see that man’s face on magazine covers around her, quite literally. Firat is a businessman who sells bicycles. On the other hand, Melisa works at a cafe with a Gen Z kid who can’t stop reminding us of the fact that she is, in fact, Gen Z (clearly, this movie came out in 2022). Fatos tries to push Melisa to try to find a guy for herself, but Melisa refuses for the longest time. Fatos even makes her a profile on a dating app, but Melisa gets mad at her for trying. However, finally, Melisa tells Fatos that she’s chosen Firat as her guineapig, and Fatos finds it rather unbelievable because he’s known to be a playboy and a terrible person in general. 

Melisa knows her way through a party scene, and she’s able to grab Firat’s attention quickly. She gets him interested in her story late into the night and then leaves him wanting more. It seems the bait worked, and soon Firat asks to see both Melisa and Can again. As it goes, the dinner’s quite a disaster, and naughty Can lights the tablecloth on fire so that the fire suppression system rains down on them and they’re sent back home. Somehow, this doesn’t dampen Firat’s spirit. Firat decides to take Can one-on-one, and brings him out to a remote location. Can tells Firat that he doesn’t want him to be in his mother’s life, to which Firat asks Can if he has any friends himself. He teaches him that friendship is important through a short trip to an animal shelter. Somehow, Firat ends up adopting a dog, and Can ends up naming the dog Firat too. 

What Are the Toilet Paper Rolls For?

It seems Can starts to like Firat after this one interaction, and finally, he’s willing to let him into their lives. One fine day, Firat asks Melisa what the two of them collect toilet paper for. There’s a little ritual the mother and son do when they go out: bring toilet paper home because Can believes his father left one day to get toilet paper and never came back because he died. However, when things are going really well for the three of them, and they’re on a little trip, Can sees the man who Melisa told him was his father. Getting shocked by the situation, Melisa ends up fainting, and everyone finds out about her sickness. It turns out that the man was not Can’s father, and it was a story Melisa made up. 

Who is Firat? 

In truth, Melisa was determined to get Firat to fall for her and Can because he’s actually Can’s father. Back when she was much younger and a fantastic artist, Melisa saw Firat at a club and mustered up the courage to talk to him. What she didn’t realize was that it would become a one-night stand that would change her life forever. It turns out that Firat is Can’s father, and the day after their night together, he left Melisa, saying he’d come back with toilet paper (whoops). Melisa tells Firat the truth because he deserves to know it at this point, and he takes a good amount of time processing the news. In the meantime, Can struggles with learning about his mother’s illness. He’s never had a dad, but now the thought of losing his mother is way too much for him to handle. Melisa sends him off to Fatos’ place to spend some days because her illness gets really bad. She even makes a notebook with everything about the boy, “Can for Dummies.”

At the end of In Good Hands, Firat shows up to pick up Can and brings him to Melisa’s house. They prepare a nice meal for her as a sign that they’ll do just fine together. After being assured that her son will be fine with his father, Melisa passes away, leaving the two boys on their own. The movie ends with quite an adorable interaction between the two of them, who discuss their grief. They both have difficulty talking about it, but after looking at a little notebook left behind by Melisa, they feel comforted. 

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