India’s Most Recommended Stand-Up Specials


The current scenario of India is abysmal. Still, as history has taught us, we are a persistent bunch of people with radical differences and without distinction. As a team of writers, we understand the emotional paradigm, and to provide you with some moments of solace and maybe a few chuckles, here are our recommended stand-up specials curated specially for Indian viewers.

Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill (2020)

Don’t be fooled by the rankings of this Stand-Up Special on this list as the choices were very tough. The infamous stand-up comic Kanan gives us verbal laughter while having enough punches to knock Paul Logan out.

Rohan Joshi: Wake N’ Bake (2020)

Rohan, an integral part of the gargantuan AIB, surprised almost everyone with his special as he was not on our cell phone screens, but Wake N’ Bake were worth the wait. The Stand-Up Special is primarily for urban audiences, but that doesnt even afflict the humor of this special. Sensibility and comedy blend together, and the product is actually quite good.

Vir Das: Losing It (2018)

Be it any form of comedy, this man has done everything, raunchy, adult, or satirical. Vir is the ambassador of humor for our whole country as he continues to entertain the people globally. In this unique shot in 2018, he dismembers his mind. He makes the audience laugh at his plight, which is poetic for a comedian or a performer in general.

Neville Shah Going Downhill (2019)

The aficionados of humor might know, but Neville Shah is like a masked vigilante working in the shadows to uplift the stand-up scene in our country as he has been working in the industry for a long time. His humor has evolved over the ages. Taking a break from his workaholic schedule of editing and directing, Going Downhill was an astonishing thing to happen. The dark and gritty humor that you will find in this one is unparalleled.

Biswa Kalyan Rath : Biswa Mast Aadmi (2017)

Ian with a sense of humor that he can make jokes on almost everything possible. This being his first Stand-Up Special, Biswa came out gun blazing with probably laughter gas, as he performed his magic of making everyone’s stomach ache with hilarity.

Sushi by Biswa Kalyan Rath (2019)

I am apologetic if I think there is any favoritism here because this being Biswa’s second special, it was even better. The small nuances of glitches were evaporated by the even more confident Biswa, who didn’t shy away from doing a “science experiment” amidst the show, which was like a breath of fresh air. When he takes the stage, it becomes his playground where his game makes everyone forget the stress and problems for that moment and enjoy the moment with happiness, forgetting about the pursuit.

Vir Das: For India (2020)

The people might get offended by the repetition, but we assure you it’s totally on the content and the sincerity in the delivery without being generic about subjects like city stereotype over-the-top hypothetical humor.

This Stand-Up Special is Vir Das’s ode to his motherland as he, along with the audience, celebrates the diversity and beautiful heritage with jokes and punches that are intellectual and have the gravity to be retained in the viewers’ minds. From Parle-G to the discovery of Vasco, allocate a humorous touch from the keen observational and witty perspective of Vir.

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Shreshtha Shukla
Shreshtha Shukla
"Thou art the suffering from which unwarranted melancholia emerges" Shreshtha Shukla is a writer, teacher, and a film enthusiast.

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