‘Indigo’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Was The Devil’s Plan?


The Indonesian horror film Indigo revolves around Zora and her sister Ninda. Zora’s parents were concerned when she started to interact with her invisible friend, Widuri. She was a pregnant woman, and only Zora could see her. Mira and Wisnu contacted Sekar, an exorcist, to discuss Zora’s condition. The minute Sekar met Zora, she knew that she was blessed with a sixth sense. She explained to her parents that Zora was an Indigo just like her. Indigos are those who are born with the power to see and communicate with the unseen. After Zora was attacked by the vengeful spirit, Sekar deduced that Widuri intended to possess Zora. Sekar closed Zora’s third eye to protect her from the spirit, but will that be enough to stop Widuri?

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Why did Sekar reopen Zora’s third eye?

Seventeen years had passed since Zora lost her power as an Indigo, but it all came back to her when her sister, Ninda, showed similar symptoms. Ninda possessed the power to see the unseen and the future. Lately, her erratic behavior left the school staff concerned, and they contacted Zora. Zora had grown up to become an artist, and she primarily focused on her art gallery. After the death of her parents in a car accident, Zora consciously chose to distance herself from the family business after realizing the many unethical decisions the company made. Zora had no memory of her life as an Indigo, and as an adult, she only believed in logical explanations. Zora was in love with Aksa, and he suggested that she consult someone who could communicate with the unseen to better understand Ninda’s condition. Aksa had lost his father to suicide, and he tried to communicate with his spirit to find out the reason behind his sudden death. Aksa believed in the supernatural, and he convinced Zora to meet Sekar. Zora refused to believe in the concept of Indigo, and she considered the entire explanation quite delusional.

The ghost of Widuri started to haunt Ninda once she began living with Zora. The situation slipped out of control when, one night, the evil spirit attacked Ninda. She was hospitalized, and Aksa brought Sekar along to help. Sekar had no choice but to disclose that Zora used to be an Indigo, and she, too, had the same scratch mark that Ninda now possessed. Sekar explained that the spirit was marking its territory, and the next time, it might take possession of Ninda’s body. She could close Zora’s third eye to stop the attacks because she was young and had not developed her power, but for Ninda, it was too late. Sekar believed that it would be difficult to stop a spirit that had returned, and she might as well need Zora’s power to contain Widuri. Zora was initially hesitant about reopening her third eye, but after seeing the torture Ninda had to endure, she agreed to do it. Zora was all of a sudden reminded of all the things she had witnessed as an Indigo. Zora had a tough time dealing with the sight of ghosts around her, but she was ready to risk it all to protect her sister. She also realized that she possessed the power to see the past of the spirits, and it would eventually help her to understand Widuri.

Who was Widuri?

Sekar believed that she was dealing with the devil, and she knew that it would be a challenge to get rid of it. She had lost her husband to the terrifying creature, and her son often reminded her how her power was indeed a curse upon her family. Widuri attacked Ninda once again, and this time, she was all the more powerful. Sekar’s presence displeased the spirit, and she went on to attack her daughter. Elma assisted Sekar after the death of her father, and once again, Sekar was reminded of how being an Indigo was nothing but a curse. Elma died that night, and Daffa’s hatred towards his mother only got worse. Elma’s death left Sekar devastated, but she had no choice but to keep on guiding and helping the victims of the devil. 

The next time Sekar met Zora, she learned about the Widuri connection with Zora’s family. It was not the house that was possessed but a past action that resulted in the birth of the evil spirit. Zora’s grandparents had made a deal with the devil. Desperate for wealth, her grandmother communicated with the devil. She was an Indigo, and she misused her power. She was asked to sacrifice a pregnant woman if she wanted her family to be blessed with unending wealth. She and her husband sacrificed Widuri for their selfish interests, and the devil kept its promise. After her grandmother gave birth, the spirit of Widuri haunted her, and she ended up killing herself to stop the spirit from entering her body. Widuri not only wanted to possess a body, but she also wanted to give birth. A child of the unseen born into the world would result in terrible consequences, and Sekar predicted that a world of the dead would eventually be formed. While the devil could only whisper to mortals, the birth of an unseen child would result in children possessing traits of the devil, and the world as we know it would come to an end.

How did Sekar destroy the evil spirit?

Zora was confronted by the ghost of Aksa’s father, and she finally found out the reason behind his sudden death. As it turned out, Zora’s grandfather continued to worship the devil and conducted elaborate rituals to keep it happy. Aksa’s father worked for him and had followed him to the backyard one night. He was eventually choked to death by Zora’s grandpa once he figured out that his secret would be compromised. Sekar believed that maybe they could stop Widuri if they burned her remains by conducting a ritual on a full moon night. Her body was buried in the backyard of Zora’s Bodor property, and Aksa was tasked with unearthing the remains and bringing them to Sekar by 11 p.m. Aksa was successful in collecting the remains, but he met with an accident on his way back. Aksa had texted his boss, Yudi, that he wished to resign, and he added that he would expose the corrupt practices of the company. Yudi was afraid of getting caught and ordered his men to get rid of Aksa, but thankfully, he survived.

At home, Widuri’s spirit took possession of Zora’s body. It believed it was unstoppable now that it had a vessel. The spirit’s next plan was to get impregnated, and it approached Daffa. Widuri was overjoyed by the prospect of owing all of Adiwirya’s wealth by living in Zora’s body. She announced that she had allied with the devil and that her lord would be pleased if she gave birth in the mortal world. Daffa and Sekar attempted to contain the spirit of Widuri, but she had become extremely powerful. The longer Widuri lived in Zora’s body, the weaker Zora’s spirit became. Zora tried to resist the evil spirit from within, but it was an impossible challenge.

While Sekar and Daffa dealt with Widuri, Ninda traveled to Bahari Street and found Aksa. She was shocked to learn that he met with an accident, but Aksa was conscious, and he guided Ninda to the bag of remains. Aksa received medical attention, while Ninda returned home with the bag. Towards the end of Indigo, Sekar conducts the ritual and burns down Widuri’s remains. The spirit left Zora’s body, but there was no guarantee that it was completely destroyed. The ritual had to take place by 11 p.m., but they were too late, suggesting that the spirit of Widuri was still around the corner.

What was the devil’s intention?

Life went back to normal for Zora and Ninda. They refused to repeat the mistakes their ancestors made, and as a step towards doing the right thing, they sold their house and declared corruption in the company. They planned to give back to society in any way they could. Zora and Aksa got married as planned, and their lives were quite perfect. Zora was pregnant, and she looked forward to becoming a mother.

One night, all of a sudden, Zora noticed a panic-stricken Ninda walk back to her room. Ninda had seen a terrible dream where the world was in complete chaos. She believed it was the beginning of the Dark Age, and Zora was reminded of Sekar’s prediction. The devil’s plan had always been to plant itself in the mortal world, and Widuri was simply his pawn. When the devil, in the form of Widuri, entered Zora’s body, it planted itself in her.

Indigo‘s ending suggests that Zora’s grandparents had agreed to birth the devil’s children if they were blessed with everlasting wealth. Since they did not stick to their end of the bargain, Zora had to face the consequences. Her baby was the devil reincarnated. Zora has no choice but to sacrifice her life for the greater good, but can she be as selfless? Unlike her ancestors, Zora despised greed, but will she have the strength to not just kill herself but also her unborn child? Indigo ends on an inconclusive note, and maybe that is an invitation to its second part.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
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