‘Infamy’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Did Gita Get Married To Janke?


Directed by Anna Maliszewska, Infamy is a tale of deep-rooted patriarchy, racism, discrimination, and how bigoted society can be. The limited series makes us privy to how particular the Roma community living in Poland are about their culture, the kind of discrimination they had to face every single day, and how they prioritized their family and respect over everything else. 

Infamy tells the story of a girl named Gita, who finds herself stuck in between these orthodox people who give utmost importance to age-old traditions and have vowed not to change with time. Gita wants to rap, wants to create new music, wants to soar high in the sky, but her wings are immediately chopped off the moment she reaches her roots, and instead of taking the positives out of her own culture, she could only find vices and how obstinate it had become over a period of time. So, let’s find out what kind of obstacles Gita encountered on her journey and if she was able to overcome them at the end of Infamy.

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What Deal Did Marko Make With Stefan?

Marko, his wife, Viola, and his children were finally going back to Biala Gora, as his family had finally told them that they would be ready to accept them back. The Romani people followed a strict code of conduct, but surprisingly, all the rules were only made for the females, and the males, it seemed, could do pretty much whatever they wanted to. Roma girls couldn’t wear shorts; the females generally did not allow them to study; they couldn’t marry a man of their choice, and they were expected to abide by whatever orders a man gave them. Gita didn’t want to go back, even when her parents told her that she would get to live in a proper house and that she no longer had to stay in a caravan. Gita probably had an idea of how orthodox and patriarchal the people of her community were. 

Marko and his family reached Biala Gora and Stefan, his brother, and the entire extended family gave them a warm welcome. Family was a very important aspect for every member of the community because they knew that staying united was the only way they could live their lives because the Polish people openly discriminated against them.

We got to know in the very first episode of Infamy that Marko was a compulsive gambler and that he had a huge amount of debt that he had to repay. Stefan had told him that there was an influential Czech family that was looking for a bride for their son and that Gita would be a suitable match for him. Marrying Gita to the heir of the Czech family was part of the deal that Marko had made with his brother Stefan. Stefan wanted to strengthen his business relationships with the Czechs, and for that, he needed Gita to marry in that family. This Czech family, headed by a man named Josef, was involved in drug trafficking, and they had made a lot of money in recent years and created their own empire. Stefan used to provide them with all the raw materials, and then they used to manufacture drugs and sell them throughout Poland and even to nearby nations. 

Josef’s son, Janke, was smitten by Gita the moment he saw her, and at that time, Gita didn’t even know that the family had come to see her and that she was going to get married to him. Gita was livid when she realized what was happening there, and to make matters worse, Janke told her to bring him juice. And when Gita asked him why he couldn’t do that himself, he looked at her in amazement, telling her that she was a female and she ought to do the household chores. It was such a misogynist comment that Gita, for a second, couldn’t believe what she had just heard. From that day on, Gita knew that there was no point in hoping for anything from those people and making them understand her point of view. Gita wanted to rap, she wanted to study, she wanted to travel the world, and she wanted to be free, but she knew that these things were no less than blasphemy for the Roma community.

How Did Mikolaj Find Tagar?

Gita was rebellious, and she wasn’t scared to go against authority and not do as she was told. She felt a strange connection with Tagar, who used to work for Stefan and often used to be there at the house for some or other work. Gita felt a sense of freedom when she was with him. The family had a proper studio setup at their home because they used to perform quite often and even release music albums under their label. Gita was a prolific singer just like her father, but she didn’t have much knowledge about Roma music as she was more into hip-hop and contemporary styles, which she knew the family wouldn’t ever want her to delve into. Gita was aware of the fact that she could never tell her parents or her extended family about Tagar because they had already made up their minds to get her married to Janke. 

Gita knew that when her parents had, to date, not accepted her elder sister, Melissa, back in the family just because she had married a non-Roma boy, they would never listen to her, even if she told them that she didn’t want to get married to Janke. Tagar, on the other hand, had his own mess to deal with, and to make matters worse, he accidentally triggered a Roma-Polish civil war. The Polish people were already quite prejudiced against the Roma community, and what Tagar did just gave them an excuse to wreak havoc on the innocent people of the community who didn’t mean any harm and were living peacefully. Tagar’s dog bit a lady who was carrying a Polish baby, and because of the dog bite (or probably due to some other reason), she had a miscarriage, and the blame fell upon Tagar’s dog and the Roma people. 

The riotous Polish youth came to the streets and demanded the dog be executed. But even after Beast was killed, the unrest did not come to an end, and now Mikolaj and his boys demanded that Tagar be handed over to them. Tagar hid for a few days at his relative’s place, but ultimately, he fled from there as the circumstances were worsening with every passing day. He started living in a trailer that was parked in the middle of nowhere. Gita used to come three times and meet him, and both didn’t refrain from coming close to each other. Gita knew that the best way to force Janke and his family to call off the wedding was by indulging in an act of fornication. 

One day, when Gita was in Tagar’s caravan, her father tracked her down and lost his temper at what he saw. He knew that if Janke and his family came to know about it, they would call off the marriage, and for some weird reason, even Tagar said that he wouldn’t be able to marry Gita. Gita was shocked to hear that, and she didn’t understand why Tagar was behaving in such a manner. It was then that Gita came to know that he already had a wife who was soon to give birth to a baby. Gita was shattered, as she had never expected to be deceived by Tagar in such a manner.

In Infamy Episode 7, Marko once again ended up committing a huge blunder due to his addiction to gambling, and he later felt the burden of guilt because of what he had done. He wanted to enter a club with bouncers, and the owners present there asked him to tell them where Tagar was, and they would allow him inside. Marko gave them the location, and Mikolaj’s boys went there and assaulted Tagar. The plan was not to kill Tagar, but things went a bit overboard, and Tagar succumbed to his injuries.

How Did Eliza Get Rid Of Mikolaj?

Eliza liked Gita, but she was too scared of her boyfriend, Mikolaj, who literally governed her entire life. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Eliza was in an abusive relationship, though she never let anybody know about it because, probably for the longest time, even she was in denial. She was going through a lot of mental torture, but she was too scared to speak up about it. Mikolaj was an extremely misogynistic and racist man, and once he got to know that Gita belonged to the Roma community, he made her life a living hell. Eliza didn’t talk to Gita for the longest time after it was revealed that she was not a Brazilian but a Romani girl. It wasn’t like Eliza didn’t want to talk to her, but she felt awkward and didn’t know how to approach her. 

Now Mikolaj had told Eliza that Tagar was killed on his orders because he needed someone to vouch for him when the police started their investigation. Eliza wanted to tell Gita everything about it, but she was too scared to go behind Mikolaj’s back, and she was scared of what he might end up doing to her if he found out about it. Mikolaj was taken into custody but was very soon released as the law enforcement authorities could not find any evidence against him, and none of the charges could be proved. He once again came back to meet Eliza, and this time, something snapped inside her. She went and opened his laptop and found an exchange of messages between him and his friends that proved that he was the one who had given orders to kill Tagar. 

In Infamy Episode 7, Eliza went up to Mikolaj and told him to leave immediately if he didn’t want her to complain to the authorities and tell them the truth. Mikolaj had a video of Eliza, and he blackmailed her, saying that he would leak it if Eliza dared to reveal anything to the law enforcement authorities. Eliza got scared when she saw that video, but after talking to the father, she realized that Mikolaj would actually be spoiling his own case if he leaked that video since it was a crime to have sexual relationships with a minor. Mikolaj realized that the odds did not favor him this time and that he could no longer oppress Eliza. Eliza made it very clear to him that if he didn’t surrender himself, she would give the authorities all the evidence they needed to put him behind bars. Eliza took a stand, showed some courage, and was finally able to come out of the toxic and abusive relationship.

Did Gita Get Married To Janke?

At the end of Infamy, Gita realized that no matter what she did, how much she requested, or how much she reasoned with her own family, they wouldn’t allow her to live her life the way she wanted. Janke was head over heels for Gita, and he was not ready to marry anybody else other than her. Gita tried to commit suicide, as she had had enough and could no longer fight her own people. But Gita, fortunately, got saved by the doctors, and though Marko and Viola agreed not to get her married to Janke, Stefan was forcing them not to back out as it wouldn’t be beneficial for his business. Gita had gotten very hurt when she got to know that her own father, to repay his debt, was selling her without even asking what she wanted. 

Marko couldn’t give up on his addictions, and his entire family was paying the price for it. He had sold his caravan so that he would have money to spend on the wedding, but he eventually spent it all on gambling. Even Viola was sick and tired of her husband, but women were told to endure no matter how harsh the circumstances might get. Marko had tried committing suicide after things had gotten out of hand, and he himself couldn’t realize the kind of person he had become. He had told the Polish people the whereabouts of Tagar, and they ended up taking his life. Marko, after Gita tried committing suicide, decided that it was time to redeem his actions and face the problems that were created because of him. 

Marko decided that he would go to Josef and tell him that Gita didn’t want to marry his son, Janke. This decision was taken when Gita had cut her hair, and both her parents realized that if they didn’t intervene now, they might actually end up losing their girl. But Janke was so in love that he called for a wig and told his father that he still wanted to marry Gita. But then Gita did something that nobody expected and that had the potential to make the entire family disown her. 

During Infamy’s ending, Gita recorded a video for the rap that she and Tagar had created, and at the end of the video, she removed her upperwear to prove a point. It was a declaration from her end that nothing could stop her from attaining her freedom and liberation now. She was done living her life in shackles, and she wanted to break free. It was ridiculous the kind of things she was made to do under the pretext of culture and religion, and she had had enough of it. Stefan told Marko that he could stay with them if he wanted, but they wouldn’t allow Gita to enter their house. Marko and Viola had already made their case, and they packed their bags and went back to the not-so-posh neighborhood, where resources were limited, but happiness was present in abundance. Gita also joined them, and now she would probably be able to continue making her music and leading life on her terms.

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