‘Interview With The Vampire’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Emilia Dead?


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Louis have an embarrassingly mortal outburst over Daniel Molloy’s vinegary cynicism. But the Louis we come back to in Interview with the Vampire season 2 seems to have learned a thing or two about pretend sincerity. His facade doesn’t quite cut it for someone as perceptive as Daniel, but the old reporter has his own disbelief questioned by the grim intrigue of the story. A father-daughter vampire duo coursing through the Mediterranean war theater and coping with their growing distance—who could say no to that?

Spoiler Alert

Why did Louis and Claudia go to Romania?

Well, they were certainly not out on a hunt for Vlad the Impaler, but the quest for a relatable vampire took Claudia to a “poorly timed European holiday.” The perpetually teenage vampire fooling and killing German soldiers in the cities ravaged by World War II wasn’t why there was so much silence between Claudia and Louis. Louis’ betrayal had hit her harder than he’d expected, and now she poured all her rage into her diaries as Louis questioned everything in the painful silence. The trauma of the war tainted the blood. But the coldness of feeding on the depressed was nothing compared to the coldness of Claudia’s rejection. But Claudia wasn’t having an easy time either. She was met with the dusty bones of the vampire she was looking for. It looks like Louis is sticking to the story that he did indeed kill Lestat. As he recalls, his “manic tour guide,” Claudia, was looting the group of soldiers she’d just killed while he was hallucinating Lestat. What you’ve got to keep in mind here is that this Lestat is actually Louis’ inner voice. So when he threatens Louis that he’ll come back for revenge when Louis is happy, it’s actually Louis hearing his worst fear from the mouth of an imaginary Lestat. Their time in Romania, which was now in the clutches of the Soviets after Hitler’s suicide, did smooth out some of the differences between Louis and Claudia. She was hopeful that she’d see a set of fangs in the country with the oldest tales of vampires. And I can’t help but wonder if she hoped for that to have an effect on Louis—we know how badly she wanted him to move on from Lestat. 

What kind of vampire did they find in Romania?

When you see the reasons why Claudia was convinced that she’d find a vampire in Romania, you question Louis’ denial way more than you question her hope. The dead were being pulled out of the earth and shot by the Soviets, and the houses were guarded against the fanged fanatics with garlic and crucifixes. So maybe it was only his insecurity over losing Claudia to a better vampire that kept Louis from acknowledging the evidence that was right in front of his eyes. It was ironic how it was a mortal, a Romanian woman named Emilia, who gave them shelter in her makeshift fort for local survivors when the Red Army was on to them. Louis must’ve been thrilled to experience their collective desire to enjoy the last remaining tokens of pleasure, the vodka and cigarettes they exchanged for shelter. He’s found joy in talking to Emilia’s fiancé, the correspondent for the Daily Herald, who’d been forgotten by his people. The only problem was that Morgan was smart and nosey. And he recognized that the picture Louis was passing off as his wife’s, an old picture of his sister Grace, was at least 30 years old. Claudia was getting busy looking through the woods for bloodsuckers. And it came as a hopeful sign for her when she saw a zombie-like vampire biting down on a Romanian soldier’s neck. Even though the vampire was in no mood to befriend a kindred spirit and Claudia went back to Louis with a snapped ankle, she was positive that there’d be other, less rabid ones around. Interview with the Vampire doesn’t name this The Walking Dead variety of vampires, but just for the sake of dropping it here, they’re called revenant vampires in Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe. They’re basically a fanged version of the undead. 

Does Emilia die? 

The cracks in Louis’ version of the story show up in ways he doesn’t even recognize. When Claudia lashes out at him for not letting go of Lestat, it’s his guilty conscience that makes him reassure her that Lestat’s buried in a dump-yard under five years’ worth of garbage. All Claudia actually meant was that Louis had carried the thoughts of his dead lover across an ocean. Louis’ grievance over Claudia’s search for a good vampire was soon drowned out by the screams at the shelter. Emilia had been bitten by a vampire. And Morgan’s pleas couldn’t eclipse the local people’s superstition. This is perhaps the first time we see Louis living according to what his master taught him. Never get mixed up in human affairs. Emilia was beheaded with an ax as Louis and Claudia went out in search of the vampire that bit her. But there was more than the revenant out there in the woods this time. Daciana, clearly a vampire, pounced on them as Claudia scratched the revenant’s eyes out. Bet Louis is glad Claudia took a little after Lestat. 

Where do Claudia and Louis go? 

Claudia’s dream was never supposed to come true. Come to think of it, Louis is probably the only vampire who didn’t have to deal with the whole loneliness part of immortality. Even Lestat had to spend decades looking for someone to hold on to, the same way Claudia is looking for that sense of belonging now. She’s just stolen that very same thing from Daciana. Daciana is the “Mama,” the one who created this revenant that she now kills to put out of its misery. Claudia finds her answers in this frail old vampire’s den. The reason why their clan has perished and this one has lost her power to turn someone is the war’s effect on the blood. Admittedly, she’s the last one standing. She’s lost too many and grown too tired to consider Claudia’s offer that they go to America. She has a sickness now. The hopelessness of the war in the blood that she fed on has overcome her. After a taste of Claudia’s blood as her last meal, Daciana throws herself into the fire and breaks Claudia’s heart. But the death of this dream maybe even frees Claudia in a way.

In the ending sequence of Interview with the Vampire episode 1, as Louis and Claudia head to Paris, Claudia’s mind’s open enough to hear him out. He’s tired of the pity party. And he needs Claudia to fully come on board if they’re going to have any shot at making it in post-World War II France. Not having any other choice is undoubtedly one of the reasons Claudia accepts the truce. But the futile quest has exhausted her, too. And what little vampire girl doesn’t want her father figure to say that she’s enough even if she’s the last vampire on Earth? Paris is where Louis and Claudia are going to meet Armand and his troop of vampire actors. Given that Claudia isn’t around anymore, it really makes you wonder if Armand had a hand in detaching them. Or perhaps even killing Claudia? Who knows. 

The real question in any given episode of Interview with the Vampire is invariably about how much of this is actually convincing to Daniel. If he didn’t doubt most of Louis’ recollections already, Armand’s coming into the picture has most certainly made Daniel more vigilant. He’s all jokes and giggles around the real Rashid. (It’d take me 5–6 business days to stop cracking up at that Shah Rukh Khan joke.) But Daniel’s eyes are actually set on the sketchy ancient vampire who was pretending to be Rashid. Scaring Rashid with a threat that he’ll break him is just Daniel’s way of wearing Louis down. From the sounds of the bedroom conversation between Louis and Armand, Louis doesn’t seem to have access to the torn-out pages of Claudia’s diaries. Armand’s wish to keep his name out of it may be a valid reason for him to keep those pages private, but if Louis has forgotten the content of those, how much else has he actually forgotten? You can see Armand’s manipulation on display when, instead of giving Louis the pages like he promised, he joins in on the interview. He seems to have his claws in Louis for a sinister reason. Let’s just hope that Daniel doesn’t break in the process of getting the truth out of them. 

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