‘Into The Wind’ Ending, Explained: Did Michal Survive The Accident?


Directed by Kristoffer Rus, “Into the Wind” is a teen drama that revolves around the romance between a young, wealthy teen girl who goes on a vacation and falls in love with a kite-surfing instructor. With stunning visuals, the film manages to make one feel close to the sea. Though the romance is obvious, it takes time to establish the characters and their gradual attraction towards one another. “Into the Wind” can be a soothing option for those who enjoy simple romantic films without the drama and twists.

‘Into The Wind’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

An eighteen-year-old teenager, Ania, goes on a vacation with her family. Their car passes a van loaded with teens. Ania and Michal stare at one another through the window. It is from that moment that the possibility of romance is established in the film. 

Michal worked as a waiter and as a kite-surfing instructor at the resort where Ania and her family were staying. Ania opened up her world to Michal, and she started to find her happiness and peace in beach life. Ania had her own complexities. She was recovering from depression, and her father was always worried about her mental health. This seaside vacation turned out to be a healing journey for Ania, who not only fell in love for the first time but also learned to value the people around her.

The story of a wealthy girl falling in love with a local boy on her vacation is nothing unusual, especially with films such as “Dirty Dancing” that made it all the more popular. “Into the Wind” manages to add its own elements to the well-known plot and keeps it interesting.

What Was Aina’s History?

Aina’s father always protected his daughter, fearing for her mental health. Aina has a stepmother and a step-brother but is quite distant from the new family. Aina had lost her mother five years ago, and she continued to feel the hollowness due to her mother’s absence. She had severe depression after losing her mother, but it was her father’s constant support and hope that helped her heal. She tried to be the daughter her father had always hoped for her to be. She had ensured her seat at a top medical school and accompanied her father on vacation instead of partying with her friends. She simply wanted her father to trust her. To have faith in her and allow her to make her own choices. She did not want him to stress over her any longer and enjoy his life with his wife and son.

When Aina found her peace and joy with her new friends and lover, it helped her rebuild her relationship with her family. In the end, she embraced her stepmother after learning about how left out she felt due to her husband’s constant fear regarding their daughter. She was able to make her family feel confident in her and her decisions.

How Did Aina And Michal Fall In Love?

After their initial exchange of glances, Aina and Michal shared a conversation when he mistakenly spilled the champagne. She was thankful for the timely chaos caused by the spill, as she wanted to escape from an awkward conversation. They met again for the kite-surfing class and gradually started enjoying their proximity. Aina dreamt of their closeness throughout the day, and in the evening, she joined the beach party Michal was present at. She watched Michal sing and joined him for a dance. Michal’s best friend, Sasza, feared that, like most wealthy women who search for a fling on vacation, Aina would leave Michal as well. She even warned Michal of the same, as she had watched him suffer before and did not want her friend to go through the same pain. But Michal knew Aina would never hurt him. Aina and Michal felt a certain closeness that night as he walked her to the resort. After a nap, Aina left the resort to meet Michal again, though this time, she watched him hold Sasza close. This affected Aina, and she spent days in her room. Though later, she found that Sasza was Michal’s best friend, unlike what she had presumed. Their love was rekindled, and this time she loved him fearlessly and trusted him with all her heart.

Aina felt free in Michal’s presence; she was not bound to the redundant conversations that the people around her made. She felt joy like she had never felt before, as she had expressed to her father.

‘Into The Wind’ Ending Explained: Did Michal Survive The Accident?

Towards the end of “Into the Wind,” a kite-surfing competition takes place. Michal took part in it and managed to perform fairly well throughout. Aina cheered for him from the stand, but suddenly a strong wind started blowing. Michal lost control of his path and dashed against the concrete stand. His head started bleeding, and he fell into the sea. He was rushed to the hospital, and Aina’s father ensured his safe return. Aina’s father was a doctor, and he helped Michal in his recovery. Soon after, Michal was reunited with Aina and his friends. They celebrated his return by throwing a party in the evening. Aina’s father was happy to see his daughter in love and safe with Michal. Kuba, who liked Aina, showed interest in Sasza, and she reciprocated. Aina’s father shared a cheerful moment with his family as well.

Even though the future was always uncertain, Aina knew she would never hurt Michal because of their difference in status. “Into the Wind” is a light-hearted film that does not complicate its plot. It is aware of its simplicity and does a fair job of delivering a satisfactory love story. It focuses on the little moments and their impact on the characters.

“Into the Wind” is a 2022 Polish Romance Drama film directed by Kristoffer Rus.

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Srijoni Rudra
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