‘Invasion’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Is Casper With The Aliens?


The aliens had completely taken over Earth, and in Invasion season 2, we came to know that nobody had an answer on how to stop this onslaught and bring back normalcy. Mitsuki was trying her best from the Amazon headquarters, while Casper and Luke were trying to figure out why, of all the people, they shared this bond with the aliens. The military, on the other hand, was trying to ascertain what had happened to the people who had been taken by the aliens. These people returned to earth, and they seemed to have lost consciousness and were in a state of coma. Tests were conducted on these people who had returned and also on the kids who shared a bond with the aliens and, like Casper, they could feel them, but nothing concrete could be found till the very end.

Spoiler Alert

The first breakthrough that the humans got in Invasion season 2 was when Mitsuki established a connection with the alien consciousness that was kept in that glass chamber inside the Amazon Laboratory. After establishing a connection with the aliens multiple times, Mitsuki figured out a couple of things about them: firstly, they had a language, and secondly, there were portals in multiple places that led directly to the mothership. Mitsuki knew that if somehow she could decipher their language, then she could understand what they were seeking, but even after trying for days, she just couldn’t figure out anything. President Benya and her team of researchers had come to know about the devastating truth that the no-alien zones were not free from aliens. The aliens were using a kind of cloaking technology to move around, which is why the people thought that they were not present there. The threat was omnipresent, and President Benya knew that if they didn’t make any sort of advancement now, then all mankind would be doomed. So, let’s find out what happened in the Invasion season 2 grand finale and if the humans were able to stop the alien attack or not.

Was Mitsuki able to stabilize the portal?

President Benya’s only hope was Mitsuki, and Dr. Maya Castillo told her upfront that she was all they had. Benya wanted Mitsuki to stabilize the portal so that the soldiers could enter inside and see if they could do something that might stop the invasion. Mitsuki had told Benya that, though she didn’t have a complete idea of what lay inside, she had seen a light, with which, she believed, all the aliens were attached. Mitsuki said that if the soldiers could destroy that, then maybe they could send the aliens back. But Mitsuki was not sure, and she knew that it was a huge risk and that there was a possibility that it might not pay off. Mitsuki didn’t know if she could stabilize the portal, but she was eager to give it her all. Maya was scared for her, and she saw in Mitsuki’s eyes that she wanted to put everything at stake. Mitsuki went inside the chamber, and she started establishing contact, but she was finding it very difficult to do so.

In Invasion season 2, episode 10, Mitsuki realized that she would have to completely detach from her past in order to stabilize the portal. The memories she had shared with Maya were pulling her back, and she told Maya that she was going to forget everything that had happened in her past life so that she could move forward and get access to alien consciousness. There was no alien presence inside the chamber, but suddenly, in the control room, frequencies could be seen, which was an indication that Mitsuki had completely lost herself and become one with the aliens. Mitsuki was able to stabilize the portal in the end, because of which Trevante Cole was able to enter it.

How did Trevante meet Casper?

Trevante, Rose, and Clark were still inside the military base camp, trying to figure out what exactly the Idaho project was. They saw that all those people who had disappeared were kept there under observation. The aliens had first abducted them and then dropped them back, and nobody was able to figure out what the purpose behind it was. They were trying to map their brains and find out what they had been through, but their efforts were in vain. General Mitchell was on a video call with President Benya and Casper, discussing what their next move should be. Casper was telling them about the bright light that he had seen, and he said that he would try to once again go inside and see if he could figure out anything. Trevante Cole heard Casper’s voice, and he recognized it immediately. He went to the room, and that’s when, after Invasion season 1, Trevante and Casper saw each other for the first time. It was a very heartwarming moment, and they were happy to see that they had made it so far. Trevante asked President Benya and General Mitchell to let him go inside the portal, as he had faced the aliens before and probably had more experience than every other soldier combined in dealing with them. But President Benya didn’t agree to it, and she asked General Mitchell to lock Trevante in the cell.

Is Casper with the aliens?

The portal opened in a town near the Idaho project, and Trevante, Clark, Aneesha, Sarah, and Luke, together with the military personnels, reached there. Three soldiers tried to enter the portal, but they couldn’t do it, and they were literally thrown out of there. Meanwhile, Luke had managed to stop the aliens by using his powers, and he had realized that he was also connected to all the other kids sitting in France together with Casper. Mitsuki finally stabilized the portal, and Trevante decided that it was about time he took on the mantle and did what he had come to do. He told Rose that he was going to try his best and assured her that he would do whatever it took to save Planet Earth. Trevante Cole entered inside, and he found Casper in there, who used his psychic powers to let his mind enter the portal. Now that they were inside, we believed that they would make some actual progress and figure out how to stop the invasion and what the aliens wanted from humans.

During Invasion season 2’s ending, we saw that Casper asked Trevante to follow him, and his eyes gleamed and changed colors as if he was possessed. We don’t know for sure what happened there, but we do think that probably what Monty and others had thought at one point in time might come true. Mitsuki was also accessing the minds of the aliens and, in fact, losing hers, but the aliens still didn’t seem to have her under their control. Mitsuki had given it her all and in season 3 (if there is one) we would get to know if she is fine or if she has lost a part of herself due to establishing a connection with the aliens. But with Casper, we have our doubts, and we would have to wait for Invasion season 3 to see where his allegiance lay and to come to any sort of conclusion.

Final words 

We liked the first season of the Apple TV original, Invasion, and we believed that the show had some potential, but in the second season, it seemed like they didn’t have a storyline that could go on for 10 episodes, and it seemed a bit stretched. From the 6th episode onwards, there was no substantial development, and even in the season finale, we were not given any sort of concrete information about what was happening. We understand the tactics of the makers, who probably want to bring out a couple of more seasons, but it gets really frustrating when the narrative is not moving ahead, and you realize that the makers are just trying to beat around the bush so that they hit that 10-episode mark. We hope that if Invasion season 3 gets a green light, it will not dawdle like this season and make the narrative move ahead at a pace that keeps the audience engaged.

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