‘Invasion’ Season 3 Theories: What Will Be Mitsuki & Casper’s Role In The Next Season?


Invasion season 2 left us on a cliffhanger, and we still do not know what fate has in store for mankind and how President Benya and her team are going to get the better of these extra terrestrial beings. The aliens had wreaked havoc on the entire planet, and till now, the WDC, together with all its researchers, was just trying to find some information that would help them assess the situation and make some plans to get rid of the aliens. WDC was heavily relying on Nikhil, Mitsuki and the entire team placed at the Amazon headquarters, but they, too, were not able to make substantial progress.

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Mitsuki had figured out that the aliens had a language, and they had portals all around the globe, but it was not enough. She had accidentally destroyed the portal at the headquarters, and she wanted President Benya’s help so that she could make a blueprint and try going through the portal to figure out what lay on the other side. Mitsuki had met Casper when she had gone inside the portal in the 9th episode of Invasion, and together, they had figured out that every portal led to the mothership. They had seen a bright light there, and they believed that all the aliens were somehow connected to it. They knew that if they were able to attack that white light, then all the aliens would be affected, and probably the invasion would stop. But to do that, soldiers had to be sent inside, and for that, the portals needed to be visible to the human eye and also stabilized. Benya was hoping that Mitsuki would help them there, but the latter was unsure if she would be able to do that, though she was willing to give it her all. So let’s see where season 2 left us and where the lives of the different characters would lead them if, in fact, there is a third season.

What Would Be Mitsuki’s Role In Season 3?

Mitsuki had been able to stabilize the portal, as she had told President Benya, but in the process, she lost herself. As of now, we don’t know exactly what it means or what kind of impact or repercussions it will have on her. Mitsuki had detached her consciousness from her past, and she had become like an empty vessel. We do not know if Mitsuki’s memories will be lost forever or if she will be able to get them back. Maya Castillo was scared that she would become like all those scientists who had become of unsound mind, and they sat in one of the wards making ticking sounds, which Mitsuki had figured out were binary codes. The point was, that they had ceased to be normal, and nobody knew if they could be brought back or not.

The aliens had still not stopped, and there were a million things that the researchers were still unaware of. Nobody knew why the aliens had come in the first place or what their motive was for wreaking havoc on the planet. At first, the people believed that they wanted to take hold of the planet, but the strange interaction that Mitsuki had with them when she was able to connect with the consciousness of the aliens made everything even more convoluted. The aliens lacked basic understanding, and probably, they didn’t know that the humans were retaliating because it was their home that was being destroyed. The aliens were perceiving the entire thing in a very different manner, though Mitsuki and others were not able to decipher what it all meant. Mitsuki’s job was still not finished, and it was necessary for the survival of mankind that she regained her senses, and everybody hoped that wouldn’t have done any permanent damage. We think the likes of Trevante Cole, Casper, Luke, and others would greatly benefit from her expertise, and even President Benya would want her to be at the helm of affairs. 

Did The Aliens Have Control Over Casper?

The biggest question that season 2 left us with was what was exactly happening with Casper, and was the speculations made by Monty right? At one point in time in Invasion Season 2, Monty felt that Casper was leading them to the aliens. There was something weird happening with Casper, as he seemed to have lost that connection with the aliens that he had in the first season. Casper felt lost, and he himself did not know what was happening to him. The other kids almost went deaf when Nikhil increased the frequency to torture the aliens, but Casper stood there unaffected, making others even more suspicious. We believe that though Casper was not lying to others, and he actually didn’t know what was happening to him, there was a part of him that the aliens had control over. At the end of Invasion Season 2, Casper’s eyes gleamed, and he not only seemed to be possessed, but it felt like he was going to mislead Trevante and do something evil. Trevante trusted him more than his life, and it would be interesting to see what they ended up doing up there and if they were able to give the WDC any kind of leverage. Though it’s merely speculation as of now, and we do have the utmost faith in Casper’s conscience, we do think that aliens were trying to achieve something specific through him.

In Invasion Season 3 (if there is one), we would also get to know if the aliens really wanted to take the planet under their control or if they had some other agenda that they wanted to fulfill. Whatever communication they had made up until then with Mitsuki had made us realize that there was a lot of misunderstanding that existed between both parties since there was no common language. We believe that, more than destroying the light source in the mothership, if humans were able to decode their language, then this crisis could come to an end. It might be a far-fetched speculation, but we believe that the aliens do not intend to harm the people, and probably, according to them, they were also acting in defense. Probably, the concept that the planet belonged to humans wasn’t something that they understood. But whatever it was, we believe that in Invasion season 3, we will get some clarity and a better grasp of the state of things.

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