‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Mitsuki Help Shoot Down The Alien Ship? 


The alien attacks were increasing every passing day, and we had seen in the previous episode of Invasion how, till now, Nikhil and his team did not have an answer as to how to put an end to them. Mitsuki was called to take charge of things because she was the only one who had been able to make some sort of contact with the aliens in the past, and Nikhil hoped that she would lead them in the right direction and get a breakthrough. Meanwhile, Trevante Cole was trying to decipher what those sketches in Casper’s journal meant. He knew that a solution to their problem was hidden in it, but till now, he wasn’t able to figure anything out and to make matters worse, he was also taken into custody by the sheriff for trespassing in the military camp and posing as a soldier who was posted there. So let’s find out what happened in episode 3 of Invasion and if Mitsuki is able to make any kind of discovery.

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What Happened To Sarah?

Aneesha didn’t want to stay any longer with Clark and his men as she didn’t want any kind of association with the activities of the Movement. She had told Clark to drop her and her children off at the nearest refugee camp, and he had agreed to do so. Luke was somewhat liking it there, as after a long time, he had people of his age to talk to. He liked hanging around with Ryder, Clark’s daughter, and if it were left to him, he would have stayed back. Clark and his men were on the move when they intercepted a distress call and got to know that a family was in trouble somewhere nearby and that they were surrounded by aliens from all sides. Aneesha didn’t want to go anywhere near the aliens, but Clark’s hands were tied, as he was committed to his cause and he couldn’t just leave that family and not save them. Clark and his men went to save that family while Aneesha sat with the kids in the car. They could hear through the radio what havoc the aliens were wreaking, and listening to the screams she could only imagine the kind of mayhem that was being caused there.

Ryder’s conscience didn’t allow her to sit in car when her father was standing in the face of death. She got out of the car and went to help her father and soon after that Luke did the same, and ran after her. Aneesha asked them not to leave, but before she could get out of her car and stop them, they had already escaped. Aneesha asked Sarah to stay in the car while she went and brought Luke back. Luke was safe, and so were the others, and Clark and his men were able to save the family. For some unknown reason (that we will discuss later in this article) the aliens all of a sudden made a retreat and had they not, then Clark and his entire team would have been in trouble. But when Aneesha came back, she saw that Sarah was not in the car. She didn’t know what had happened to her, and she started screaming at the top of her lungs. In the subsequent episodes of the Invasion, we would get to know what happened to Sarah and if Aneesha and Clark were able to find her.

Has Casper Left Clues In His Journal?

Trevante Cole was put behind bars as he was handed over by the military to the sheriff in Mccurtain County. Trevante’s cover was blown when the soldiers realized that he was not one of them and that he had come there to snoop around and find some clues that could help him decode the drawings that Casper made in the journal. The sheriff’s department was understaffed, and no one had time to listen to Trevante, so they left him unattended for hours inside the lockup. A woman named Rose, who worked there, was not happy with how casually her colleagues took each and every case of disappearance that had happened in the past couple of months. People were missing—people who stayed in the same neighborhood—and Rose was incapable of turning a blind eye to it.

Many times, she approached the seniors and asked them to take some action and try to find some leads that could tell them where those 37 people had vanished all of a sudden, but to no avail. Rose was frustrated, and she had started losing hope. She didn’t know what to tell that old lady who called every morning to check if they had found anything about her husband. She had no answers to the questions the people living in the neighborhood asked her. They looked up to her with hope, and she felt disappointed at letting them down and not being able to do anything for the people she knew and loved. Rose was out of answers, and that’s when she met this man who was talking about a magic journal that would help them solve the mystery.

Obviously, at that point in time in Invasion Episode 3, it didn’t make any sense to her. She lashed out at Trevante and took out the anger she had on the entire system. But Trevante held his nerve and told her that only he could help her cause since he had the journal of a boy who shared some sort of strange relationship with these aliens. He told Rose how Casper had killed those aliens and how, through his psychic abilities, he could see things that others couldn’t. Trevante noticed the flier of Sheriff Jim Bell Tyson, on which the date of his disappearance was also mentioned, and suddenly, it struck him what Casper had been trying to tell him all this time. The sketches that Casper had drawn in his journal had some number written on the side of them. Trevante realized that they were not random after all, and the boy had mentioned the exact dates when these people had disappeared, months before it had happened. He asked Rose to bring the journal and also that flier, and he made her witness it with her own eyes. It was no less than a miracle, and Trevante didn’t know how Casper knew about it back then. Rose, after seeing such conclusive proof, realized that Trevante was not lying, and though what he was telling her didn’t seem logical, she decided to help him escape from prison. Rose hoped that Trevante would do something to bring back all those people who had gone missing. Trevnate escaped and hopefully, in the subsequent episodes, he will be able to find something that helps tackle the aliens. 

How Did Mitsuki Help Shoot Down The Alien Ship?

Mitsuki had gone inside the alien ship and come out safely. Nikhil’s entire team was working day and night to find a breakthrough, but they were not able to ascertain any kind of pattern that could lead them to understand what these extra-terrestrial beings were trying to accomplish. Mitsuki noticed that there was a kind of signal that the alien ship made at irregular intervals, and it struck her that it must be a kind of distress call this ship made to the mother ship, which was hovering somewhere in the sky. The analysts told her that they had been mapping this signal for many months now and that there was no pattern. But Mitsuki showed them that the signal aligned perfectly well with a cubic spline and that it was an SOS call that was being made by the aliens. Mitsuki figured out that at 5:32 that evening, once again, they would make a signal, and she proved to be right. She had proof that her derivation was right and that it was actually a distress call and not some random signal. Mitsuki had earlier also noticed that when the analyst ran a particular sequence, something strange happened with the alien ship. That particular sequence decloaked parts that were otherwise not visible.

Mitsuki went up to Nikhil and told him that the mother ship was using some kind of cloaking technology, and by running a particular sequence, they could decloak it, probably only for a short period of time. She told him that in that small span of time, they would have to shoot it down and send a signal that they wouldn’t just sit here and be butchered by the aliens. The plan sounded bizarre, but Nikhil knew that this was possibly the first time they had made some sort of breakthrough, and he didn’t want to let go of it without doing anything. Nikhil contacted the president and convinced her to tell each and every leader of the different nations to ask their nuclear arms operatives to aim at the sky for 30 minutes and shoot if they saw something up there. It was a risky mission, as there was another downside to it apart from the uncertain nature of the plan: the debris was going to fall on earth, and seeing the size of the alien carrier ships, it was possible that it would cause widespread damage. But Nikhil was ready to take that risk as long as they could hit back at the aliens and show them who they were dealing with.

During Invasion Episode 3’s ending, Nikhil and Mitsuki’s plan finally paid off, and they were able to achieve the kind of success they had never imagined to get so early. Seven alien carrier ships were shot down, and luckily, six of them fell in the Pacific and Antarctica, while one fell in eastern Russia. Mitsuki had achieved what other great minds before her couldn’t, and she was happy about it, but still, there was a long way to go before the battle was over. For now, Dr. Castillo, Nikhil, Madam President, and everyone else was happy, but deep down, they all knew that this was just the beginning and the alien invasion was not over. There is a possibility that in the upcoming episodes, the aliens will retaliate with full force, and from the intellect and ingenuity of Mitsuki to the psychic powers of Casper, mankind will require all the support that it can get.

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