‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Casper Still Alive?


For the first time, in Invasion Season 2, Episode 3, the humans had made a breakthrough, and decided that the time to be subdued and scared of these extraterrestrial beings was a gone, and now they had to face their fears head on and take risks or otherwise they will have to be prepared for the Earth to be completely obliterated. Everybody was putting in their best effort but still had a long battle ahead of them because the invasion was not over. So let’s find out what happened in Invasion Episode 4, and how the aliens respond to the strike and if Jamila is able to get to Casper or not.

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What impact did the strike have on aliens?

In the previous episode of Invasion, we saw that, on Mitsuki’s request, the president of the WDC, Benny Mabote, had ordered all the heads of the nations to aim at the sky for 30 minutes after she signaled them and shoot down if they saw any sort of alien spaceship hovering in the sky. Mitsuki herself was not sure if her plan was going to work or not, but Nikhil had backed her decision, and he had convinced President Benny to take the risk as they did not have any other option. Benny knew that there were chances that the broken parts of the huge mothership would fall on Earth and cause widespread damage, but it was a risk that he had to take. Luckily for humans, when Mitsuki sent the signal, the invisibility cloak of the alien ships was removed, and it exposed them in the sky. It was enough for the nuclear missile operatives to lock on to the target and shoot at them.

Around seven ships were destroyed, and the best part was that they fell mostly in the oceans around the globe. It seemed like a victory for humans, who, after 4 months of constant struggle, had retaliated successfully. People were rejoicing, but they didn’t know that the invasion wasn’t over yet and that the aliens were going to come back in full force now. At first, even Jamila, Monty, and others saw that aliens were lying in the channel they were passing through, and they didn’t know if they had died or if they were just dormant, waiting for the mother ship to bring them back to life. But the doubt was cleared when a sort of signal was passed through the aliens on Earth, and they came to life and once again started wreaking havoc. This time, they were even stronger and faster, and except for bombarding them with explosives, there was no other way to stop them. Alfie tried scorching them with fire, but he noticed that it didn’t have any effect on them. The military, the scientists, and the world leaders were not ready for this onslaught, and in the upcoming episodes of Invasion, we will get to see if humans are able to find a way to stop them.

Were Jamila and others able to cross the tunnel?

Jamila, Monty, Alfie, Penny, and Darwin reached the channel tunnel that connected Folkestone to Coquelles. They had planned that they would go through the tunnel, reach Paris, and find Casper. But the entire tunnel was blocked, and one of the military personnel told Jamila that the recon team that had gone inside hadn’t returned. But Jamila was not going to give up so easily. She hadn’t left her house just to turn back because the tunnel was not functional. She decided that she would use the service way and enter the tunnel, though Monty was not sure if they should do that. Monty had his little sister with him, and he was concerned about her safety. Jamila told him that if he wanted, he could choose to stay behind, but Monty decided that he would accompany the others. This side of Monty, Jamila hadn’t seen before, and she was surprised at how he was taking care of his sister and making sure that she was fine at all times.

Monty was Penny’s biggest support system, and he told Jamila how once he had helped her calm down when she was having a panic attack. The cars had blocked the entire tunnel, and there was no way to go to the other side. The children were tired, and they decided to take some rest for a while. The aliens, meanwhile, came to life, and Penny came running to Monty to tell him that they were coming towards them and that they should make an escape.

Monty used the climbing gear that Darwin and Alfie had procured before, and he made a way that went through the doors and windows of the cars. When they then reached the French side of the tunnel, they realized that the military had blocked the exit gate and that they had no way out of there. The aliens were now in very close proximity, and the kids started shouting at the top of their lungs for help. Luckily, the French soldiers heard them, and they immediately came for help. All of them came out safely, though Darwin got bit in the leg by one of the aliens. Darwin knew that he wouldn’t be able to accompany his friends for the rest of the journey as his leg was gravely injured, and so he asked both Alfie and Monty to find Casper and do what they had set out for.

Is Casper Still Alive?

Casper was still in that state of coma and lying in the same hospital where doctors Esmee and Gabriel were keeping him under observation. In that facility, apart from Casper, there were many other children who were being kept, and all of them had some sort of connection with the aliens. Doctor Esmee didn’t know the reason behind it, but she knew that if they wanted to win this battle against the aliens, then the psychic power of these children was going to play a major role.

Jamila got this vision where she felt that Casper was inside her mind, trying to communicate something to her. Casper told her that he had used every ounce of energy he had in his body and made contact with Jamila. He told her that during the first season of the Invasion, after he had almost died, he felt a strange force that was drawing him towards the aliens. He followed the pull, and he realized that he was sort of into them and that he could sense what they were up to. The aliens had grown stronger, and so had Casper’s psychic powers, which is why he had been able to reach out to Jamila.

At the end of Invasion season 2, episode 4, we realize that Casper had the means to know more about them, and probably, in the times to come, he would become the difference between destruction and survival for all mankind. Jamila told Casper that she wouldn’t ever stop looking for him and asked to hang in there till she was able to find him. The aliens attacked the hospital where Casper was being kept, and apart from him, everybody else had vacated the facility. Casper was pretty much alive, though no one knew how and when he would be conscious again. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to see if Casper wakes up and escapes from there or if he is somehow able to stop the aliens from hurting him by using his psychic powers.

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