‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Luke Stop The Aliens?


Since the very beginning of Invasion season 2, Nikhil, Mitsuki, the WDC, and everybody else were waiting for that one breakthrough, and time and again, they were coming close, but they weren’t able to find anything conclusive. But in the 6th episode, certain things happened that gave a glimmer of hope, and those who were made privy to those revelations knew that they now had an actual shot to defeat the aliens. So, without wasting any other moment, let’s look into the detailed recap of Invasion Episode 6.

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How was Luke able to stop the aliens?

Clark, Aneesha, and Luke, together with all the members of the Movement, proceeded towards the military base camp, where they believed Sarah, Aneesha’s daughter, had been taken. It was a risky mission, and even Clark knew about it, but he was the kind of man who just couldn’t abandon his own. He had a bias towards Aneesha, which was clearly evident to everybody, but even apart from that, he was a very sympathetic man who looked after everybody who came under his care. Luke started hearing voices midway, and he said that the aliens were approaching them. Clark didn’t understand how he was able to do that because Aneesha hadn’t told him about what had happened in the past.

Luke did share a connection with the aliens, something like Casper, the only difference being that Casper was able to enter inside their minds, whereas Luke could just hear them as of now. The aliens attacked the convoy, and one by one, they started taking down the vehicles. There was a lot of fog on the road, and Clark couldn’t see that the damaged vehicle lay in the middle of the road. He tried to take a turn, but he lost the balance and the car turned upside down. Luckily, all of them were safe, though Clark got gravely injured and lost a lot of blood. Everybody regrouped and they started moving towards the convoy, but just then, a woman realised that her daughter was left behind somewhere inside the woods.

Aneesha knew that Clark would go to save her, but she didn’t want him to risk his life yet again. He had already done a lot for Aneesha, and so before Clark could do anything, Aneesha went running inside the forest. She found the girl, and she was bringing her back when an alien came in front of her. Seeing her mother standing in the face of death, Luke came forward, and he shouted with all the energy he had in his body. Something strange happened at that juncture, and Luke could feel it, in real-time, that he was inside the alien’s mind. He could control the predator and make it stop. All of them escaped from there, all thanks to the miraculous feat that Luke had been able to achieve. This was a big revelation, and it meant that children like Luke had the power to stop the invasion and get the better of the aliens, who seemed to be invincible at the moment. Even Luke didn’t know that he was capable of something like this, and he felt really powerful at that moment when he was able to control the alien. It would be interesting to see how Clark and others react to it and if Luke is able to harness this power and use it to save mankind.

Was Jamila able to find Casper?

Jamila, Monty, Penny, and Alfie finally reached Paris after almost losing their lives in the tunnel. They went to Monty’s parents’ residence and decided to spend the night there and go to the hospital the next day to find Casper. Monty lashed out at the group for being so hopeful, and he told them that there was a huge possibility that Casper wasn’t alive. Monty lashed out on his companions not because they were at fault but because he was angry due to some other reason. He had found that his father was having an affair in Paris, and that’s why he used to come there so often. Monty always believed that his father didn’t love him, and he felt very lonely at times, and to cover it up he always started acting out. Jamila talked to him and told him that things were not as bad as he perceived them to be and that his parents loved him even if he didn’t think so.

The next day, the children went to the hospital, and after seeing the massacre that had happened there, they felt disheartened and almost gave up on their quest. That’s when Penny heard a knocking sound, and they went inside to find Casper, who was sitting facing the wall and drawing something on it as if he were not in his senses. Jamila called out his name, and that’s when Casper came back to his senses and met his friends. With Casper by their side, their spirits were lifted, and they believed that now they had a chance of winning this ongoing battle against the aliens and stopping the invasion once and for all. In the upcoming episodes of Invasion, we will get to know what Casper ends up doing since we know that he, too, shared a connection with the aliens and could control them through his mind. Maybe Casper and Luke would cross paths and fight this battle together, as we had seen that they were experiencing similar things, and probably they could help each other’s cause too.

What did Mitsuki come to know about the aliens?

Mitsuki decided that she once again wanted to go inside the chamber and make contact with the aliens because what happened previously with her had left her baffled, and even she didn’t understand the meaning of it. She had realized that the girl who was talking to her was Hinata at her younger age, and probably, it was a ploy used by the aliens to influence her judgment. But Mitsuki was more curious about the “boy” she had heard, which she didn’t know was Casper. She told Nikhil and Maya that the boy was inside the mind of the aliens, just like she was, though she still didn’t understand how that could happen.

Maya was not in favor of Mitsuki going inside, as she knew that the risk was too high, and it could be possible that she wouldn’t come out of the chamber alive. But Mitsuki went inside, and this time, she took out her helmet, and the alien got hold of her consciousness and made her feel that she was inside one of the memories from Hinata’s childhood that she treasured. Mitsuki was standing on a beach, but she constantly kept telling herself that this was not real. Meanwhile, by tapping her fingers, she was trying to generate a morse code and tell Maya, Nikhil, and the rest of the team something. One of the members of the team saw that, and he rushed to translate it and understand what Mitsuki was saying. Mitsuki had spelled the word “magnet,” and that’s when Nikhil asked to activate the electromagnetic field and raise it to the highest possible limit. Mitsuki fell inside the chamber, but she was taken out at the right time, and she was fine. Maya told her about how, after they had activated the electromagnetic field, an undetected vibrational frequency came out from the aliens. As soon as Mitsuki heard it, she knew what it was because she could feel it in her head.

During Invasion episode 6’s ending, Mitsuki came to the conclusion that the frequency was actually the aliens’ language, and through it, they were trying to communicate with humans. Mitsuki believed that if she could study that language and understand it, then she could find everything from the purpose of their visit to their pressure points and coerce them to leave planet Earth and go back to wherever they had come from. Mitsuki’s findings, Luke’s newfound power, and Casper coming back to his senses were positive signs, and we believe that it won’t take long for them to understand what they are dealing with and how they could get the better of the situation and save planet Earth from destruction.

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