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Invincible is a superhero animated television series that follows a very different set of heroes compared to the ones we have experienced on the screen. The series is based on a comic character of the same name created by Robert Kirkman. The narrative solely focuses on the story of a superhero named Invincible (who holds superman like powers). His superhero dad, Omni-Man, is also a replica of superman. All the superheroes portrayed in the series are somewhat replicas of famous superheroes, but with different storylines and character graphs.

‘Invincible’ Season 1 Summary

Mark Grayson, a teenage college student, is the son of the most powerful superhero on planet Earth. He wants to become a superhero like his dad Omni-Man, but he hasn’t yet gained his powers. Mark feels that his powers will never spring up, and he will end up like a normal human being like his mother, Debbie Grayson.

Meanwhile, Omni-Man, for an unknown reason, kills his superhero team known as Guardians of the Globe. The intelligence agency, Global Defense Agency, headed by Cecil Stedman, tries to find the superhero’s killer. No one suspects Omni-Man, who was found at the scene injured and broken. While he rests in the hospital, his son Mark Grayson finally gets his superhero powers.

The series further explores the formation of the new Guardians of the Globe while Mark trains under his dad Omni-Man to become the ultimate superhero, The Invincible. However, little does he know that his father is a cold-blooded murderer. When Omni-Man’s wife Debbie finds out the truth, she leads an investigation on her own to figure out Omni-Man’s reason for turning into a murderer.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Why Omni-Man killed members of Guardians of the Globe?

Art Rosenbaum, the man who stitches superhero suits for them, reveals to Debbie that the blood on Omni-Man’s costume belongs to other superheroes. It also suggests that Omni-Man struck them first, thus making him the culprit. Through Debbie, the information travels like a forest fire, and the Global Defense Agency puts Omni-Man under surveillance. He soon finds out that someone had been spying on him and faces Debbie, who asks him to leave the house.

An angered Omni-Man kills Donald Ferguson, a high-ranking agent at Global Defense Agency. The incident sparks an enmity between Omni-Man and Cecil, who unleashes a monster upon him. Mark, who was on a trip with his college friends, was unaware of all the chaos in his absence. When he arrives at the scene to fight the monster and save his father, he is stunned by his father’s brutality.

The much awaited answer to the question, “Why Omni-Man killed members of Guardians of the Globe?” is finally revealed.

According to Omni-Man himself, he is a warrior of the Viltrum Empire and is fighting an intergalactic war to expand his planet. The Viltrums are always on a hunt for new territories but sending armies to each world made their forces thin, and their expansion stopped. They came up with a better plan to strike the planet from within with the help of their strongest men. Omni-Man was a part of the few warriors. He was sent to Earth to find out their strongest contenders and finish them so that Earth can easily become a part of the Viltrum Empire.

Invincible Season 1 Omni-Man
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In the last episode, Omni-Man tries to convince his son that he is also Viltrum blood and, therefore, should join the pursuit of the Viltrum Empire. Listening to his father’s brutal plans and little respect for his mother, Mark revolts against Omni-Man. In a fierce battle between the two, Omni-Man was about to kill Mark when he remembers a fatherly love he once had for him. Omni-Man, unable to understand human feelings growing in his heart, leaves the planet forever.

To fill the gap, Mark is approached by Cecil to replace Omni-Man and become a part of Guardians of the Globe.

An alien messenger, Allen, warns Mark that a Viltrumite doesn’t just leave. A Viltrumite fleet will soon arrive on Earth to finish the takeover. He offers Mark to become a part of the resistance to stop Viltrumite expansion. In a series of ending montages, we see Mark finishing his high school while Guardians of the Globe train and prepare themself for a Viltrumite attack. Cecil employs the mad scientist to create robot humans to combat the upcoming episode.

Invincible Season 2 will follow the story of Invincible and other earthly superheroes who will fight against the Viltrum Empire. Other galactic superheroes might also join in their battle. However, the most anticipating part of season 2 will be to experience the arrival of Omni-Man back to Earth. His decision to choose a side will spice up the drama.

Invincible is a 2021 Animated Television series created by Robert Kirkman. Season 1 with its 8 one-hour-long episodes is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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