‘Invisible City’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – How Was Debora Connected To Luna’s Destiny? Is Eric Dead?


The Netflix 2023 series “Invisible City” tries to tell us how our greed and inherently exploitative nature have caused widespread destruction in the world. We have damaged the environment in ways that couldn’t be imagined, even after knowing that a lot of it is irreparable. “Invisible City” urges us to look at the bigger picture and address the pressing environmental issues before it’s too late. In the first season of the series, we saw that Eric was taken into the woods by the Curupiro, and we didn’t know if he would survive his injuries or not. Though Eric didn’t die at that time, his wounds had gotten worse, so Ines used her powers and asked the water to heal him. The water took him inside, and after that day, nobody knew where Eric was. When Eric was unconscious, he saw his wife Gabriela in his dream, who told him that his journey was still not over and that his life had a greater purpose. So, let’s find out what that higher purpose was that Eric was destined to serve in his life.

What Happens In ‘Invisible City’ Season 2?

Castro belonged to one of the most influential families in town, which was also infamously known for carrying out illegal mining operations in the Marangatu forests. After a lot of effort, Danilo, Castro’s right-hand man, had found Honorato, who was a member of the indigenous tribe and who could transform into a snake, just like other supernatural entities. Honorato was apparently the key to a treasure that Castro and Debora had wanted to find and put up for auction. Danilo got frustrated when even after repeatedly asking Honorato, he was not ready to tell him the location of the treasure. Meanwhile, Ines and Luna were looking for Eric, though they hadn’t been able to get even a single breakthrough even after wandering for two years. By chance, Luna had got to know about a witch named Matinta Perre, who was known to fulfill the wishes of the people and make them get what they truly desired. Matinta told Luna that she could fulfill her desire to be with her father, provided she was ready to give her what she wanted. Luna accepted the offer because she desperately wanted to find her father.

Eric had woken up in the river in the Marangatu area, where Castro and his people were trying to find the treasure. Eric was present on the scene when Danilo killed Honorato. An old man named Lazo was held captive at the illegal mining site, as he had the power to locate the gold that otherwise wasn’t visible to the naked eye. Lazo and others like him who possessed the powers considered it a sin rather than a blessing. When Lazo met Eric, he realized that Eric had some extraordinary powers that could release him from his curse, but before he could ask for help, Danilo came chasing him and Eric set the entire place on fire and severely injured himself. Eric opened his eyes and found himself in the hospital. Eric was confused, as he couldn’t decipher where he was or how long it had been since the incidents in the cedar forest where he had encountered the Curupira. Eric met a little boy named Bento, who was around the same age as his daughter, and who claimed that he knew the whereabouts of Luna. Eric went with him and finally found his daughter. He was elated and relieved to find that she was safe, and he hoped that they could go back to living their normal lives. But fate had something else planned for them.

Danilo knew that he couldn’t tell his bosses that he had killed the only man who knew where the treasure of Marangatu was hidden, so he put the blame on Eric and told Castro and Debora that the gringo had put the entire facility on fire and killed Honorato. Debora, in the meantime, had figured out another way of getting to the treasure, as she had met Metinta Perres and made a deal with her just like Luna did. Eric was just getting a grasp of things after meeting Ines when Metinta arrived out of nowhere in their makeshift house and took Luna with her.

Eric Cannot Control His Powers

Luna was taken hostage by Debora, and Eric realized that due to some unknown reason, he was able to take the powers of other entities. Metinta told Ines in Episode 2 of “Invisible City” Season 2 that messing with the natural order of things had its consequences, and she had signaled the possibility of Eric turning into something evil. When Eric had miraculously cured Bento, and given him freedom from his curse, the powers of the latter had been transferred into the former. Eric found that Debora and Castro were holding a private auction where the stakeholders would bid for the gold that they had assumed they were going to have in their possession in the future. Castro’s wife, Clarice, was a judge, and she was forced to help the family take advantage of the loopholes in the legal system and make their illegal activities look like they were being performed within the ambit of the law. Clarice was told to kill Eric, but instead, she made a deal with him, as she didn’t want to be with Castro and wanted to start a new life with a priest named Venancio, who also worked for Castro and Debora.

Clarice told Eric that they would help him rescue his daughter if he removed her powers from within her and gave her freedom from her curse. Eric agreed, and together with Ines, they went to the auction disguised as stakeholders. Eric found his daughter, and before leaving, he took the powers of Debora. Before becoming powerless, Debora had transformed into a snake and bitten Luna. Ines told Eric that there was only one person who could save Luna’s life:  an old woman named Jaciara, who was a member of the indigenous tribes and a powerful sorceress and also a soothsayer. It was Jaciara who revealed to Ines that Eric had transformed into something evil and couldn’t be trusted. She made Eric wait outside while she performed the ritual on Luna and tried to save her life. Eric was getting restless, and strains of evil had started becoming more and more evident in his behavior. At the end of Episode 4 of “Invisible City,” Season 2, Ines realized that she needed to keep Luna away from her father, as he was no longer in control of his powers and couldn’t be trusted to do the right thing at that moment.

‘Invisible City’ Season 2: Ending Explained: How Was Debora Connected To Luna’s Destiny? Is Eric Dead?

In the fifth episode of “Invisible City,” Season 2, we got to know how humans had penetrated Marangatu and started doing what they were best at, i.e., exploiting the natural resources. It was Castro’s father who had brought Lazo to Marangatu so that he could use his powers and let him know where the gold was hidden. As soon as Castro Sr. got to know that Marangatu was a goldmine, he brought his men to the place and started plundering the area. Marangatu was a sacred place for the indigenous people, and up until then, they had been able to maintain the delicate balance and allow the ecosystem to thrive without any sort of disturbance. We got to know that Debora was Honoratu’s sister, and their mother had made them wear the “muiraquitas” i.e., the amulets, so that her home could be protected from the invaders. Debora was brought back to her village by Daniel and Telma in the hope that she would be able to remember her roots and her mission in life. Debora started remembering her past, and she realized that her mother had been killed by Castro’s father before he had taken her with him.

Ines was taking Luna to Marangatu to fulfill her destiny and return the guardian entity that had been given to her by her mother, Gabriela, to its real owner, i.e., Debora. Eric was trying to locate her daughter, but he didn’t realize that he had become a menace to everyone’s safety and had ceased to be the savior that he thought himself to be. Eric encountered Bento and Lazo on his way and asked them the direction in which Ines and Luna had gone. Lazo refused to tell him anything, but he used his powers to make Bento tell him that they were headed toward Marangatu. Lazo told him that Marangatu was a sacred place for them, but Eric was in no mood to listen. Before leaving, he took Lazo’s power, and Ines got to know through her psychic powers that Eric had become uncontrollable and that she needed to stop him and buy some time for Luna. Ines told Luna that it was about time they parted ways as she would have to go back to stop Eric. Ines told Luna that she had the utmost faith in her abilities and that she had been ready for the challenge for quite some time now.

Ines met Eric, and just like she did in “Invisible City” Season 1, she once again showed him what had actually happened in the past and how Luna and Debora’s fates were intertwined. Eric saw in his hallucinatory visions that Jaciara had realized that there was nobody to protect their sacred land after the death of Honoratu, the snake, so she asked her ancestors for guidance, and they showed her the way. When Matinta met Luna, she realized that she was wearing the guardian entity that Debora’s mother had once given her. Eric saw in his vision that Gabriela had come to Marangatu sometime in the past and met Honoratu.

It was Gabriela who had found the guardian entity near the river, and Honoratu told her that it belonged to his sister, Maria Caninan, i.e., Debora. Jaciara had told Gabriela to keep the amulet and give it back to Debora when the time came. Gabriela didn’t understand how she could return the amulet when she didn’t even know where Debora was or what she looked like. Jaciara had told her that in time, she would understand everything, and the amulet would find a way back to its real owner. Before dying, Gabriela had given the amulet to Luna, and that’s how the little one had become a pivotal part of this entire mystery.

Contrary to what Eric had believed throughout the entire “Invisible City ” season 2, Ines had always vouched for her, and she had even taken a stand for him in front of Matinta. Ines was ready to sacrifice her powers to bring Eric back on track, even though Matinta had warned her about the dire implications that it could have. Eric begged Jaciara to let him out of his own head, and he told her that all his life, he had done nothing but protect the environment. Eric came back to his senses in the real world, and found that to show him the truth, Ines had sacrificed herself. The 200-year-old Cacu’s physical body aged and transformed right in front of Eric’s eyes, and she took her last breath with the hope that Eric would now save the forest and fight for the cause of the indigenous people. Eric finally found Luna and told her that he was ready to do the right thing. He entered the sacred waters of Marangatu, and he started moving away from Luna. Luna tried to stop her father, but Jaciara told her to let him pass. Eric sacrificed his life and returned the powers of each and every entity that he had forcefully taken earlier.

Castro also arrived at the scene, and he got to know that Debora and others had lost their powers. He took Lazo and Bento to find Luna so that he could take all the gold for himself, though he didn’t know how much they would be able to help his cause without their powers. Lazo was trying to deceive them and lead them astray when all of a sudden, he realized that his powers had come back to him due to the sacrifice that Eric had made. Castro knew that he had to run for his life as Bento and others would have also gotten their powers back and would be coming to hunt them down. Although Castro was able to save his life and escape from Marangatu, Talem was waiting for him in the court of law back in the city.

The court found Castro junior guilty of contamination of the water supply, illegal mining of mineral resources, and formation of a criminal organization. In his prison cell, Castro found a venomous snake, which was probably Debora, who had come to take her revenge. Catro’s family had ruined her entire life, killed her people, and kept her in the dark for years. Eric had traversed into the parallel realm, and he had sacrificed his mortal life to save the forest and its inhabitants. The possibility of Eric returning to the mortal realm couldn’t be completely denied, as there are a lot of higher powers at play that are still unknown to us, and maybe if the need arises in the future, he will find a way to return, though surely not in the mortal form.

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