‘Irma Vep’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Rene Want To Meet Mira? What Happened To Eamonn?


The 3rd and 4th episodes of the HBO miniseries “Irma Vep,” focus upon the internal journey taken by the characters, a sort of spiritual inquiry where they ask the question: what do they really want from life? Rene Vidal, was dealing with his own personal issues, while trying to be as hospitable as he could be to the people on set. He didn’t want to disappoint the producers this time, and contrary to his reputation,  he was patiently listening to each and every grievance of the performers, no matter how petty he found them. Mira was trying to bring about a change on both, personal and professional ends. She desperately needed somebody to confide in, someone who understood her, someone whom she could trust. She was doing Irma Vep against the wishes of her agent, Zelda, and it was a leap of faith that she was adamant to take. So let’s see where this journey takes them and whether the characters are able to come out of their muddled state of mind or not. 

The Darkness Behind The Glitter

Gottfried needed the drugs as he couldn’t function without them, and Zoe had been vested with the responsibility of providing him with the same. She goes to deliver it to him with Mira. An uncanny bond develops between Mira and Zoe, where the former feels utterly comfortable in the latter’s company. Mira pretended to be this composed individual, but in her core, she harbored deep-rooted insecurities. Though she was a renowned star, and it seemed like the world revolved around her, she was dealing with her own inhibitions and vulnerabilities. After she broke up with Eamonn, she dated her assistant, Laurie, for a bit, before the latter ditched her and went with Herman. Mira was also anxious about the result of the offbeat choices she had been making in her career. The character of Irma Vep was probably the first step towards that change. She wanted to create art, and she knew that she had to tag along with an aberrant personality who would steer her ship in the forbidden waters, a place where the studios refrained from venturing. She was sure about Rene Vidal, but still confused about his ways and means. René was very particular about his vision and often didn’t give space to the actors to improvise. He didn’t want to create this totalitarian environment, but a lot of times, actors meddled with the essence of the narrative in the name of creativity, though all they wanted to do was to feed their narcissistic impulses. Edmond Lagrange was at the top of that list. He wanted to be assured that his character held great significance. He wanted to have the maximum screen time and be at par with stars like Mira. He didn’t like it if anybody else was given more importance than him. 

Mira decides to go and meet Eamonn, who was shooting in the same city. They had broken up a long time ago, and they understood why they weren’t able to make it work with each other. As a matter of fact, they didn’t hold any enmity towards each other, and always handled the situation with a lot of grace. Affection and love are strong emotions, and they do not dissipate so easily. Yes, things didn’t work out with them, but they still liked and understood each other. Eamonn had a new partner named Lianna, and she was pregnant with their baby. Mira was a tad bit taken aback by the revelation. She wanted an affirmation from a person who knew her. She was in a chaotic state of mind and was somewhere being delusional. At that moment, she felt something for Eamonn, but didn’t have the courage to tell him, as she saw that he had moved on in his life. Maybe Mira didn’t exactly know what she wanted, but it couldn’t be denied that she did expect something out of that visit she made. 

Eamonn told her that he really wanted to make things work with her in the past. But sometimes, things don’t happen the way we plan them out to be, and there is no logical explanation as to why it didn’t. Eamonn tells her that no matter how chaotic and confused she might be feeling about collaborating with Rene Vidal, she had made the right decision.

Irma Vep And Her Changing Priorities

Rene Vidal had been very careful in casting the actors for his series, Irma Vep. Even in the smaller roles, he had chosen the best of performers from the theater fraternity. Gautier Parcheminerie, the financier of the series, had come on set to meet Mira, in the hope of closing a deal with her. He wanted to launch a line of perfume named Dreamscape and wanted to sign Mira as a brand ambassador for the same. Mira’s agent, Zelda, had been stalling them, and that is why he wanted to make a visit to Rene Vidal’s set and meet the star in person. Gautier also has a conversation with Rene Vidal. He starts by praising the acclaimed director but is quick to point out that his last few ventures weren’t exactly a commercial success. He told Rene that he had decided to fund the series, even though he thought it only catered to the sensibilities of a “niche” audience, for one reason: he wanted Mira to sign his Dreamscape deal. Rene Vidal was a bit disheartened as he had believed till now that the producers really liked his pitch, and that was the sole reason behind them backing the project. He had been forcing Rene to cast a Chinese actress only because his company wanted to tap into the huge Asian market. Rene was a creative person who didn’t understand business. Conversations like these used to absorb all his energy and make him feel frustrated. But he had no choice. He had to put up with the producer. Mira decided that she would not do “Silver Surfer,” the big-budget film that her agent, Zelda, was forcing her to do. Her priorities were changing. Working with Rene and playing the character of Irma Vep gave her a lot of perspectives. She knew that the people were calling her a big star not because she had done great films, but because she was the face of the most sought-after luxury brands in the world. Mira was ready to visit the uncharted territories and, for once, leave the commercial aspects of filmmaking behind. 

Two Eccentric Genius’

Gottfried was there on Rene Vidal’s set for a reason. Though the man had a pathetic reputation for always being intoxicated and creating a hassle for the production, Rene still wanted him to play the character of Juan de Moreno. The actor looked chaotic most of the time, but he observed everything. He agreed to play the character because he believed in it. He thought that Juan de Moreno was a devastatingly evil character. He was intrigued by the thought process of the character and wanted to explore it more. Gottfried’s criteria for choosing a role or being involved in anything in life was governed by a simple rule: he should feel excited about it. He didn’t do anything that bored him. The studios didn’t have any leverage over him, as money was not something that could obstruct his path. Gottfried was perceptive about his environment, and he was of the opinion that Regina had a thing for Mira. He tells Mira that she shouldn’t blame herself for being dominating with Laurie, as she was anything but that. Gottfried knew that though she acted all tough and had this tranquil and poised demeanor, her insides were churning with all sorts of insecurities, and for an observant person, everything was clearly visible in plain sight.

Rene Vidal had anxiety issues, and communication was clearly not his strong suit. His actors often didn’t understand his motivations, and he was finding it hard to foolproof everything for them. The problem was that Rene felt that the best way to deal with an issue was to suppress it and let it heal with time. But he needed to address the issue, from which he had been running for quite some time now. He had done Irma Vep once before, but he was not at peace with it. He was still looking for some closure. He had married Jade Lee, who had played Irma Vep in the indie film. He was not over her and still had a lot of affection embedded deep inside his core. He was telling himself that he had moved on and that it was just a failed marriage, but in reality, he longed to be with her, he wanted to talk to her one last time, and tell her how he felt. Rene was not ready to accept the fact that he had some unresolved issues that, if left untreated, would have detrimental effects in the future.

‘Irma Vep’ Episode 4: Ending Explained- Why Did Rene Want To Meet Mira? What Happened To Eamonn?

Rene got a dream, where he saw Jade Lee, his ex-wife, and the one who played the character of Irma Vep in his film. He had lost faith in his potential. He needed to confide in someone who understood his plight. Who would not mock him, but relate to his eccentricities. He had tried calling his psychiatrist in the night, but she had blocked his number. So he called Mira, as he thought that she would understand him. Mira is a bit startled at the unusual demand of her director to come and meet him in his house. Regina asks to accompany her in case she feels unsafe. But Mira decides to go alone and check on him. Rene tells her that he could never match the great work of Louis Feuillade, and he had started questioning his own self-worth. René and Mira have a conversation where she tells him to stop whining and once again regain his lost trust, in his own capabilities.

Eamonn called Mira in the middle of the night and told her that he wanted to see her. Eamonn’s partner, Lianna, had a miscarriage, and he didn’t know how to cope with the loss. He still had a couple of days’ shooting left, which he needed to finish before he could reunite with Lianna. He needed somebody to talk to and couldn’t think of a better option than the person who had been an integral part of his life in the past. Eamonn and Mira share an intimate moment. Mira, for a split second, thinks about the repercussions of her actions, but her vulnerabilities do not let her muster the strength to tell Eamonn to stop. Mira was already in a confused state where she was going through a zillion emotions. She had broken up with Laurie, she was trying to give a new direction to her career, and amidst all this, she was now getting involved with Eamonn. The upcoming episodes of “Irma Vep” will shed more light upon the inner turmoil of the characters, and whether they are able to control it or not.

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