‘Iron Reign’ Season 2 Theories: Will Joaquin Kill Nestor? 


Iron Reign season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, and though there hasn’t been any official announcement about a sequel, I believe that there is a high possibility we will get to witness Iron Reign season 2. Throughout the 8 episodes, we saw a glut of characters, and we realized that the fates of those who survived were interviewed with each other. Nestor, Victor, Ariel, Lucia, and everybody else were trying to find Czar’s Mail from the beginning, and nobody could ever suspect that it would be Nestor who was the mole. Nestor was an integral part of the Manchado family, and at times it did feel like Joaquin had more faith in him as compared to his own son. Nestor played each and every move with a lot of caution, and only if he hadn’t trusted Alex blindly would he have gotten the better of everybody. That one wrong move on Nestor’s part proved fatal for him, and it spoiled all his plans. A lot of times in such situations, some innocent person becomes collateral damage, and in this case, it was Sandra who was kidnapped by Ariel and Lucia. A mother was separated from her child only because her own husband had gone behind her back and done something that he shouldn’t have done. Nestor had everything, but still, he craved more, and in the process, he put himself and his entire family in a situation which he didn’t know how to come out of. So let’s try to figure out if there is a second season, what would happen with the various characters, and if the Manchado family would regain their lost authority.

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Will Rocio end up with Victor? 

Rocio was still trying to cope with the loss of her brother and uncle when her daughter, Sandra, was taken away from her. Nestor and Victor both chased Ariel and Lucia, but until the end, they were not able to catch them. Ariel told Nestor that if he wanted to save his daughter, he should find a way to deliver the drug consignment within 24 hours. Nestor hadn’t told anyone that he was the mole who had stolen the drugs together with the corrupt police officer, Miki. Nestor told Rocio that he would figure out a way, though she kept asking him what he was going to do since, according to her, nobody had any clue where the Czar’s Mail was hidden. Meanwhile, when Nestor was away, Rocio found the memory card of her father’s phone, which had been earlier given to her by Nuria, who had been working as an undercover agent for the police. Rocio got to know that her father hadn’t met with an accident, and somebody had tried to kill him. She went to Navil Cotrans, where she saw Wiki with the Czar’s Mail. Before she could confront him, Alex and Sonia arrived at the spot, killed Wiki, and took the drug with them.

Just at that moment, Wiki got a call from Nestor, and Rocio figured out that it was her own husband who had orchestrated everything. It was a shocking revelation for Rocio, and probably she questioned herself as to why, all those years ago, she chose Nestor instead of Victor. She told Victor that Sandra was her daughter and that she deserved to stay with a man like him. It is quite possible that Rocio ends up winning Iron Reign Season 2 (if there is one). Obviously, the road ahead for her is not going to be easy because once Nestor finds out that Victor was working for the police, he will try to kill him. Even if that happens, in my personal opinion, Rocio wouldn’t go back to Nestor. There is a possibility that, together with her father, Rocio will take charge of things, and if that happens, she will make sure that Nestor faces the consequences of his actions. She was the heir to the throne, but up until then, it was Nestor who took all the important decisions. Rocio knew one thing: she had to be a part of the system to turn the odds in her favor. As far as her daughter’s life is concerned, I believe Rocio would find a way in season 2 to strike a deal with Ariel and Lucia and bring Sandra back safely. 

What would be Nestor’s plan of action? 

Well, Nestor, at the end of Iron Reign Season 1, realized that his cover was blown, and everybody knew that he was the one who had backstabbed Joaquin Manchado. When he made that call to Wiki, nobody spoke from the other end, but that silence was deafening, and it was enough to give him the realization that Rocio knew about what he had done. Nestor was out of ideas, and he didn’t know what he should do to save his daughter. I believe he didn’t have any clue as to who had stolen the stash from him, so it would be a task for him to connect the dots and find out that it was Alex who had gone behind his back and betrayed him. If there is a season 2, Nestor would also have to deal with his wife’s wrath, as he probably knew that no explanation was good enough to justify what he had done. Nestor was probably in the most difficult situation as compared to everybody else. Firstly, there was a clock ticking on his head, and he had also lost the trust of his family. Nestor would hope for a miracle in season 2, and if not, he would try to be in a position of authority and be in control of the drug trade. For that, very clearly, he would need to remove Victor, Rocio, and even Joaquin, who had come to his senses, from his path. 

Will Joaquin Go After Nestor? 

We saw at the end of Iron Reign that Joaquin regained consciousness, and that changed the entire power dynamics. Joaquin was a ruthless man, and once he got to know what Nestor had done behind his back, he would make sure that the man paid for his treachery. Once Nestor gets to know that Joaquin is alive in season 2, he will definitely attempt to kill him. Nestor didn’t have any other option, and he placed his bets on the fact that Joaquin wouldn’t come back to his senses. Well, I believe that the makers would have had something on their minds when they decided to bring Joaquin back to life, and that’s why the probability that he would be killed by Nestor in the second season seems scarce as of now. It is quite probable that if Joaquin talked to the Italian mafia, then they would ask Ariel and Lucia to release Sandra. Joaquin had that kind of credibility, and I believe it wouldn’t be that hard for him to figure out where Alex was hiding. Alex would eventually try to sell the drugs, and I believe that following that trail, Joaquin would find him. Maybe the Manchado family won’t be able to get back the stash, but they might be able to bring things back to normalcy. 

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