‘It’s A Wonderful Knife’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Why Was Winnie Transported To The Alternate Reality?


It’s a Wonderful Knife is a Christmas comedy-horror film that is neither funny nor scary. The film unfolds in a town called Angel Falls, and it revolves around the Carruthers family. We soon find out that the mayor of the town, Henry Waters, wants to build a luxury shopping complex, and to do so, he needs to convince Roger Evans to sell his property. David Carruthers used to work for Henry, and he decided to accompany him to Roger’s house and convince the old man to hand over his property for the betterment of the town. Henry Waters was a cunning man who was nothing like his simple-minded, honest father. Henry wanted wealth and control, and building the shopping destination would take him closer to his dreams.

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Who was the killer?

When Henry Waters and David Carruthers stopped by Roger Evans’ house to convince him to sell his property, Evans expressed that he did not trust Waters. The old man was rigid about not selling his property, and he intended to pass it down to his granddaughter, Cara. Waters indirectly threatened Roger to reconsider his decision, but maybe the old guy did not expect things to go down almost immediately. Cara left to attend a Christmas party, and Roger was alone at home. He walked up to the door of his house when someone rang the doorbell repeatedly. Upon opening the door, Roger was surprised to see a huge snowman, and just as he was trying to comprehend the situation, a person in white robes and a mask attacked him with a knife. Roger was killed that night, but the masked murderer was not done yet.

Winnie Carruthers and Cara Evans were best friends, and they attended the Christmas party together. When Cara stepped outside with her boyfriend, the killer attacked her. Winnie watched the brutal murder of her best friend, and instead of running for her life like the rest, she went out to help Cara. But her best friend was already dead, and the killer went after Winnie. As the killer tried to get hold of Winnie, her brother, Jimmy, came to her defense. But the killer overpowered Jimmy and was about to stab him with his knife when Winnie rescued him. Winnie electrocuted the killer to death, and when she removed the mask, she was surprised to find that the killer was Henry Waters. Well, he was the most obvious suspect, given how desperate he was to get his hands on Evans’ land.

Winnie saved the town, but the guilt of killing a man continued to haunt her. A year later, Jimmy joined his father’s real estate business, and with Waters gone, the Carruthers were doing better than before. But life did not turn out the way Winnie hoped it would. She received a rejection letter from NYU, and with her best friend gone, she always felt lonely. At the market, she came across Henry’s brother, Buck, and he reminded her of the incident, forcing her to revisit the traumatic past. Winnie was all the more heartbroken when she found out that her boyfriend, Robbie, and her friend, Darla, were having an affair behind her back. Robbie blamed Winnie for being unavailable, and they were relieved that she found out the truth. Winnie was also surprised to see how her parents had gotten over the entire killer episode and expected her to behave as if it never happened. She was all the more disappointed when she was gifted a tracksuit for Christmas while her brother received a truck. Winnie started to believe that she had no one who truly cared about her, with people treating her as if she were invisible. She wondered if everyone around her would have been happier had she not been born. As soon as she said so, the aurora borealis started to change pattern, and the lights around her suddenly went out. She was once again chased by the killer in white robes, and all of a sudden, Buck Waters introduced himself as the new sheriff of the town. Soon, Winnie figured that she was living in an alternate reality—the one where she had not been born.

Why was Winnie transported to an alternate reality?

Winnie was left speechless when she met Henry Waters in an alternate reality. She figured that since she was not born, Henry continued to live, and therefore, the killer was still around. Through her conversation with Buck Waters, she learned how the killer had targeted over 26–27 people in a year. But no one seemed to be too bothered about the killings. Henry Waters had successfully taken over the entire town, and the shopping complex he wanted to build had been constructed in this reality. Winnie decided to head home, but no one recognized her there. Since she was not born, Jimmy was David and Judy’s only child. Winnie was devastated to find out that Jimmy had passed away, and Judy took to drinking after that. David and Judy’s marriage was almost on the brink, and there was a feeling of complete hopelessness at the Carruthers’ house. Winnie was asked to leave, and she decided to meet her school friends at Robbie’s place. No one recognized her there as well, and even in the alternate reality, Robbie and Darla were together. She was surprised to see that instead of coming up with a plan to take out the killer, her friends were busy consuming drugs and alcohol. Angel Falls had lost its color and had become a dull place with zombies for citizens. The killer continued to haunt the people of the town, yet no one did anything to stop them. The only person who seemed to believe Winnie was Bernie Simon, the lonely girl at school who was labeled ‘weirdo’ by the rest.

Bernie’s father left when she was young, and her mother was busy with her new lovers. She wanted to study fashion at a New York fashion school, and she was hopeful about her friendship with Winnie. Winnie confided in Bernie that the killer was Henry Waters and that she had killed him in an alternate reality. It was a little too much for Bernie to take in, but she could not ignore the fact that most of the business families were targeted. After confirming that Winnie was not the killer, Bernie started to trust her. The two realized that there was a connection between the aurora borealis and Winnie’s entry into the alternate reality. After conducting some research, Bernie figured out that there truly was a connection between the two. She believed it was the spirit of Henry Waters who had sent Winnie to another reality. According to ancient folklore, the spirit of a person who was murdered violently turned into the lights in the sky. Winnie had to take down the killer before the aurora borealis faded, and only then could she return to her actual reality. The logic is pretty flawed in It’s a Wonderful Knife. Now, whether it was to add to the parody-esque comedy or simply because the script is terrible, is something that the audience is left to figure out.

How did Winnie make things right?

Winnie sought help from her father, and while they did connect over Jimmy, he was not willing to help her. When she admitted that Henry Waters killed Jimmy, David did not think she was telling the truth. Henry was his boss and best friend, and David was not ready to doubt him. She was asked to leave, and on her way out, she came across the killer once again. Judy and her boyfriend were stabbed to death, and Winnie managed to injure the killer. Upon removing the mask, she was shocked to find out that the man behind the mask was her father. David came to his senses, and Winnie, Bernie, and Gale managed to escape from the house.

As shocking as it was for Winnie, she realized that her father was not the man she knew. Since the time Jimmy died, David has changed. Winnie believed that after Jimmy’s death, Waters started to control her father. So, she figured out that Waters used to be the original killer, and later, her father was asked to commit murders on his behalf. David perhaps realized the power Henry held, and after Jimmy’s death, he figured out it was impossible to fight him, and therefore it was best to comply with him. In the end, Winnie not only has to kill Henry Waters but also her father. David would want to kill Winnie, and she had no other choice but to murder him. Winnie and Bernie waited in the cinema hall for David to show up, but their plan got messed up when Robbie and Darla arrived. David entered the hall when they were least prepared, and he killed Gale, Darla, and Robbie. He chased Winnie, but she had a trick up her sleeve. She stabbed him with a sharp object, and David bled to death. But killing David was not enough for Winnie to return to her reality. As Winnie prepared to leave, Bernie expressed how she had intended to give up on her life, and it was Winnie who saved her.

It’s a Wonderful Knife ends with Winnie deciding to kill Henry Waters. She noticed that everyone in the audience appeared to be in a trance when she arrived at the Christmas ceremony that Waters had organized. They no longer had minds of their own and had complete trust in one man—Henry Waters. Henry was ready to punish Buck because he refused to continue as the sheriff of the town. He stabbed Buck, and the citizens of Angel Falls watched him die. Winnie tried to wake everyone else up to protest against the murderer, but no one batted an eye. Winnie walked up to the stage and stated that she had killed David, leaving Henry surprised. The people of the town submitted to him once they realized how powerful he was, and no matter what he did, they refused to protest. Bernie and Winnie punched Henry in the face and pushed him off the stage. The film ends with Bernie stabbing Henry, and once he is killed, the people of the town suddenly come to their senses. With Henry’s death, it was time for Winnie to head back to her reality.

During It’s a Wonderful Knife‘s ending, Winnie wakes up in her own house wearing the tracksuit her parents had gifted her. She realized how important her family was to her, and after all that she had been through, she was not ready to lose them again. She hugged David, Judy, and Jimmy and confessed that she had not been accepted into NYU. Her parents were supportive and gifted her a camera, knowing how important it was to her. They also realized that they needed to give Winnie time to process her trauma instead of constantly asking her to get over it.

Winnie ran to Bernie’s house because in this reality, she was depressed and suicidal. She knocked at Bernie’s door and tried to explain everything to her, and surprisingly, Bernie seemed to remember details from the alternate reality. Perhaps it was her connection with Winnie that helped with the transfer of memories through all the realities. Winnie needed to visit the alternate reality to save Bernie. She also realized how important she was to the town because, without her, Angel Falls would have degraded over time, and Henry Waters would have taken control of the place. She did not notice how good her life was until she was treated as an outsider. The film ends on a happy note, with Winnie celebrating Christmas with her family and her lover, Bernie.

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Srijoni Rudra
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